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Play The Heist The Heist Feb. 27, 2010
good game 4/5 fun upgrades.
Play Red Storm Red Storm Feb. 25, 2010
Just like robokill except they don't expect me to pay for it :) 4/5
Play Body Ladder Body Ladder Feb. 25, 2010
Really fun game, but probably the worst placed hyper link in the history of flash games.
Play MegaDrill MegaDrill Feb. 12, 2010
Yes, all of those trophies need to be collected in 1 run. My advice is, once you hit what you're trying to collect drill sideways. For example big diamonds are located first at around 1800ft. Drill sideways and collect them for the trophy.
Play MegaDrill MegaDrill Feb. 12, 2010
Got the Yacht on my second attempt. First time I only managed the third boat. Fun game, thanks for killing my time! :)
Play Modern Tactics 3 Modern Tactics 3 Jan. 27, 2010
5/5 this is tied with 2 other games as my favorite flash game!
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Jan. 27, 2010
5/5 I like the ranking system. Wasted 2 hours of my time. :) thanks
Play Damn Birds 2 Damn Birds 2 Jan. 25, 2010
154,600. Definitely easier than the previous game, but that's a good thing. Thanks for entertaining me for an hour. 5/5 Tip: skip the #7 gun. The flame gun, and a level 31ish defense will get the job done until you get the #8 gun which is basically a full auto #4.
Play Snipedown Snipedown Jan. 24, 2010
It's much easier now that the prices are dynamic. I thought it was fun, this was my 4th times beating the game. 4/5
Play Causality! Causality! Jan. 22, 2010
I haven't finished level 2, but here's what i got so far. Start by clicking the brick to the left ontop of the bathroom. This will move it to the edge killing both people on the left side. Then click the engineer's helmet causing it to fall. The guy who is on the toilet needs to have his head click to release his bowels. Then flush the toilet causing the engineer to die. Click the things the man in the chair is holding, he will drop them and move to the edge of the cliff. A glider will come by shortly after, continuously click the person flying the glider causing him to fall and kill the man standing on the edge of the cliff. I still haven't figured out how to kill the man on the toilet. I tried clicking his head 549837 times thinking he might explode. but nothing happened.
Play Causality! Causality! Jan. 22, 2010
To help clarify a previous post. Level 1 Walk Through: The man who enters the elevator needs to be click while he is talking to his boss. This will cause him to fumble with the papers. Then pause the elevator by pressing the green light (before he gets to the first floor.) Then click the monitor in the bottom right corner until the man breaks the computer. When he is leaning against the elevator doors, start up the elevator again by pressing the red light. As soon as the elevator gets to the first floor the computer guy will fall into the elevator, then snap the cord by clicking it, killing both stick figures inside. Then, click the picture in the boss' office. He will slip on the previously fallen pictures and die. Click the light above the two men talking killing both of them. Simply click the guy in the top left corner to make him fall. And finally click the thin section of the pole in the upper right corner to finish off the last guy.
Play Causality! Causality! Jan. 22, 2010
To help clarify a previous post... Level 1 Walk Through:
Play Stick Castle RPG v 1.0 Stick Castle RPG v 1.0 Jan. 22, 2010
lmao. This was fun.
Play Snipedown Snipedown Jan. 22, 2010
Level 17 is ridiculous! lol Fun game, although optimized poorly. CS:S runs all high details at 50-60fps on this computer, yet this game was very choppy. Looking forward to a sequel!
Play Weapon Weapon Dec. 29, 2009
A back button when a mod is selected would be nice. If I select a mod to read the description and then decide not to buy it, I have to go back to the loadout screen rather than the mod screen. Also, the delta sniper is awful. Furthermore, when browsing through the weapons using the "next" button the weapons aren't in order. i.e. When selected on the L85 and clicking next, the G36 will appear although on the loadout screen the SCAR should be next. Lastly, the glock18 mod doesn't work properly, and it is difficult to see which mods are currently in use. such as the glock18 mod. Otherwise, very fun game.
Play Onslaught2 Onslaught2 Nov. 08, 2009
1,937,473,040 w00t