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Play Qoosh Qoosh Feb. 19, 2013
The easiest way to get the hard badge with less than 280 warps, hope this quick guide helps out
Play Qoosh Qoosh Feb. 14, 2013
The easiest way to get the hard badge with less than 280 warps, hope this quick guide helps
Play Qoosh Qoosh Feb. 09, 2013
The easiest way to get the Frugal Warper hard badge; hope this helps:
Play Qoosh Qoosh Feb. 08, 2013
I found the easiest way to get less than 280 warps for the hard badge was using the guide in this video:
Play Qoosh Qoosh Feb. 07, 2013
The best help I can offer for the hard badge is this video
Play Death Call Death Call Jul. 03, 2012
Best way to win is get the bear paw as soon as possible, the accuracy really helps, then save up for the tesla (use +1 damage and a +2 when you can afford it). For hardcore buy the black death and some nice stats. *Note there is no cool down when changing guns, so press 6 (black death) shoot, then instantly 4 (tesla) shoot and repeat. This drops most enemies straight away with head shots. Since both have 14 shots you should be reloading at the same time, so put up the shield to reload both and regain any health lost and get back in the fight.
Play This Is It:World Tour Dacing Game This Is It:World Tour Dacing Game Dec. 28, 2010
This was an interesting game, sometimes requiring you to move pretty quickly to get all the buttons in time. You put so much work into this game, but why didn't you take 10 seconds to check the title of the game for mistakes before uploading. It was fun, but I did get bored pretty quickly when I realised how easy it was to get perfects after afew dance moves.
Play Halloween Pairs Halloween Pairs Dec. 23, 2010
Well you made it for the wrong holiday, but I've got to say for a piars game this is a really good one. Well drawn, and I liked the music. The use of various game board shapes is a really nice touch too, it is more entertaining than the square grid used in other games. Fun for what it is, but at the end of the day it is still a pairs game.
Play Epic Space Adventure Epic Space Adventure Dec. 09, 2010
For a first game this was a great attempt and you certainly ended up with something that is alot better than I could have. Keep at it and Im sure one day we will see you on the front page, you could get badges, and hopefully bag yourself some game of the week money. I think that is a good enough incentive to keep developing your skills further.
Play Sh00t Sh00t Dec. 04, 2010
Why do you spend so long making a game (I use that term lightly since this is just the shoot tutorial game) then dont bother taking 2 minutes to proof read the one part that is original. Im dyslexic and even I can see mistakes like "screne" and "meat the main boss". Check your work before uploading it next time.
Play human ball human ball Nov. 29, 2010
Well I didnt quite understand it, and I need to refresh to play again? I think it needs alot of refining, an explaination of why the people around me vanish, (or rather how I stop them from vanishing, and a restart button. Work on it.
Play GunBlood GunBlood Nov. 27, 2010
Wow I really love this game. This is one of the funnest games Ive played on Kong, and even if it is alittle hard at first, it just keeps you there having a great time for ages, the way a game should. I think you will love this game.
Play Prizma Puzzle 3 Prizma Puzzle 3 Nov. 26, 2010
I actually really enjoyed this game. A pretty good puzzle, and after the first two sets of levels the game becomes a nice challenge. Id recomend you play atleast untill level 18, thats when you really start to feel like it is a puzzle, rather than a linear training level. It is worth a try atleast, you could like it.
Play Primary Primary Nov. 24, 2010
I really enjoyed the game, and I actually thought the checkpoints were reasonable. If they apeared constantly then it wouldnt be a challenge, and there woulnt be badges. The controls took abit of getting used to, but I think my only complaint is the relativly long "reload" time between changing colours, if I jump into the air and turn blue by accident, I know fine well Im going to die since he cant turn to the required red before Ive gone well past the platform and died lots. I would recomend playing till level 15 ish. If you are playing for fun, I wouldnt continue past that point.
Play Demons Took My Daughter Demons Took My Daughter Nov. 22, 2010
A new twist to defence games, and an amazing selection of completely different towers. This is a game that truely deserved it's badges. I had a great time playing as the game provided a welcome challenge, with the artwork style from Nerdook that I just love. If you love games, I think you will love this too.
Play The Undead Survival Test The Undead Survival Test Nov. 22, 2010
I really enjoyed this game, and Im really hoping that you will develop it further (or create a second), afew more questions maybe, with some tweeks to the current answers, because I thought it was a great game, and I enjoyed playing it, and thought the ending was pretty good, especially for a quiz game. Look forwards to seeing more from you. I would really recomend playing this.
Play Doodle Devil Doodle Devil Nov. 22, 2010
I greatly enjoyed sitting there combining items, although sometimes you might get alittle stuck (and in some cases, not quite understand the combination even after the hint gives you it), but overall an enjoyable game, worth playing.
Play Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars Nov. 16, 2010
This is one of the funnest games Ive played for quite awhile. If you loved worms, and you loved the Gravitee golf games, then I think you are going to love this game too.
Play SMp: Superman Parody SMp: Superman Parody Nov. 12, 2010
Haha, I love the song, although I dont really think this is a great game really. And I think you have a bug in the score. It seems to add a new 1 each time, like roman numerals, which very quickly stops counting your score anymore. For everyone that would only want the song, you can find it here on youtube
Play Jet Velocity 3D Jet Velocity 3D Nov. 12, 2010
Wow, this game runs so smoothly. If you ever played any of the wipeout games, then I think youll love this too, its got so much potential. Afew upgrades here and there to the game could make this a top game pretty quickly (or atleast get it some badges). Upgrades for your ship after races, or pickups in game (although if there was going to be weapons, there would need to be more computer ships). Great game, hope you continute to develope it further.