TheGrimace's Comments

Game Comments
Play Idleplex Idleplex Mar. 01, 2014
Click detection on the nuggets is atrocious.
Play Castle Guard Castle Guard Mar. 08, 2013
No mute. I hate it.
Play  Cobra Squad 2 Cobra Squad 2 Feb. 16, 2013
Dial back the music levels a little. They're a bit loud on startup.
Play Robot Wants Fishy Robot Wants Fishy Feb. 06, 2013
Make a music off button, dammit.
Play Smiley Showdown 2 Smiley Showdown 2 Jan. 05, 2013
Narrator is spelled incorrectly.
Play 3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage 3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage Jan. 05, 2013
Button to turn off the sound FX?
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Dec. 26, 2012
I don't remember the pointer being so laggy. Changing the quality doesn't help.
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 18, 2012
Hit detection on the wings should be lessened so you don't spin around like crazy when you clip a boost station.
Play Kamikaze Pigs Kamikaze Pigs Jun. 26, 2012
You can un-buy upgrades, you know.
Play Notebook Wars 3 Notebook Wars 3 Jun. 13, 2012
Play Collapse It Collapse It Feb. 07, 2011
I thought this game would be cheery and family-friendly. First thing I see is "the right way to make all people die".
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Jan. 27, 2011
Add a button that takes you back to the menu.
Play Man in Gap Man in Gap Jan. 12, 2011
Holy Hell, turn down the background music! Or at least find a song that fades in.
Play Santa Can Fly Santa Can Fly Dec. 26, 2010
Good game, but the menu between rounds is confusing. I don't know what this present bar is, or what clicking on it does. And what is this minigame between rounds? Everything moves too fast.
Play CellCraft CellCraft Nov. 30, 2010
Just a thought...don't make the scroll wheel the zoom tool unless it locks to the game. Scrolling the entire screen just to zoom in is a huge pain.
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Nov. 27, 2010
FFFFUUUUUUU I deleted my cache and my saved game!
Play Crush The Castle 2 Crush The Castle 2 Nov. 25, 2010
This game is incredibly tedious. I've been on level 2 for ten minutes and I just can't click it right. I love the idea and the design, but it's just based so heavily on precision that it makes it boring.
Play Find the Button! Find the Button! Nov. 19, 2010
Quite the rubbish game. First of all, it's been done before countless times. Second, your insults and drawings were weak at best. The whole point of a 'press the button' game is to have the player leave before finishing it. That means you need thousands and thousands of slides to annoy the player. Try again, and put some real effort into it.
Play Epic War 3 Epic War 3 Nov. 09, 2010
I can't see the battlefield. I think there might be a bug.
Play Apokalyx Apokalyx Nov. 06, 2010
I'm tired of looking at this dude's package.