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Play viviDNA viviDNA May. 14, 2015
A rival pushed me through the border and I continued to drift on forever, immortal.
Play Effing Hail Effing Hail May. 14, 2015
Those are really strong balloons..
Play Polygonal Fury Polygonal Fury May. 12, 2015
The game enters Luck Mode in insane. Squares need to stop drifting off hitting nothing, and some pieces need lower health. I'm maxed out and can't win, just have to keep trying hoping something else will happen, hoping, hoping, hoping it will work. Needs more skill, less luck. It was fun until then, just too much luck involved.
Play Lion's tooth Lion's tooth May. 11, 2015
I think I bugged the game.. I accidentally refreshed during it, and upon playing again only 5 seeds spawned, then only one leaf, then 5 rocks, about 10 rain drops, 3 bees, about 10 fish, then 5 leaves to finish. I keep refreshing to try again and it's not fixing itself. Kind of confusing.. anyway, I love the game, 5/5, beautiful music, clever use of obstacles, just wish it wasn't glitching!
Play Mine Runner Mine Runner May. 10, 2015
There should be no mines around the spawning square. I was doing so well, then first step in a level and I lose. There should also be no number tiles around spawn because those can lead to a second step auto kill.
Play Invert Selection Invert Selection Dec. 12, 2014
Fun idea but I had to stop playing as the transitions between levels are way too long. I don't have the patience to spend half the time playing waiting to.. actually play.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Nov. 21, 2014
@tam_tamashii this is why downvotes don't really work, seeing how perfectly fine constructive critical posts can be hidden all because 3 people downvoted it for not being a sugar-coated comment. Oh well.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Nov. 21, 2014
@Orchid7: I just now went through every single comment on this first page. These comments you claim to exist here simply do not. If you think I am being offensive, look at your own posts. You are talking down on me for not being able to find something that isn't there and for /just a couple/ of puzzles ending with a trap. You also seem to ignore the fact that I stated I enjoyed this game nad gave it a 4.5/5, and are mistaking me as some fool who hates the game and cannot solve most puzzles. So get off your high and mighty chair, to think you are smarter than me because you believe your comments are where they are not is simply being delusional.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Nov. 20, 2014
@tam_tamashii Again, if the comment isn't shown without searching through the long page of comments, I don't go out actively hunting for something that I don't know exists. I'll go through all the comments on the first page and that's it. I've recently found out how to solve the ones I found guessable, but there still has been a time or two where I solvd 90% of the puzzle and get trapped with something like that example I gave in my previous comment. Also, I guess I disagree with a lot of people here then, as I rate a comment by if it's more good than bad. Even if I'm wrong, I went on about how I like this game and gave it a good rating. Clearly that is not a comment worth being hidden. It's just a bunch of people upset that I don't find the game 'perfect', which is one of the worst things you can tell an artist.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Nov. 20, 2014
@Orchid7 Yeah, I found the comments, which appears to be a no-opinion zone as even mentioning you like the game gets you negative votes. It's ridiculous to expect me to go through pages and pages of comments. If I don't see it on the first page, then I'll probably not see it. There have been a few guessing parts. Not many. I've complete most puzzles and I've only encountered maybe 4 or 5. Usually it happens near the end and I'llspend about 10 minutes and just have to end up guessing. If you've got a 5x5 area with each row/column marked as a single 1 each, then there's no logic to use, just guessing.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Nov. 17, 2014
Really fun game, probably my most played game on Kongregate. Lots of fun puzzles that'll keep you playing for several hours (though you probably shouldn't, take some breaks!) I have 2 issues though. Some puzzles require guessing work to solve, like when there aren't numbers that are more than half the board or any that have one solution. Even on a 5x, if lines are only marked with 1 each, then you've no idea where to start, so I skip those with no non-guessing solutions. I do appreciate the ability to skip puzzles, by the way! My next problem is the timer with the later puzzles. Getting perfect on 20x can take me 15 minutes, which means it's easier to make mistakes with less to make. What if instead we just had 6 or so spare mistakes? Time would count up from 0 instead. If it takes us over 30 minutes to complete a puzzle (with 0 mistakes), we should be able to. Anyway.. I like this game a lot. I'd rate it a 4.5/5, would give it a 5/5 if my above issues were considered.
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Oct. 17, 2014
I love the style, and was having fun until the climbing up the huge cliff tat sticks out over the sea of milk. I keep trying to hop out and air hop back in but she sometimes ignores my key presses and just falls down into the milk. Have tried a dozen or so times, doesn't seem like I'll be able to get any further.
Play Streamline Streamline Oct. 17, 2014
Hard but fun.. my only suggestion is that yellow projectiles that leave the screen should despawn, as I can't tell where they are and they come raining back down from above and kill me.
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Oct. 17, 2014
To those who are struggling with some of the patterns: zoom in some, for me 150% seems to work well. With a more zoomed in screen, it's easier to make more precise movements around the field full of energy ping pong balls.
Play Idle Mineral Miner Idle Mineral Miner Oct. 17, 2014
Mud, Copper, Iron, Diamond, Abelsonite, and Abenakiite-(Ce)?? Can't believe I played this far..
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Oct. 16, 2014
That boss theme is SWEET
Play Digital Upgrade Digital Upgrade Oct. 16, 2014
Power-ups could be more common, and the grid could be a bit bigger. With power-ups so rare, you want to use them to their best when you get them, but sometimes you have to waste them to not destroy some of the more upgraded pieces. I want to get further in the game, but I can't get passed the diskettes.
Play NoNoSparks: The Ark NoNoSparks: The Ark Oct. 15, 2014
The first few levels were fun, but later on it felt more like a guessing game. With a 15x15 grid, I can't fill in any squares of segments less than 8 without guessing.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Oct. 10, 2014
I've gotten pretty far into this game, and now I try to play but it won't load? It sits there at 0%, I've given it a few minutes as well as a few reloads.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Oct. 08, 2014
I've played other games like this before, what's different with Pixelo is it's actually fun.