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Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Sep. 05, 2014
For anyone who's wondering when it will end; there are three areas, with each subsequent area being twice the distance you've already gone. If you've just made it to the final area, you're only a third of the way done. Badge took me several hours of grinding passive upgrades. I advise just kicking M.Critter and then leaving to do something fun while he gets you experience points.
Play Endless War 5 Endless War 5 Jul. 20, 2012
I really enjoyed the game but the AI is horrific. Friendly troops are too enthusiastic and die immediately, while enemy troops won't move even if they're being blasted by shells. It was far too easy to sit outside their range and just slowly destroy their forces. This strategy works for all missions, and so the game felt slightly long and extremely repetitive.
Play Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Jun. 26, 2012
Apparently the developer has already thought about the colourblind problem and you can choose colours under the options tab. Wish I knew about that earlier, but kudos to the developer for thinking of everything. Very fun game.
Play Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Snakes On A Cartesian Plane Jun. 26, 2012
Urgh, Rattlesnake on colourblind mode is incredibly difficult. It becomes nothing but an increasingly frustrating memory game. I know I'm part of a small minority, but for future games, could you please choose colours which are more different? It would be much appreciated :)
Play Demons Took My Daughter Demons Took My Daughter Nov. 23, 2010
I managed to go the whole way through the story without realising that there is a shop where you can purchase upgrades. However, after failing survival mode at wave 24 and reading other comments, the sword upgrade was much welcomed. The extra 60 sword dmg from the 300 unused souls in survival is wondrous.
Play This is the Only Level TOO This is the Only Level TOO Mar. 06, 2010
Freefall on FML is extremely difficult and too reliant on luck. I gave up after a good half hour trying.
Play Blocks With Letters On Blocks With Letters On Nov. 06, 2009
Damn it! It says it automatically saves, but when my browser froze, I lost all my data. I really cbf doing 60 levels all over again.
Play Doeo Doeo Oct. 31, 2009
Level 3 and the King stage on hard gave me the most difficulty, four and five seemed to have more doeos, or perhaps the same amount spaced out more evenly over time.
Play Jumpcat Jumpcat Oct. 28, 2009
If you are having problems, try different controls. I kept getting around 30-35k using only a mouse; but managed to get 50k in one life by using 'a' and 'd' to move, and left-click to jump.
Play Hexiom Hexiom Oct. 16, 2009
I too, have only a black screen. Won't load for me.
Play Tactics 100 Live Tactics 100 Live Oct. 15, 2009
Combination that worked for me: Front row: 2 warriors Back row: 2 mages with full magic power and full chain effect +1 point to spend at your choice. Let the warriors block the mages, and let the mages do massive amounts of damage. (Some difficulty against archer level)
Play Agony: The Portal Agony: The Portal Oct. 05, 2009
For Darwin Mode, I was originally running around, casting spells at boss then healing, but qqwref's strategy works wonders. Just stand in one place, jump high and slambomb repeatedly. Made it so much faster, thanks qqwref.
Play Pandemic: American Swine Pandemic: American Swine Aug. 01, 2009
145th person to get surgeon general badge. Won by eradication, didn't need a walkthrough or any strategy.
Play Mytheria Mytheria Jul. 14, 2009
Completed all challenges with pure white deck, pretty easy 4/5
Play Maze Stopper 2 Maze Stopper 2 May. 17, 2009
Finally did it... W00t... didn't think it was even possible to get 100 stars :)
Play Globetrotter XL Globetrotter XL May. 13, 2009
Finally got the hard badge, and learnt/revised a lot of locations along the way. (I missed my own city by 300km, first time) Great game :D
Play Bunny Invasion 2 Bunny Invasion 2 Apr. 27, 2009
Very fun game :D Until you're just waiting around after the game for the last addiction trophy that is...gotta be soon...
Play Death Vegas Death Vegas Apr. 25, 2009
Same problem as Xrenzo, below, game will not load properly before the fight between Joshua and Helmut
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Apr. 23, 2009
I really don't know how anyone gets 'There Can Only Be One' achievement; When fighting the eastern kingdoms champion, he one-shots me with his guillotine strike, no matter how much health/defense I have. Completed everything else but this guy.