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Play King's Escape King's Escape May. 15, 2015
Text walkthrough!! That gives an extra point.
Play Treadmillasaurus Rex Treadmillasaurus Rex Apr. 13, 2015
easy badge Feb 25th 2011. Medium badge Apr 13th 2015.. that was hard..
Play Riddle Transfer 2! Riddle Transfer 2! Apr. 04, 2015
the music rocks so bad as it is 2/5
Play Kana Warrior / かなウォリアー Kana Warrior / かなウォリアー Feb. 19, 2015
wtf? why is this badged? I really disliked it despite the good intentions to teach the japanese writing system.
Developer response from Tukkun

Sorry to hear that you disliked it :( If there's something about the game that you feel could be better, please do let me know. If it's just that you don't want to learn the writing system, well, the badge is easy enough and you can likely earn it in below 10 minutes (be glad there isn't a hard badge!).

Play Break the Limits! Break the Limits! Feb. 18, 2015
didnt read lol
Play Raze 3 Raze 3 Feb. 12, 2015
great game. I have no lag, badges work. Thanks for the good work.
Play Drunk Man on the Moon (BETA 1.1) Drunk Man on the Moon (BETA 1.1) Jan. 22, 2015
oddly satisfying, nice music - 3/5
Play Cyber Punkemon Cyber Punkemon Dec. 30, 2014
Kind of Rock Paper Scissors with a twist of cyberpunk. A nice game to let the Decker of a Shadowrun party play while the rest of the crew is having fun whooping ass. anyways 3/5
Play Captain Glasgow's Game Captain Glasgow's Game Dec. 30, 2014
sick shit 10/5
Developer response from CaptainGlasgow

Thanks for the comment, it's my first game that I have posted, watch out for the butchers apron lol, I am on Zello's Glasgow Channel, I made this game to be played for that community as a christmas / New Year present, Tausend dank for giving the game a wee shot. .

Play Escape OF Moon Escape OF Moon Dec. 04, 2014
doesnt load for me
Play Easiest Game On Mars Easiest Game On Mars Dec. 04, 2014
still not fixed :(
Play Cartoon House Escape Cartoon House Escape Oct. 07, 2014
nice loading screen
Play Escape From Physics Laboratory Escape From Physics Laboratory Oct. 06, 2014
i cannot load any of your games!
Play House Escape Using Cellphone House Escape Using Cellphone Oct. 06, 2014
does it load?
Play Easiest Game On Mars Easiest Game On Mars Oct. 05, 2014
kongbot couldnt find the game. that makes it a solid 1/5.
Developer response from tdp4gun

i'll fix it

Play Red and White Red and White Oct. 05, 2014
well done. some things i´d suggest to you for your next project: some interaction would be nice. a simple "click this part of the screen to trigger that script" thing. i loved the mood you tried to create. graphics are ok, they dont matter in a point&click. that 8bit-style is just right. you dont need to waste that much effort in voice-capturing. many ppl play on mute. those that dont, more like a moody tune like the one you used. all in all a solid start and a nice work. great mood, nice little story. oh, some text windows overlap.
Developer response from dragonfreako

Thank you so much for the feedback! Unfortunately the teacher wanted me to add the voice acting despite my wishes. I'm not a video game major, so I will prolly not fix anything in this. Buuut, since I have so much respect for the original creepypasta story, I may come back to this, fix those textboxes. Thank you. :)

Play Horror Wall Escape Horror Wall Escape Sep. 30, 2014
wont load
Play Blood and Mud - Rome Blood and Mud - Rome Sep. 30, 2014
plus the development console pops up every other click.
Developer response from JackF194

do you mind showing me a screen shot

Play Blood and Mud - Rome Blood and Mud - Rome Sep. 30, 2014
you did better which is good. still its hard for a someone who is used to play games of better quality to concentrate on your product for an extended period. First of all id say your choice of colouring the map and troops seems challenging. the contrast makes me nervous. i like your "tutorial" or description ion the main screen though the text boxes could use some bordering (and a darker background colour, if not some graphic). i dont like the troop acquirement dropdown menu. for me its too small, has a contrast that makes my eyes bleed. more later maybe :)
Developer response from JackF194

thx, your the first one that gave me some useful feedback.. this is my frist game

Play  Indian Ancient Room Escape Indian Ancient Room Escape Sep. 29, 2014
wont load