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Play Trimps Trimps Jul. 21, 2015
I can imagine myself with a couple of trimps. Take out some white paint, slap them and yell "WHO DO YOU SERVE?!" and only let the ones that say "Sarumon!" live.
Play Trimps Preview Trimps Preview Jul. 08, 2015
I don't appreciate that you can only have 50% of your trimps working at any given point in time. In my opinion, you should be able to use more as workers or less, so you can more flexibly focus on exploration OR idling as you see fit.
Play Trimps Preview Trimps Preview Jul. 07, 2015
12.5 million Trimps died during the making of this game.
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Jun. 18, 2015
I prefer lightning over all else for several reasons. Firstly, it hits the most times even if it IS the most random. You could use ice but it has slower casting speed. It's stun makes it so that even if the enemy would normally be strong against lightning, it dies anyway. It tends to go something like this... "LIGHTNING BOLT, LIGHTNING BOLT, LIGHTNING BOLT!!!!!!!"
Play The Awakening RPG The Awakening RPG Jun. 17, 2015
So at the start i went in and talked to Caleb. "Are you ready to rent a room for the night?" "no" "ok then." "Are you ready to rent a room for the night?" "yeah sure," "NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO TALK TO YOU!"
Developer response from RockLou


Play Book of Mages: The Dark Times Book of Mages: The Dark Times May. 28, 2015
So I've found a nice little description of how i play the game. It's like rock paper scissors really. Except you only get to choose rock. But you can use rock more than once. The more rocks you have the better your chance of winning. Spam rocks, get more rocks, More Rocks, MOAR ROCKS! Now you have enough rocks to win. Burn them all. With rocks. These are flints just so ya know.
Play King Of Cash! Business Simulator King Of Cash! Business Simulator Mar. 03, 2015
I'm pretty sure this is a massive glitch, but you can hold click ALL of your businesses to speed them up as long as you don't let go of the mouse. I'm not sure if this was intentional, so I thought i might point it out.
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Feb. 25, 2015
i love the Calvin and Hobbes reference in the bat description, I'm genuinely pleased with the fact that people are still referencing one of my favorite of all comics!
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Feb. 21, 2015
Swarm Simulator 2: Revenge of the Exterminator?
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Feb. 15, 2015
ended up going straight up production and shields/repair ships. The enemy decided it was time to quit after i built 5 expansions with mjolnirs behind all of the shields.
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Feb. 15, 2015
apologies for my earlier comment, i went through the entirety of level 1 and 2 multiplayer matches without seeing a single thing that could heal/repair things. Now i've found them, so yeah. there's that.
Play Fear Less! Fear Less! Feb. 14, 2015
i can spend dream coins to become stronger eh? Well they appear to have the euro sign on them, so does that mean i can just exchange my money for power? SOUNDS GREAT!
Play Little Stars for Little Wars: Players Pack Little Stars for Little Wars: Players Pack Feb. 14, 2015
please please please for the love of god let us deselect the planets. This is like, 1/5 because i cannot use good strategies because i CANNOT SEND HALF OF MY UNITS TO ONE SPOT OR CANNOT DESELECT ANY OF MY FREAKING PLANETS.
Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 Feb. 14, 2015
The one ship type that i can think of that would make this game better. Pls add healer ships. It could turn the tides of unwinnable battles as long as you make sure they're balanced.
Play Don't Escape 2 Don't Escape 2 Feb. 09, 2015
I know it's a terrible, awful thought, but i want to toss someone into the pit and feed them to the zombies to save us D:
Developer response from scriptwelder

Great, because you can actually do that.

Play Tangerine Tycoon Tangerine Tycoon Feb. 07, 2015
i always wondered why i wasn't able to sell things. Then mutant tangerines happened and i realized what a mistake it would be to add in something like that.
Play Helixteus Helixteus Feb. 05, 2015
i was going to ask for better graphics until i realized how massive this game is, and how difficult it would be to make any of it more complicated than it already is. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for creating an amazing massive game world. If there were any chance of making a new game similar to this where you have several superclusters battling it off with one another, that would be amazing. Also (if it wasn't clear when i was talking about it earlier) it would be cool if it were multiplayer.
Developer response from Apple0726

Multiplayer would definitely be cool but I don't have the knowledge yet to code a server and other multiplayer stuffs. I should try sometime though

Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Feb. 05, 2015
question... Is there any chance you could add a held mouse button so you can place/delete multiple cells/structures at a time instead of having to click for each individual thing? That would speed the efforts of many people before they get the infinity upgrades on their cells.
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Jan. 24, 2015
Is it bad that every time i use lightbeam i yell "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZORS!!!"?
Play Tap Tap Infinity Tap Tap Infinity Jan. 09, 2015
If you're serious about adding pets to the game, i would like to point out that a man with a bagpipe should be one of them. Auto taps for you, because he does nothing but play taps all day.