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Play Dungeon Defender Dungeon Defender Apr. 03, 2014
Handy tip, to earn the badge of the day you don't actually have to dig Gold. You just have to dig a sum total of metal/ore worth 100 gold.
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Oct. 28, 2013
Since we're running down zombies, shouldn't this game be called ROAD OF THE UNDEAD?
Play Escape From 26 Escape From 26 Sep. 24, 2013
Fantastic PnC game, great atmosphere and what to do makes sense so you don't feel like your simply random clicking.
Play Dillo Hills 2 Dillo Hills 2 Sep. 24, 2013
There should be Gold, Silver, and Bronze packs for the racers who place. If only the first place racer gets an special booster pack, there is no point in indicating the second and third place finishers.
Play Wheely 2 Wheely 2 Sep. 18, 2013
Punch Buggy Fuschia
Play Life Short Life Short Sep. 18, 2013
Why aren't UP and W set to jump? We're already moving with LEFT, RIGHT, A, and D.
Play Wild King Wild King Sep. 17, 2013
And once again Gamera proves he is friend to all children
Play Barons Gate Barons Gate Sep. 09, 2013
Quick, somebody call Snoopy the Red Baron is back! Nice game Suntsev, congrats.
Play Notebook Space Wars Notebook Space Wars Sep. 06, 2013
The Notebook Wars series is great and I've enjoyed playing each iteration so far. But I have a suggestion for future installments -- how about making the bomb upgradeable too?
Play Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! Jun. 26, 2013
I found Mindy, where's Mork at?
Play Space Croissant Space Croissant May. 31, 2013
I'm fine with the permanent death aspect of the game but it would be nice is there was some carry over between the previous play through and the current one. For example, on the next play through the player begins with one of the items they were using before when they died.
Play Disaster Will Strike 2 Disaster Will Strike 2 May. 18, 2013
Landslides don't make holes in the ground, what you're looking for is a sinkhole
Play Lost Fluid Lost Fluid May. 09, 2013
Luke Skywater killed the ferocious rancor
Play Mystery IQ Test Mystery IQ Test May. 05, 2013
You can't fool me Developer -- I've seen PYRAMIDS OF MARS too many times to make a mistake on the two alien room
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 05, 2013
Nice, a snow Jupiter Djinn in Whitefall
Play Effing Worms - Xmas Effing Worms - Xmas Dec. 17, 2012
My graboid fills the screen, I have Santa's magical hat enabling me to fly, and yet I can't go into outer space... :(
Play Flying Cookie Quest Flying Cookie Quest Dec. 07, 2012
Just what a wanted for Christmas, a new launch game!
Play Stop GMO Stop GMO Nov. 12, 2012
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
Play Human evolution Human evolution May. 25, 2012
There's something wrong with the game, pressing B doesn't stop the characters evolution.
Play Teddys Excellent Adventure Teddys Excellent Adventure May. 19, 2012
If you go out in the woods today You're sure of a big surprise. If you go out in the woods today You'd better go in disguise. For every bear that ever there was Will gather there for certain, because Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic. The Picnis was a lie!