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Play Ghost Hacker 2 Ghost Hacker 2 May. 04, 2013
Wonderful game Gary and Andy. Loved all the interactions between the upgrades like beam, fork and linker to make crazy laser light shows. Excellent difficulty curve. You guys nailed it on this one. Best of luck with your next endeavor.
Play Robotic Emergence Robotic Emergence Jun. 09, 2010
Instead of infinite, just make it like 100,000 health. My army is unstoppable but I'd like to see how fast it could tear through that enemy base with Finite health. Great game though, but easy.
Play Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator Mar. 08, 2010
9731450 / 144 Days - Final Score: 67579
Play Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator Feb. 24, 2010
179 days first time through. Awesome game, but a little monotonous towards the end.
Play Micro Olympics Micro Olympics Oct. 19, 2009
8007. Fun game, but I doubt I'll come back to play again.
Play Lock-n-Roll Lock-n-Roll Sep. 30, 2009
Just got 11577, Great game man.
Play Crush the Castle Players Pack Crush the Castle Players Pack Sep. 23, 2009
1 Shot on every level after I got the triple large bombs. Fun, but gets boring. 4/5
Play SkyFyre SkyFyre Sep. 18, 2009
Play SkyFyre SkyFyre Sep. 18, 2009
Level 3 boss keeps freezing game.
Play GemCraft chapter 0 GemCraft chapter 0 Sep. 14, 2009
Lol, the original Gemcraft was on the front page and I played a round of that again, it just sucks compared to this. No keyboard shortcuts, no gem traps, etc. Still love this game and can't wait for chapter -1, lol.
Play Max Damage Max Damage Aug. 17, 2009
Not bad. Did the whole thing in 53 minutes.
Play CycloManiacs CycloManiacs Aug. 11, 2009
The rubber band AI on the piano is annoying. 4/5
Play Gravitee 2 Gravitee 2 Aug. 07, 2009
Awesome. Love the additional modes. Got all golds and 6 platinums so far. Wish there was a way to scroll around the screen to line up shots better. 5/5
Play Demolition City Demolition City Aug. 04, 2009
Definitely could benefit from a level editor.
Play The Space Game: Missions The Space Game: Missions Jul. 31, 2009
Just beat the last mining mission on crazy with no weapons, just miners and power stations upgrading as much as possible as fast as possible. Was mining 5820/second by the end. Only one level left for impossible...Weapon 2/6, lol. I need tips! Please?
Play The Space Game: Missions The Space Game: Missions Jul. 26, 2009
Just beat AGAIN AGAIN on Crazy, wtf. Not even that hard. Still have a bunch of other level to still do on hard and crazy though. I used 25 maxed solar collectors, 4 max thels, 12 max pulsars, and 4 max missiles and 4 standard missiles, then about 20 repair stations, not upgraded. When I started running low on materials for missiles ammo, I started selling off the pulsars on the sides that weren't needed anymore.
Play The Space Game: Missions The Space Game: Missions Jul. 24, 2009
I beat every level on Normal except Weapon 2/6. Damn motherships are hard when they aren't all clumped up.
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly Jul. 17, 2009
6177 off the first ramp
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Jul. 13, 2009
Got to mars on day 9 on my first try. Too short. Was hoping for more planets. After you get high enough, just boost to one side and you'll have a god chance of hitting a lot of platforms. I hit 40,000 feet and took a hard left. Without even watching the screen, I descended for 26 minutes and collected $2500. Total was over $16 million, lol.
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly Jun. 23, 2009
Just beat it in 14 days. Going back to Gem Craft. Fun times with this though.