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Play Mike Shadow: I Paid For It! (Mochi Premiums) Mike Shadow: I Paid For It! (Mochi Premiums) Jun. 14, 2015
Doesn't load
Developer response from Allkiko1

I'll work on it soon.

Play Imperial Room Escape Imperial Room Escape Jun. 03, 2015
The apple with the 1,3,7,and 9 on it with a crown on top. Does not work. I click three of the numbers forming lines but the fourth just resets it no matter what I do. Cannot be played through as is.
Play Witch 2 Witch 2 May. 27, 2015
In the second chapter, sometimes one of the characters just disappears, you can still switch to them but all you can do is go left and right on the screen. the whole time they are not on the screen.
Developer response from indieluft

There is a Quality settings on the top right of the screen.Toggle that to lower the quality.Sometimes on slower machines or browsers the code doesn't run fast enough and all collisions get bugged so the character just falls through the "ground".Lowering the quality should fix that.

Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods May. 25, 2015
For some reason my Tomb of the Gods Monument is not affecting my battle rebirth multi at all. Just stopped working. I am well beyond where I was last rebirth, in terms of monuments, upgrades, and total battle. But my rebirth is ten times less than my current.
Play Blackmarket Blackmarket Apr. 26, 2015
Sorry, I was not accounting for the % of drug sales.
Play Blackmarket Blackmarket Apr. 26, 2015
I am now only getting half of the Shoot upgrades. If it says X10 I only get X5. This has happened with every upgrade since my last reset earlier today.
Play Blackmarket Blackmarket Apr. 25, 2015
If an import/export save does not work, and we tell you what our exp total was that does not include the actual total exp including the prestige upgrades.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Mar. 20, 2015
When does the option to time warp come up?
Developer response from Protonz

After you buy all the active abilities then destroy the first Time Cube at Arena 100

Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Feb. 21, 2015
Metal is now jumping around going up and down randomly. My production is not changing but my total number is. And it is changing at twice the speed of the rest of the resources. It goes up with the rest and goes back down half a beat later. So up then down and up then down, and so on.
Developer response from vsistudio

you probably have currency. Currency is made from the metal reserves you own

Play Cosmos Clicker MS reload Cosmos Clicker MS reload Feb. 21, 2015
My Meteorite production is actually less than a third of what it is supposed to be (production says 360, only getting about 90)
Play Project Eldaris v0.1 Project Eldaris v0.1 Jan. 27, 2015
it is too easy to die of hunger, at 50 i died of hunger. not playable unless revamped
Developer response from DannyDaNinja

Perhaps try saving up some money and gambling it?

Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jan. 24, 2015
There should be an option to either sell or destroy an item on the board. So we can either reorganize or upgrade.
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Jan. 21, 2015
I left the games running for a minute, and when I came back the sound did not work anymore. I have muted and unmuted, lowered and raised the sound bars. All to no avail. had to refresh to get the sound back
Play Auto-Smash! Auto-Smash! Jan. 14, 2015
You should add 90 stars worth of goals, or make the 250th boss 190 instead of 100. so when all goals are met you can have all the skills.
Developer response from zapleaf

I had plans to just add more goals when more content came out, along with a bigger skill tree. I never really had it in mind to let people get all tree nodes at once. I am running a bit behind my time frame though on updates.

Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 02, 2015
I played this as soon as I got home when I saw it, found all four secrets, did the e-mail thing that it tells you to, and then scrolled down to see that someone had already posted the secrets locations. There goes that chance for an HD Version of it and the next. Oh well
Play Idle Planet Defender Idle Planet Defender Dec. 30, 2014
Stats for the weapons do update for fire rate bonuses, but do not reflect any of the damage bonuses, from skills or boss drops
Play Idle Conquest Idle Conquest Nov. 14, 2014
Aside from the dark nights, total army power should play a part in how fast a country is defeated. If I have 1 billion troops why would I only send said amount to defeat the country. Just sayin, If I build my army up there should be some benefit. Maybe an incremental bonus based on army strength over the needed amount. like a per 25% over needed strength. something like that. :)
Play Idle Goo Idle Goo Nov. 06, 2014
The Nanobuilder Milestones are all x2. It should be x2 for 1-5, x3 for 6-9, and x4 for 10.
Play World of Pain: Chapter 1 World of Pain: Chapter 1 Oct. 25, 2014
Alright guys, this game is playable. First, saving does work but you must refresh the page and load your game. Also when starting remember to spend your stat points, you start with 5. Agility and Dex to work. Agi reduces your wait time for battle, it is just not very noticeable at lower levels. Dex helps you run away and walk faster, again not noticeable at lower lvls. I suggest leveling up fighting the beginning monsters first to at least lvl 3. and put your first stats into STR and VIT. Better weapons have a massive effect on the damage you do, so always buy better when you can.
Play Bones of Gold Bones of Gold Oct. 06, 2014
game is not loading, just a black screen