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Play Understanding Games: Episode 3 Understanding Games: Episode 3 Aug. 16, 2014
Play Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story Aug. 16, 2014
...Lag? What lag?
Play REPLAYING :the game: REPLAYING :the game: Jul. 19, 2014
I'm an asian dude; can I gtfo?
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 04, 2014
WHOA nyan cat overpowered BUFF PLZ
Play Run 3 Run 3 Jun. 14, 2014
looks like mobile, feels like mobile, has same levels as mobile, feels like I'm going to get stuck on level 65 here too
Play Excit Excit May. 02, 2014
I am going to go insane over that one logo at level 9...
Play 2048 Flash 2048 Flash May. 01, 2014
364 score higher from mashing random keys than by strategizing... RANDOMNESS FTW!
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Apr. 28, 2014
what is that third crop? hay?
Play Miscrits Miscrits Apr. 28, 2014
looks like pokemon, do we get same-type attack bonus? is there even any randomness???
Play How Dare You How Dare You Apr. 27, 2014
Let's see, the Titan kills everything in its path, the Frozen Falcon kills everything under you, the Saw makes you kill anything that hits you, the Wormgun fires worms at you (that don't have rockets, what kind of hippy worms are they), the Purifying Fire kills everything under you but you don't have to click, and the Spiked Ball bumps into walls, killing everything in its way? Titan is totally the best.
Play How Dare You How Dare You Apr. 24, 2014
"Level 3: 6 worms" *upgrades 3 levels, to level 5* "Level 3: 3 worms"
Play Strafe On The Outskirts Strafe On The Outskirts Mar. 29, 2014
this game has so much of a difficulty spike, i mean, look at level 9, and then 10
Play Epsilon Epsilon Feb. 28, 2014
Shockwave Flash cannot handle the sheer power of the word EPSILON getting bigger from the center of the screen.
Play SHIFT 3 SHIFT 3 Feb. 28, 2014
You people are wrong, James Bond is the secret character >:O
Play Once Upon A Life Once Upon A Life Feb. 28, 2014
Is it just me or is there no third memory on level 9?
Play Give Up, Robot Give Up, Robot Feb. 28, 2014
Who else hates level 36?
Play Exit Path Exit Path Feb. 28, 2014
Easiest medium badge ever. If you're stuck on the 4 axes part of stage 24 (I got stuck there for a bit too) wait until the first 2 are apart, then run through the first 3, wait a bit, and jump over the 4th one.
Play Eredan Arena Eredan Arena Feb. 28, 2014
Ok so lemme get this straight: You get 5 energy every 2.5 hours? Which means we can get at most 48 energy in a day without leveling up. Seems kind of ridiculous to me. Realistically, we will sleep 9 hours a day, so we have 60 energy to get 11 darks. Assuming a person levels up once, they will have 6 energy to get each dark. But not all of us play every day.
Play :the game: :the game: Feb. 20, 2014
Don't drink and drive don't drink and drive and drink and don't drive and drunk driver drank drinks and drink to the brink of driving and drinking and don't driving and two the drink of briving drin't doink and dive with cell phones and spartans tonight we drive in hell and drink
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Feb. 19, 2014
"My England not powerful!" Say what now?