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Play Hashi Light Vol 2 Hashi Light Vol 2 Oct. 25, 2011
BUG: If I work out a solution, it doesn't matter if it matches yours as long as it works.
Play Blob Tower Defence Blob Tower Defence Apr. 19, 2010
2) Need ability to sell towers. If necessary make it so you can only sell the tower on top of a stack or maybe if you sell a tower underneath other towers the other towers fall to take its place and you can only build on top now. 3) Need ability to restart if you figure out you created a poor design. 4) Ability to see how many HP the next wave will have. 5) Ability to merge towers. If you have two towers next to each other and they are level 5, ability to merge them into one bigger, better tower would be nice. Could make it so that you can only do it for like towers, or you could make them amalgamate somehow. Also could make it so that you can do this for up to all 5 towers in a stack. 6) Ability to buy more stack space. Once you get 3-5 maxed out stacks it doesn't make much sense to buy anything else. You just accumulate money at that point.
Play Blob Tower Defence Blob Tower Defence Apr. 19, 2010
I liked the game but it needs a little work: 1) More towers. a) Need a super high powered, maybe at the top end of normal tower. Maybe something like 500 power at 1 speed or 350 power at 1.5 speed. b) Need towers that do splash damage, poison, etc. c) Add towers that have effects that only occur when an enemy is touching them. d) Need a tower that can do damage to all enemies in it's path (i.e., one you put on the bottom and can hit all enemies in a line). e) Need a tower that boosts all towers in it's stack (one for power, one for speed), like at level 1 it is +5% to at level 5 it is + 30%. f) Need a reverse tower. It makes the balls roll temporarily backwards. Probably needs to be VERY slow so as not to be overpowered, something like .1-.4 speed. At level 1 it would make an enemy roll backwards for .5 seconds. At level 5, 2.5 seconds.
Play Paper Mario World (W1) Paper Mario World (W1) Mar. 06, 2009
1 star for blatant copyright/trademark infringement
Play Neverending Light Neverending Light Feb. 11, 2009
5/5 -1 for gratuitous language = 4/5.
Play Castle Clout 3.0 Castle Clout 3.0 Jan. 08, 2009
@pdu18: Same problem here, and worse, I broke 40,000 which at the time of this writing would have been second all time :(
Play SeppuKuties SeppuKuties Nov. 25, 2008
There is a mute. Bottom left hand corner when you're in a level.
Play Murder In Rayville Murder In Rayville Oct. 20, 2008
1/5 Not enough interactivity. Art could be better. Spelling and grammar mistakes are inexcusable.
Play Shootorial #2 Shootorial #2 Oct. 14, 2008
slayaz, while I think you said it a little rudely ("you people"), I appreciate your help. I had missed the part about double clicking on the movie to go "into it." and THEN copy and paste.
Play Shootorial #2 Shootorial #2 Oct. 14, 2008
Me neither. It scrolls to the second one. Then to the end of that one, at which point it jumps back to the middle of the second one. :(
Play Meat Boy Meat Boy Oct. 14, 2008
2/5 for lack of mute.
Play Vector Runner Vector Runner Sep. 11, 2008
@HerboRicho: No you didn't. You do know people can check which badges you have right?
Play Micro Olympics Micro Olympics Dec. 04, 2007
@Wildkatz I disagree. It's only 45$ for the first boost. You get that money back as long as you go at least 150 extra feet per jump (1$ per 10 feet), which should be no problem if you use the boost at the right time.