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Play Drillboid Drillboid Aug. 18, 2011
Really sorry the game has been falling behind. We fully intend to finish it, but there's only the two of us, so we were a bit drained after pushing out so much stuff in so little time. We're still thinking about the game constantly, though, so once we have some other things taken care of, we'll get some more work done on it.
Play Drillboid Drillboid Jun. 01, 2011
We're still working on the game, it's just moving a bit slowly since we're both busy with other things in our lives. If you hit the "CREDITS" button in the game, you can visit our site, where we have a blog which is being updated as we go. I can't say for sure when the next version will be out, but it has a lot of huge changes to the game, and upgrades should be one of them.
Play Drillboid Drillboid Mar. 06, 2011
Our plan is to make the points useful as a currency for upgrades. However, you'll also need to find artifacts (and maybe samples of alien wildlife?) in order to do research that unlocks those upgrades. Also, lives will definitely be removed - they were just put in for this contest, since you could otherwise just get an infinite high score. In the future, you'll just lose some money and whatever items you've grabbed from the cave so far. The plan is to have fully customizable robots, which can have different tools equipped for different jobs. Nothing is set in stone yet, since we're still working out all the details, but if you're interested in learning more about what we're working on, please follow our development log at http://www.mildlydisconcerting.com/drillboid. Thanks for all the feedback, we'll definitely take a look at how we can improve the game based on your comments!
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 23, 2011
You may want to try updating your video drivers and your Unity Web Player. Otherwise, your computer just might now support the shader model we used - we'll try and fix this, but it may take a while.
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 15, 2011
Drako155, The secluded rooms are actually secret rooms, which you have to dig into. They have a lot of treasure in them, though. I'm not sure what you mean by digging forever - there are limits to the level. The bug with the orb will be fixed in the next version. Leaph, the next version will have an arrow pointing to the orb when you drop it. Sorry it got lost!
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 15, 2011
I've found the bug causing the camera to jitter around like it's had too much caffeine - we'll upload a patch tomorrow to fix it! Stick with us, we'll get the bugs under control!
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 15, 2011
Alteh, the only change when you enter the cave is that reverb gets switched on. Maybe it's an issue with Chrome and the sound library?
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 15, 2011
Epicclone1337, you may need to update your video drivers. Unfortunately, Unity uses some technology that may be too new for you hardware.
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 15, 2011
Glad to hear most of you are enjoying it! For anybody having issues wig the tutorial, just go left a bit further to get into the ship. Sorry, we'll make that more clear later! We'll be releasing some bugfixes in the next few days, so thanks for helping to find them!