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Play Digital Upgrade Digital Upgrade Jan. 15, 2015
@qtuutr: The ONLY time? Man, I'm so sorry...
Play Loot Hero Loot Hero Jan. 15, 2015
*Beat the game once* "I'm sorry, your dragon is in another volcano."
Play SkyFyre SkyFyre Dec. 15, 2014
How dare you insult my bullet hell skills by implying I need health or a dodge stat.
Play Atomik Kaos 2 Orbits Atomik Kaos 2 Orbits Dec. 09, 2014
On the first level that claims it requires two clicks, I did it in one.
Play From The Black From The Black Nov. 27, 2014
Spoilers, yo. Man, all throughout the game I was wondering about how they knew the fleet was hostile when they hadn't decoded the messages and the first wave of enemies had no weapons. I didn't think you would actually go through with that, though. That is a plot twist well done.
Play Questopia Questopia Nov. 24, 2014
When you use a life spell, it increases both current and max hp. At the end of the buff, only max hp is reduced back to normal levels. This makes life spells significantly better for healing than actual healing spells.
Play Questopia Questopia Nov. 24, 2014
It makes me snicker a little every time I drink an armor potion and it says "+1 Arm"
Play The Love Letter The Love Letter Nov. 16, 2014
In a world where it takes as long to read a line break as it does actual text, one boy struggles in his attempt to give his stalker everything she ever dreamed of.
Play King's Ascent King's Ascent Nov. 16, 2014
His worst decision? Hiring these advisers.
Play Glitch Lab Glitch Lab Nov. 11, 2014
I could complete some levels completely normally, without exploiting glitches at all. Hmm, must be a glitch.
Play Dig To China Dig To China Nov. 09, 2014
>>A baa-ing animal large enough to be ridden that is bomb-proof and explodes after a few seconds. Octopodo, we need to talk about what you think a mole is.
Play Boss Slayer Boss Slayer Nov. 09, 2014
Man, more bullets 1-5 is a pretty logical progression of power and then 6 is just off the charts.
Play Sonny Sonny Oct. 27, 2014
Only Veradux could lose a fight where he had full health and the enemy had 60 when I died.
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Oct. 23, 2014
Nothing quite like jumping around on the back of a tiny plane with five other people and sniper rifling them all at point blank range...
Play Rise of Champions Rise of Champions Oct. 15, 2014
Holy crap, how did I not know there was a multiplayer version of Legend of the Void until now? That was one of the best flash games I've ever played!
Play Frantic Frantic Oct. 14, 2014
That moment when you kill the boss as you die... :(
Play Frantic Frantic Oct. 14, 2014
I wish I could turn autofire of sometimes. It's frustrating trying to heal with a red shield when it's impossible to keep enemies alive long enough for them to shoot.
Play Vilesteel Vilesteel Oct. 12, 2014
I don't have any trouble with the ranged aiming system. I can consistently hit Grim Blade, even vs enemies in darkness. Just wave your mouse over dark areas a couple times and click when you find an enemy.
Play Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Oct. 04, 2014
The feeling of terror the first time I loaded a Death Adder game...
Play ClueSweeper ClueSweeper Sep. 07, 2014
I was playing a round with six suspects and every single one was an escaped fugitive. What kind of town is this?