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    In a forest,with a cloth on my face,wearing a tuxedo.
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    Dec. 17, 2011

I r amezn grmmrs lol i r grt spllr

No seriously…Call me iron(Yeah my rp character is named iron so?)i am the player of games.and videos.and music.and rps.

Well everyone else has a Quotes section,So why shouldn’t I have one?

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”-Albert Einstein.

“Maybe it’s not about the happy ending.Maybe it’s about the story.”-Anomynous

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”-Abraham Lincoln
Hey,check out this link!It’s pretty cool.
Rp characters:(Only one :( )
Name:Iron Stelar
Personality:Sad,Rarely Smiles.
Likes:Training,dead demons
Dislikes:Seeing people getting hurt by demons,demons
Physical Attributes:Tall and slender,red eyes,black hair,pale skin
Backstory:When he was but a adolscent,Iron’s village was attacked by a giant demon.The unique parts about the demon was he had no legs and floated in midair,it also had four arms.This demon wrecked the village,leaving nothing but ashes and fire in it’s wake.Iron’s father had to sacrifice himself in order to save the life of his family.As Iron and his mother were running trough the woods,three small alligator like dragons,appeared.The unique bit was,they shot beams of light instead of sprays of fire or water.The dragons killed Irons mother.Iron,having a great talent for sword fighting,killed them off,but was badly hurt.At this point,a kind blacksmith was walking trough the woods.When said blacksmith saw Iron,he walked him to his house.And there he spent the rest of the years of his life training in magics and swordsmanship,seeking to avenge his family by killing the demon that haunted him so many years ago.

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