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Play The Deeplight Expedition The Deeplight Expedition Sep. 01, 2010
Just uploaded another update that adds WASD control (and also adds support for using B, N, and M to toggle the minimap, view the status screen, and warp). Also, when wall jumping, you do not need to hold down or repeatedly press the jump button — you just need to press in the direction away from the wall (it's more like wall-bouncing or wall-kicking in that sense).
Play The Deeplight Expedition The Deeplight Expedition Sep. 01, 2010
I've just uploaded a new version with a small change to the wall jumping -- hopefully this will make the wall jumping a lot more manageable.
Play LootMore LootMore Jul. 18, 2009
@jclements, @Obeliskos, @waynetan: The new update should make the Lore system less cumbersome -- it was working, as waynetan mentioned, but you did have to read an awful lot of books... now you should be able to manage with a lot fewer. @Fireseal (and others?): In the short-term, on a standard keyboard, you should be able to get the numpad to stand in for the arrow keys when NumLock is off (this may not work out so well on a laptop). In the next update I should have a chance to make some keyboard updates, and I'll update support for numpad movement and include a key to close those item pop-ups. The battle screen will probably get keyboard shortcuts too. @Mephestus: I'm not sure if LootMore will ever have multiple characters in combat (I've thought about it though...), but some people might have noticed a tantalizing empty gap on the battle screen, which will one day (hopefully) be filled by a button for character's skills and spells. Thanks for all the feedback and support!
Play LootMore LootMore Jul. 14, 2009
@Astralys -- I think you might just have had terrible timing; I just uploaded a new version that switched the inventory screen from TAB to the letter I -- the newest instructions in the game and on the page should say that now.