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Name: Captain Penelope Alexis Pepper
Race: Human
Bio: Penelope is a sky pirate captain, her ship being the Iron Maiden. She is one captain in a long line of sky pirate captains. The ships used by her crew are all powered by a combination of steam and magic, relying more on the latter just for extra power to add speed. Her crew is part of a much large group of pirates who in general, make up the majority of sky pirates. Smaller groups such as hers come together to form this one large group known as the Armada of the Sky. There is said to be a hidden base where the sky pirates from across the globe meet to pool their treasure and share it out as well as resupply and moor their ships. This place has been rumoured to exist in the floating isles, an area torn apart by a magical cataclysm which resulted in the land breaking apart before floating up into the air to form large floating islands. Penelope believes that teamwork and coordination are important but will not hesitate to deal with mutiny if she sees the signs of it. Most people who venture to the floating isles in search of treasure that might be hidden in any ruins floating about usually do not return and are either believed to be dead or to have been taken hostage by the pirates. Her ship, the Iron Maiden, is a slightly modified version of the standard pirate dreadnought.
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Ship: Link
Armada: Link
Carrier and Cruisers: Link
Gunship: Link
Fighter: Link
Name: Natane
Race: Human
Bio: Natane is a pokemon trainer who loves her pokemon very much. There is nothing she would not do for them. She is also the league champion of one of the newer regions that have only recently been settled and travelled. She has helped many professors in their research, her brother being one of them. She lives in a mansion in a forest. The mansion was inhabited by ghost type pokemon when she found it but she quickly befriended them and refurnished the building, even adding more to it. Most of her pokemon are ghost, dark or psychic types. She has even taught her pokemon to know what moves to use in certain situations to make them a bit more independent. She was found at an early age to have some level of psychic powers much like the leader of the psychic type gym in Kanto. She mostly uses them to speak to her pokemon telepathically but sometimes uses them for other various things like picking up objects from a distance.
Pic: Link
Name: Princess Mikan Amphitrite
Race: Shark Merfolk
Bio: Mikan is one of the three daughters of the Merfolk king, King Depthcon. Her two sisters are Aurelia and Jade. She has a brother named Azure who is the highest ranking general in the Merfolk army despite his age due to his brilliant strategies. Aurelia and Jade, Mikan’s sisters, are like opposites with Jade being an easily angered warrior while Aurelia prefers to resolve conflict peacefully. Aurelia is a member of the magic council, the newest member actually due to her unusually high talent with magic. Jade is a member of the royal guard, actually she is the captain of the royal guard. The Merfolk have experienced capture, enslavement and attempts at genocide at the hands of humans. As a result, they have a burning hatred for humans and wait in hope that one day, someone will do to the humans what had been done to them. Mikan is one of the Merfolk elites referred to as Hydras because they have learn three or more types of combat. She has learnt magic, ranged and close combat. She is also one of the leaders of this elite division. She fights using a spear with the spearhead made of mana crystal so that it can act as a staff if necessary and has a crossbow built into it. The crossbow can be unfolded for use but is otherwise folded into slots on the sides of the shaft of the spear. The crossbow uses bolts tipped with mana crystal which Mikan makes herself. The Merfolk cities tend to be surrounded by towering spires of rainbow mana crystal which grow and are chipped away regularly so that they do not grow too tall. Usually there are only eight spires around each city but the capital has twelve. Mikan doesn’t share the outright hatred of humans which most of her kind has but wants to see if peace can be attained without violence or further suffering.
Mikan: Link
Aurelia: Link
Azure: Link
Jade: Link
Name: Anatakumo
Race: Zerg Queen
Bio: Anatakumo, like all Queens of the Zerg, does not lay any eggs or care for any young as her duty to the hive. The queen whose DNA she was made from had been left on a planet alone when the Terran military had wiped out the portion of the hive that attempted to invade. As a result of experiments, Anatakumo was made. She can defend herself when necessary, being able to launch volleys of razor sharp spines capable of piercing through reinforced tank hulls and having a set of extra arms which allows her to strike at opponents from a distance in melee due to their length. She can also tunnel quite quickly, even through solid rock and spit a potent acid capable of eating through both metal and flesh with ease. She can evolve certain features as necessary to deal with specific conditions she may face. She prefers peace and dislikes going out during the days, preferring the cool night air to the warm sunlight. She cannot swim very quickly but can float in water easily. She has limited psychic powers which gives her telepathy, enabling her to communicate using thoughts.
