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Play Super Benching Simulator [idle] Super Benching Simulator [idle] Aug. 19, 2014
Thank you very much for first of all, RESPONDING to my earlier message and second of all even implementing it into the game! This is honestly a first for me. And for all of you people complaining about the rage bar, blame me, not the dev it was all my idea. If you do like, you're welcome :D
Developer response from lavaflame2

Haha, yea. and to the people who complain about the rage bar, stop complaining that the game is too "idle oriented", because all it does is make YOUR clicks MUCH more valuable!

Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Aug. 14, 2014
I've found that in Bloon liquefier vs everything it can hit, bloon liquefier still wins. "invisible stuff?" one might say, and to that i answer monkey village. Always monkey village.
Play The Amazite The Amazite Aug. 13, 2014
In my opinion, there should be an adventure-ish part of the story, so that you can actually put the power in the amazite to work with awesome powers. Perhaps conquer worlds in the farthest reaches of the universe to expand your amazite production and output. Anyway, still a great game. 5/5. Would play again.
Play Idle Web Tycoon Idle Web Tycoon Jul. 23, 2014
Views are over the planets population. Congratulations, either your website has been revisited several million times by each person, or Chuck is popular everywhere in several galaxies. Either way those poor companies that are paying for each hit are probably filing bankruptcy.
Play Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Jul. 15, 2014
So from what I'm getting out of the spells, the spell modifiers don't stack, but everything else does?
Play Super Benching Simulator [idle] Super Benching Simulator [idle] Jul. 10, 2014
IMO there should be a bar that fills when you click. That bar will quickly deplete, but as long as it's got something in it, Mr. Lift should be doing reps twice as fast. You could then upgrade that to hold more clicks and not deplete as quickly. I'm saying this mostly because I click fast enough that the speed up is not as efficient as it should be.
Developer response from lavaflame2

+1. I really like this idea, and i am gonna DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Play Farm of Souls Farm of Souls Jul. 01, 2014
people say the life stat is unimportant as it only slows down the production of souls. In my opinion, all of the stats are important. The longer they live, the higher level they become, the more they are worth. Also, I believe the population cap does NOT need to rise so rapidly as there are not enough resources in the land for all 40 people when there are only 30 spaces XD.
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 Jun. 28, 2014
My first thought when I started fighting enemies was, "BUSHES! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" decreases the enemy defense by 2 if they stand in it AND gives you extra stealth :P
Play Idle Civ Idle Civ Jun. 18, 2014
When I started playing, my attack/defense power in the army was so tiny. After about 4 battles it went from 450 to 6000. This brings me to my questions, what is the point of the attack and defense ratings (I have not once been assaulted/sieged or whatever they call it) and how does it affect the battles?
Play The Enchanted Cave The Enchanted Cave Jun. 15, 2014
so far, my strategy has been to grind floors 10-28 to get gems then go a bit deeper so i can actually start finding gems again, then to go deeper... eventually I'll make it to the bottom!
Play 1 Will Survive 2 1 Will Survive 2 Jun. 14, 2014
I hear a lot of people complain about the limited gold level. I have no clue how this game works and I managed to beat it. Quite simply put, the gunners are overpowered, (don't bother using their upgrade) the high priests are overpowered, and the upgraded maceman will never die. easy peasy.
Play IDLEstats IDLEstats Jun. 01, 2014
another question purely out of curiosity; how long are you supposed to wait in the final chamber of the adventure mode with the heal and energy pack before the arrow shows up to the secret area?
Play IDLEstats IDLEstats Jun. 01, 2014
I've not been able to progress past the first wizard in the tower, any advice? No arrows are showing up at all, im just stuck with it saying "murder! +1 point!"
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Apr. 27, 2014
all of the bombs the gummies are carrying is not quite as bothersome to as the question... how long has that police vehicle been driving backwards to catch you after every run?
Play Sandbox Hero Sandbox Hero Feb. 23, 2014
I agree with some people saying that the level editor lacks something. I think you should add background blocks, thus allowing an inside feeling to your creations. also perhaps a color changer for the background. While the default look is decent, I would much rather be able to choose between molten cave, normal cave, and frost cave. Another thing I would like to add, please give more personalized blocks for us who would like to create things not currently available in the block list.
Play Space Croissant Space Croissant Jan. 18, 2014
Now as a level 450 guy, the enemies may one shot me, but I hit like a truck. On Steroids. I mean seriously 60k per hit.
Play Space Croissant Space Croissant Jan. 18, 2014
well this is cool and I like to brag, so it works well together. See I finally got a full set of green tier gear at level 250. I never run out of mana, so I'm constantly using my enrage ability, and once I have my crits deal over 14k damage :D I love this game!
Play Space Croissant Space Croissant Jan. 18, 2014
if you get a set of gear that says "of the sun" do you get some sort of bonus? Just wondering because I feel like there should be gear sets.
Play Second Wind Second Wind Jan. 10, 2014
I like this game and all, I mean it's decent and I find it enjoyable most of the time. My biggest complaint though is the wait time to get into one of the random things. I feel like i press three buttons and have to wait a minute and a half before I can continue playing. Please do something to hurry it up...
Play Red Rogue Red Rogue Jan. 09, 2014
I think its a bit cheap to leave an exp grinder in the overworld, but come to think of it, why would anyone bother sitting there long enough to get to level 5 by hitting a little fan looking thing?