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Play Doodle God Doodle God Oct. 20, 2014
I made Humans before bacteria. There's gonna be a lot of corpses now.
Play Gravitee Wars Online Gravitee Wars Online Oct. 20, 2014
I think there should be a Quality control. That's one of the few problems I have with the game. Otherwise, it's pretty damn awesome.
Play Supra Mayro Kratt Supra Mayro Kratt Oct. 20, 2014
I can't wait for Mayro Kratt Sigstay fur.
Play This is not a minimalist game This is not a minimalist game Oct. 20, 2014
This game has such a genius concept. I would love to see a sequel to it. 5/5 to you.
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Jan. 18, 2014
Now I can take "Beat on a dead horse" literally!
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Jan. 18, 2014
*Infects loads of countries* ... *Points at madagascar's shipyard* You BETTER stay open.
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Dec. 24, 2013
@CoiledMouse: Yes they are. Once you get Tack Sprayer, they become awesome.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Oct. 02, 2013
Here's a tip: Don't grab the golden bloon powerup unless it has a sun god icon on it, which looks like a gold monkey with a crown. The sun god powerup hits all bloons and ignores immunities, and is the only one to do that. + to keep this alive.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Sep. 29, 2013
Let's see how many downvotes this comment can get :D
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Sep. 25, 2013
Glad my save file is safe. Sadly, I got kicked back 3 levels. Ah well.
Play Pinata Hunter 2 Pinata Hunter 2 Sep. 23, 2013
You wouldn't think a glove made out of pure, sharp, rough rocks would reduce pain.
Play Pinata Hunter Pinata Hunter Sep. 23, 2013
So much candy in one pinata...
Play Onslaught2 Onslaught2 Mar. 05, 2013
@Nuky you need to upgrade the lazer to max too.
Play Anime Dating Simulator 3.0 Anime Dating Simulator 3.0 Mar. 05, 2013
it has the tag "block" because you block the game.
Play Random Minecraft Style Platformer Random Minecraft Style Platformer Mar. 05, 2013
not a game + does not use arrow keys = bad game. 1/5 flag.
Play Funneh Highschool Greeting Card Funneh Highschool Greeting Card Mar. 05, 2013
the only thing that makes this better than other Anti-games is that it has animation.that's it. 1/5+flag+block.
Developer response from Danielson183

1/5+flag+block you...

Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 05, 2013
Holy cow a game that beat kingdom rush in ratings.
Play Caesar's Day Off Caesar's Day Off Mar. 03, 2013
Don't thumbs down this comment. I don't want to be eaten by a lion.
Play Galaxy Life Galaxy Life Mar. 03, 2013
I wish you could queue buildings to be made.
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Feb. 23, 2013
a 6 month break, and when I return, this? dang it KIXEYE!