Pic: Link
Name: Kimiko Tatsu Kariudo
Race: Human
Bio: Kimiko is a tracker specialized in hunting dragons. Everyone else in her village is also a tracker or has a tracker in their ancestry somewhere. Her village is hidden from the rest of the world as it has always been. Many great shinobi and samurai have come from the village so the leaders expect greatness from everyone. Since Kimiko was born with the mark of the four dragons on her forehead, what is expected of her by the leaders is nothing less than perfection as is for most of the people in the village. She tries her best in everything she does but sometimes the stress gets to her and she loses it for a few days, going into a perfectionism frenzy where she refuses to sleep and rarely eats. This only stops when she had accomplished something worthy of recognition by the leaders. She is skilled in the use of both magic and weapons, allowing her a wide variety of options at her disposal when trying to accomplish an objective. She and her sister, Amaya, have always been in a state of sibling rivalry where one always tries to exceed the other. She also has two other sisters, a younger one named Ansatsu and an older one named Emiko.
Pic: Link
Amaya: Link
Ansatsu: Link
Emiko: Link
Name: Tanith Belynda Draco
Race: Dragoness
Bio: Tanith is a member of a group of warriors known as the dragon knights. These warriors are known for being defenders of certain dragons. Most of the dragon knights are attuned to dragons which allows them to harness some of the abilities which dragons have and to communicate with them. She however is an actual dragon, more or less. This amplifies the potency of any abilities which she may use due to her producing draconic energy of her own in greater levels than the other knights. She currently travels the world in search of her father who her mother told her was the first dragon. Her mother is one of the members of an elite group of mages known as the Compendium.
Pic: Link
Name: Yeszri Adelinda Greenscale
Race: Lizardfolk
Bio: Yeszri is unlike many of her kin. She does not believe in isolationism or in the worship of the beast gods of her people, Sobek and Apep. She also is one of the extremely rare ones which do not believe in cannibalism and quite possibly the only one who has reached as far in general society as she has. She lives in a large seaside city surrounded by forest landscape where non-humans such as herself live alongside humans with no significant problems such as prejudice. This city is known as Espea. She enjoys a high position in the city council as one of the diplomats and envoys. She is often the one sent to deal with relations involving dragons, other lizardfolk and sentient reptilians in general. She knows how to defend herself but prefers not to get her hands dirty and would much rather make somebody fight for her. She is skilled to some degree in the use of nature and mind magic. She can also wrap around an attacker and constrict with enough force that the victim’s bones and organs are crushed to the point where they can’t be told apart. Her assistant is Melody Mckayla Kassmeyer. Melody is an enchantress who usually works in crafting rare trinkets for people but over time developed a close friendship with Yezri and eventually became her assistant. As a result, she enjoys the same perks that Yeszri gets from her governmental position. Melody has a specialization in shadow magic and enchanting but generally has use of all types of magic.
Pic: Link
Melody: Link
Name: Chilldre Yuki Inarabitta
Race: Anthropomorphic White Rabbit
Bio: Chilldre is an anarchist who spray paints graffiti on government buildings but does not go as far as destroying or damaging anything. Her graffiti comes in the form of various paintings of a quality which makes it look more like it belongs in an art studio or in a private collection rather than on a stone wall. However, law enforcement doesn’t take kindly to her “artistic expression” and she has been dealt with repeatedly but in ways in accordance with any laws. She may not have much skill as a fighter but she can run and jump like a well trained athlete. She is also a musician, the instrument she plays being a violin which is ironic considering her behaviour. She also practises sculpting sometimes in her spare time and rather enjoys listening to music from other artists, her favourites being electronica, classical and rap. Her nickname is “Bright Eyes” because of her bright green eyes. She gets to do whatever she wants since her parents are never home and are always on some business overseas.
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