TheRelic's Comments

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Play Ruthless Pandas Ruthless Pandas Apr. 17, 2015
Any information on what upgrades do?
Play Vilesteel Vilesteel Oct. 07, 2014
Remember aim for the toes to hit the head.
Play Castle Clash Castle Clash Sep. 10, 2014
"After we get done wrecking this building we will deal with those 300 archers attacking us!" - The last words of Harry the Hero
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 09, 2014
How about a full upgrade button for the hires? That will spend all current money on the single chosen hire to upgrade.
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 09, 2014
Would like to see +DPS for next level instead of fixed numbers and trying to figure out the difference with those tiny numbers.
Play Tiny Defender Tiny Defender Jan. 27, 2014
Difficult to dodge that fast incoming fire if you can't move while shooting.
Play 2014 Zombie Killer 2014 Zombie Killer Dec. 26, 2013
Far too grindy in just trying to kill one boss. Took about 7mins and about 30 reloads to kill the second boss. On top of that I had to drain out all my money on repairing the wall. While the mechanics and gfx seem workable, the amount of damage to kill a single boss is extremely absurd.
Play Hydranought Hydranought Nov. 30, 2013
Where are the 'activate all' ships, energy, skills buttons?
Play SkyTower SkyTower Oct. 13, 2013
Why do half of these crash when you click on them to launch them? They just turn right into the side wall and end the game.
Developer response from PsychosphereZDev

drag route line for airship - it will fly by line to end point. attach line to current task zone (red arraws for landing on runway, dock for unload, green arrows for take-off and edge of screen to fly away)

Play Galactic Gems 2 Accelerated Galactic Gems 2 Accelerated Sep. 10, 2013
Where exactly in the game does it say that?
Play Galactic Gems 2 Accelerated Galactic Gems 2 Accelerated Sep. 10, 2013
Not sure on the rules here, but I was guesing that if a gem was removed the yellow tile behind it was too. This doesn't appear to be the case all the time. For example, the bomb should remove up to a max of 9 yellow tiles but only randomly removes some of them. I have seen other instances where a gem is removed and the yellow tile behind it isn't removed too. Someone seriously needs to go over the yellow tile removal code and fix it. This might be the problem with people losing so easily.
Developer response from MikRad

TheRelic, light yellow tile - 1 match to remove dark yellow tile - 2 matches to remove

Play Barons Gate Barons Gate Sep. 10, 2013
A key getting stuck high up on the wall by a flying critter isn't good.
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Sep. 09, 2013
The last two badges weren't too difficult. Simply don't buy any ally/fireteam upgrades till you can get the Drilling, AA Specialist and Future Armor. This leaves you with only riflemen and AA. Concentrate on getting as many missions as possible done to get the rest of the upgrades quicker. Avoid heroic dash as much as possible, even with all rifle and AA it can put you in really bad situtations.
Play Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Sep. 04, 2013
Serious flaws in the game mechanics. In a matter of a few turns I was attacked twice and lost 50% of mountain land twice allowing for 0/0 stone workers. Game over. Serious game ending flaws like this should be fixed.
Play Racing Guard Racing Guard Apr. 18, 2013
Car gets stuck in lower right. Can't do anything after that.
Play Galaxy Siege Galaxy Siege Apr. 12, 2013
When you continue you aren't given the option to switch galaxies. Also would be nice if the shop was able to restock for a fee of Stars since I always have extras. Asteroid count seems far too low due to the asteroid/star purchasing costs and no way to convert them.
Play Esgrima 2 Esgrima 2 Jan. 04, 2013
The quest items should say where they can be found in the quest list. There are a limited amount of areas, but having to guess or ask in chat seems silly.
Developer response from OneShark

There is now more information in the quest log.

Play The Appalese Wall The Appalese Wall Dec. 12, 2012
Getting better with the AI. Any chance of getting a full ability list posted somewhere so we don't need to keep guessing and resetting when it isn't what we are looking for?
Developer response from WakefieldStudios

Yes, an appendix to the Game Guide (linked from the title screen) is currently in the works - it will include full descriptions of abilities, AI modes, and monsters. Thanks for your patience - as you know, we've been quite busy fine-tuning the AI!

Play The Appalese Wall The Appalese Wall Dec. 10, 2012
This game is seriously broken. Decided to try invoker (molotov + void spike range 6) and battle mage (molotov range 6) as range-dps. I even removed the basic attack for the battle mage. What happens the units move around, the invoker uses the void spike only, and the battle mage walks up to things and kills them with the basic attack I know I removed. Perhaps this explains why I can't get past level 8. If the attacks the units are given aren't being used it is no wonder you can be overwhelmed so easily. I could understand the invoker not throwing molotov's if the void spike did better damage, but the battle mage without any other attacks should have been throwing cocktails faster than Tom Cruise. So why doesn't the AI use the given skills? Why does it use activated skills that aren't on the hotkey list? Why doesn't it use the ranged attacks whenever possible if set for range-dps?
Developer response from WakefieldStudios

Thank you for this thoughtful feedback, TheRelic. It seems that what you are asking for is just what others have been asking for - the ability to control which abilities are included in AI decisions (currently the trees are re-built everytime you unlock an ability, to include that ability, regardless of whether or not you have it hotkeyed). So, it's time for us to add that feature! And please don't give up on us! We needed a large user base to properly assess the performance of the AI, and the comments we are getting here - like yours - are helping us immensely to improve it! Stay tuned for the next update, thanks for playing, and, again, thanks for the great feedback! ... ... ... [EDIT: We've now updated the game so that only hotkeyed abilities are utilized during AI mode ... furthermore, DPS-Ranged decisions will now use AoE attacks, regardless of enemy clustering, if neither Fire Bow nor Void Spike is hotkeyed.]

Play Shadows of Siren: Chapter 1 Shadows of Siren: Chapter 1 Oct. 05, 2012
Not sure what your end type of game is going to be but if it is going to be action you really need to drop the regeneration delay or change it to a regen vs this many seconds factor. You get about 5 seconds inbetween each wave right now so any shield with a delay of more than 5 seconds normally doesn't seem to trigger. The big ships move slow so they tend to get hit by "bullets" even after all the ships are destroyed so any shield or armor more than a 5 second delay means regen hardly ever occurs as it appears that the delay starts after the last hit only. Heavy ships right now get killed only due to the lack of regeneration.