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Play Somnium: Exodus Somnium: Exodus Apr. 17, 2014
setting looks nice, graphics mediocre but it annoys me that it crashes flash after picking up the painkillers. 2/5 at the moment.
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 17, 2014
Those gently bouncing boobs. Nice.
Play The Eternal Rose The Eternal Rose Apr. 15, 2014
wheres the point in finding the items? a story would be nice. 2/5
Play My Old Items My Old Items Apr. 15, 2014
the same items in every picture. repetitive. 2/5
Play Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Apr. 10, 2014
pathetic badge
Play Polar Escape Polar Escape Mar. 17, 2014
neat graphics, easy puzzles, made me want to see more. 4/5
Play Black Asylum Escape Black Asylum Escape Mar. 15, 2014
piano wont yield its secret, 2/5.
Play Robbery on Eldor Street Robbery on Eldor Street Mar. 04, 2014
no intro, no mouse-over, no explanation, no sound effects mute button, no good rating. 2/5
Play YOU are the US Secretary of State YOU are the US Secretary of State Feb. 24, 2014
16/20 on first try doesnt look too bad to me. 5/5 for an entertaining educational game dont either.
Developer response from FibreTigre

Thanks !!

Play Ruby Adventure Ruby Adventure Jan. 15, 2014
alternative controls would be nice. on my keyboard its hard to use "x" and "z". anyways, 3/5. i see your potential.
Play Blackwater Beta Blackwater Beta Dec. 29, 2013
takes much time to load, and does nothing after showing the controls.. plz improve.
Developer response from pinono_

You should press all the arrow keys and spacebar after the controls show. Then the main menu will appear, then you will control a copter.

Play quizy quiz BETA (full version coming soon) quizy quiz BETA (full version coming soon) Dec. 28, 2013
please mind orthography. Also i´d suggest you could use a similar design on every question. Use just one font. But again, check orthography. its annoying to read retard language.
Developer response from xaasxa

Thank you for your suggestion .We appreciate it .I will concentrate on orthography and also add a similar design on each question and use common font . Yea i know it is really annoying to read retard language . Ill fix this ASAP.(I get less time because I am a student.) And once again thanks for suggesting us some bright ideas .We wont embarrass you at all.

Play Like Vampire Like Son Like Vampire Like Son Nov. 18, 2013
fun 10 minutes. 4/5
Play Project Pravus parody Project Pravus parody Oct. 28, 2013
great game, 6/5
Play Humanoid 47 Humanoid 47 Sep. 05, 2013
you must have dropped lots of acid. me gusta!
Play Plumber Pickle Plumber Pickle Aug. 16, 2013
as expected from pastelgames, this game came with a deep athmosphere and fun gameplay.. a bit short maybe.
Play Blue Ray Room Escape Blue Ray Room Escape Aug. 16, 2013
nice timewaster. well done and good beginner difficulty.
Play Dragons Stole My Candy Dragons Stole My Candy Aug. 03, 2013
my arrows cant harm the tutorials skeleton :(
Play The Case of the Mysterious Nazi Smuggler The Case of the Mysterious Nazi Smuggler Aug. 03, 2013
mmh, i didnt expect THAT.
Play Verdun Verdun May. 30, 2013
it looked nice, but it i got annoyed by how long it took to connect to a game so i quit.