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Play Stockholm Stockholm May. 15, 2013
It's a pretty cool concept, but personally, I feel the execution is lacking a bit. Walljumping feels a bit too sticky, I realize it's dependent on how much you press or hold down so your walljump can vary, it creates some problems running away from your ghost selves on a wall. There's also no reset button, no level select, and perhaps a counter for the collectables. Now, I know this doesn't make a difference to most gamers, but I know you, Stealth, so I'll mention that the GUI doesn't really match the minimalist pixel graphics very well. You can see all of your games, it's obvious you like to use simplistic vector graphics a lot, but to me as an artist, using vector and pixel everywhere is a mish-mash, they're two different jigsaw pieces that don't fit together. The music's alright, it's not bad enough for me to mute instantly, but I wouldn't listen to it going through 50 levels of this game. I rated this a 4/5, nice job.
Developer response from ST3ALTH15

Thanks for the great feedback! I do agree with you, looking back I think a pixel-based menu would definitely help make the game more cohesive.

Play Spike! Spike! Aug. 23, 2012
It's good for what it is with good visuals and music, the gameplay stays unoriginal and boring like most new games, but I emplore you to keep going and hopefully make something worth playing for more than 1 minute. 3/5. P.S. Please don't join a chatroom, link your game and leave. I find it rude as the owner of the room, thanks.
Badges please. 5/5.
Play Demonas Riddles Demonas Riddles Jun. 27, 2012
I think the music's annoying, there's no mute button. I actually glitched it after dying so many times; which involves: the character not being there, it stays stuck to the view of the level which the character died in and the sounds still go on with movement button presses. The art looks messy, and not only that it conveys a chaotic feeling, including the fast-moving enemies and combined with the music, it's giving me a headache. I'd also like to add that, if you have to advertise by posting your game's link in my chatroom, please have the patience to stay, I'd have preferred to say this to you in real-time. 2/5 from me.
Developer response from zoniq

if someone doesn't find some ways to advertise your game because the site wont, then the game if its good or not gets lost. I am not an artist or professional this is my first game as i said, thank you for your comment and rating :)

Play Do You Know Flash Games? Do You Know Flash Games? Mar. 15, 2012
We would only need to play a few of the games that have questions associated in this, the questions are not though out well enough at all. All I need to do for over 75% of these is look at the images, and have common sense.
Play Tribulation Tribulation Jan. 31, 2012
Thank you, Profusion. The "Make Your Wish" title is appropriate, considering you have brought me and probably a lot others their biggest wish. Total awesome zombie bloodshed with a weapon of your choice and upgrades too!
Developer response from Profusion

Congrats on your highscore! 659 is a lot more than I ever got! :D And I know all the tricks too...

Play Super Hero Ultraman Super Hero Ultraman Sep. 20, 2011
Really bad. The sounds/music are making me cut my wrists, and Hell will freeze over before I attempt to learn how to play, let alone play properly.
Play "Alone" "Alone" Aug. 29, 2011
@Alita: Just use the jetpack. O.o And I liked it, 5/5 but level 7 stumped me.
Developer response from rz76i43l0

No, that bit Alita's talking about was a bug. It was at the very beginning of level 5 :P

Play Timmy Vs. Music Demon Timmy Vs. Music Demon Jul. 05, 2011
Just some clarification, which I feel is needed when I see my art critisized. Simple contacted me late into the contest and I made a lot of stuff within an hour simplified, without shading and without going over the pieces for too long. For quickness, I let my "placeholder" graphics be used from a game I'm working on. All things considered, what I'm trying to say is if I had more time I'd have spent a lot of it making every graphic an individual trophy that blinds you with it's epic shine, and fix anatomy in character movement like Karait says. I love how it turned out anyway.
Play Game Development Room (GDR) Game Development Room (GDR) Jun. 12, 2011
It should be "[Unicron] Destroy!". For more info, see here:
Play The Adventures of Red The Adventures of Red May. 27, 2011
A unique collection of consecutive puzzles that utilise every part of our brain and knowledge, memory, sound, maths, etc. And it's kept coherently in a style of the past in puzzle structure and graphics. The path of the game is not linear, it's addictive so that I want to keep going to the next puzzle without being too boring. The music is peaceful and keeps a calm tone while I play the game, unlike some puzzle games where the music is scary and mysterious, helping it not to be too frustrating. The graphics are cute and stylish, which as well as the sweet melody in the background, fit the theme of medieval times. The concept of diamonds and hats to collect is also pretty fun and a stylish additive. Although it may not have the playability to play multiple times (that's granted by all puzzle games), but it does make me want to come back to it the next day to complete. Overall, a fantastic game. 5/5
Play Garden Gnome Carnage Garden Gnome Carnage Sep. 22, 2010
So addictive. This is my regular game for chatting for some reason. :3
Play Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Rival Dash Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Rival Dash Jun. 28, 2010
Stolen, I remember playing this on SEGA's site years ago...
Play Shotgun Torquebow Chainsaw Shotgun Torquebow Chainsaw May. 31, 2010
I seem to have found a glitch. The player that's controlled with the WASD keys started moving on it's own after a few minutes of jumping around randomly. Also, I love the game's concept, but I think it should be a little bit more like Rock, Paper, Scissors than it is already since all options can kill eachother.
Play The Final Death Wish The Final Death Wish May. 22, 2010
I like this game, but not everything is perfect. First, I love Valve and I love their games. But could you try to be more original? Using their awesome sounds from TF2 was a good choice, but that will not cut it in your future games. You could however, keep the references, but "Aperture Forest"? Are you for real? Supply for originality running low, indeed. As for the gameplay... it's quite good, upgrades, range of weapons, etc. However, I did notice that if I shot one monster and there was another behind, the bullet could go straight through both of them. That could be called an exploit. Oh yeah, and your graphics are reasonable. :) I rate 4/5
Play Quiz test #1 Quiz test #1 May. 17, 2010
It's so difficult! 1/5 D:
Play Snail Snail May. 15, 2010
Awesome as usual, Meepo. 5/5 It's so unfortunate that you're giving up developing. It's very ironic, that your last game gives the message to never give up. Nevertheless, I understand the irritation.
Play TETRIS'D: The Game TETRIS'D: The Game Apr. 27, 2010
The k thing is no glitch... read the tutorial. Although the getting stuck on a block glitch is accurate, I did it in the tutorial step no.3, happened after the wall jump. Anyway, alright game. I liked it, but it doesn't have that spark. Just gets boring after a couple of minutes. 3/5 from me.
Play Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 Mar. 16, 2010
The art is brilliant, as if the text didn't already create a graphic image in the mind. I also love the blur effect, a very good touch. 5/5 And I'd like to try this MMO someyime. :)
Play Defend your Honor! Defend your Honor! Jan. 07, 2010
5/5, definite fave, most originally designed tower defence game I've ever seen. You just won me back, I now like the genre. :D