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Play King's Rush King's Rush Oct. 09, 2014
I would like to be able to use different controls.
Play Destructodon Destructodon Oct. 09, 2014
What is the point of the money? I stopped getting XP at 117xp
Developer response from BuffaloPhil

The money is your score (the amount of damage to city). I'm not sure why the xp stopped increasing at 117, I haven't had that happen yet. I'll add it to the bug list

Play MINE reloaded MINE reloaded Oct. 07, 2014
The "Interstellar Miner" and "Orbiting Laser" switch icons when they go from active to inactive.
Play Evil Block Invasion 2 Evil Block Invasion 2 Oct. 01, 2014
Does this game not save?
Developer response from Roflex

It only saves your damage boost. To achieve top highscore, you need to replay the game several times, which makes saving the game pointless.

Play Overlod Overlod Sep. 10, 2014
It still says "Million" even after I've spent my money, which gets confusing when $100,000 is displayed as $100,000 million.
Developer response from Talesay

Thanks for the find, i'll fix that on tomorrows bug fix sprint.

Play Idle Necromancer Idle Necromancer Aug. 25, 2014
The Satyr achievements still say "Fiend"
Developer response from Hoistmaster

ahhh crap, yea forgot all about that, thanks mate :)

Play Tiny Dice Dungeon Tiny Dice Dungeon Aug. 14, 2014
Also stuck at the Cancel/Sign In screen.
Developer response from Springloaded

Hi! We have already fixed this issue and if there is any more problems related to this, feel free to tell us anytime and we will get it fixed! Thank for playing TDD! - Haruki

Play Idle Chop Idle Chop Aug. 12, 2014
When you get your damage high enough, your auto-click power goes to zero.
Developer response from CiocatzeL

Auto damage is lower than click damage....maybe the resistence of the plant you was fighting is bigger than auto damage so it will show 0.

Play Coin Collector Coin Collector Jul. 24, 2014
The timer jumps around 24, 22, 25, 23, etc etc etc
Developer response from NukeVaster

yeah i know, In the version i just uploaded i removed the timer, although i may fix it and bring it back in an upcoming version

Play Quantum Patrol 2 Quantum Patrol 2 Jul. 08, 2014
I changed the controls, but it didn't actually work.
Play Farm Fortress Farm Fortress Jun. 27, 2014
Also, you can keep reloading to do the tutorial and it saves the things you've done before you've finished it. So you can build stuff, then reload and keep the stuff you've built.
Developer response from knurf79

Oh that's not good, thanks for reporting. Will fix. Edit: Ok - now it's not an exploitable problem (finishing tutorial properly clears level)

Play Farm Fortress Farm Fortress Jun. 27, 2014
I broke the tutorial by building the cabbages directly on top of my crystal.
Developer response from knurf79

Wow great find, will need to fix that! Thanks Edit: Fixed now

Play Detective in port Nice Detective in port Nice Jun. 15, 2014
In the first scene it wants you to find a vase. There is more than one vase.
Play Sword of Storms Sword of Storms Jun. 10, 2014
My only suggestion would be to make up jump.
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Jun. 03, 2014
The only annoyance I've really come across is when I'm flying through the air and there are 8-10 coins circling around me and they don't get collected.
Play Pursuit of hat 2 Pursuit of hat 2 May. 27, 2014
This may sound odd, but nothing happens when I touch a hat. In level 1 I walk to the left, climb up the ledge and walk on top of the purple hat, but nothing happens. I can tear off my limbs and what not, but not pick hats up.
Play Run 3 Run 3 May. 25, 2014
As a follow up to my earlier post, if I click the "i" button in the top right, then click the Home button, I get a different menu. From there if I click "Explore mode" nothing happens, but "Infinite mode" will take me to actual gameplay. I hope this helps.
Play Run 3 Run 3 May. 25, 2014
When the game first loads, I get the screen that says "Run 3" "Logged in as TeleKawaru" but when I click the "Play" button some stars appear in the background but nothing else changes. I've tried this on Firefox, Chromium, and IE with the same result. Flash Windows 8.1 64bit.
Developer response from player_03

Wow, that's no good. What if you click "galaxy map" and then skip to level 2?

Play Rise of Champions Rise of Champions May. 22, 2014
Kalista, the Enchanter: "Looks like we have ourselves a quick leaner!" I think you meant "learner"
Developer response from FrozenTorch

Good catch! Amazing how we can have hundreds of people playing and nobody notice that lol :P

Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 16, 2014
Out of nowhere today the game is no longer playable for me. It loads and I can go through my badges and all of the menus as well as the list of all of the puzzles showing what I have finished, but when I choose a puzzle to play, only the bar at the top stays, the rest of the screen is just the background image. While I'm sure the suggested next step will be to wipe my save game, I'd rather not have to replay 300+ puzzles.