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Play Pro-Body Room Escape Pro-Body Room Escape Jul. 25, 2014
oh petee, you can do better. no mouse over effects, no item descriptions, some rather unattractive graphics.. i didnt bother escaping that gym but rather hit the back button to pick another game.
Play Escape Survivor Island Escape Survivor Island Jul. 24, 2014
easy quick nice
Play SLENDIX prototype SLENDIX prototype Jul. 18, 2014
looks interesting but is unplayable for me unless you make a german or english version
Play Astrox Astrox May. 31, 2014
Nice Game. Reminds me of Elite.
Play Tales of Carmelot - The Missing Pot of Gold Tales of Carmelot - The Missing Pot of Gold May. 29, 2014
easy except the mask puzzle which is hard for non native speakers. as expected a fun game.
Play Escape_From_The_Devil's_House Escape_From_The_Devil's_House May. 24, 2014
cant load?
Play J-Tubeus. Steam Adventure J-Tubeus. Steam Adventure May. 16, 2014
nice game, key puzzle looks random.
Play Pirates Pirates May. 16, 2014
bad controls, bad graphics, bad engine. needs badges.
Play aventura de zoe aventura de zoe May. 12, 2014
1/5 for not loading
Play Great House Escape Great House Escape May. 05, 2014
classic from 2009, still a great game. i always loved the athmosphere, graphics, puzzles and style.
Play Somnium: Exodus Somnium: Exodus Apr. 17, 2014
setting looks nice, graphics mediocre but it annoys me that it crashes flash after picking up the painkillers. 2/5 at the moment.
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 17, 2014
Those gently bouncing boobs. Nice.
Play The Eternal Rose The Eternal Rose Apr. 15, 2014
wheres the point in finding the items? a story would be nice. 2/5
Play My Old Items My Old Items Apr. 15, 2014
the same items in every picture. repetitive. 2/5
Play Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Apr. 10, 2014
pathetic badge
Play Polar Escape Polar Escape Mar. 17, 2014
neat graphics, easy puzzles, made me want to see more. 4/5
Play Black Asylum Escape Black Asylum Escape Mar. 15, 2014
piano wont yield its secret, 2/5.
Play Robbery on Eldor Street Robbery on Eldor Street Mar. 04, 2014
no intro, no mouse-over, no explanation, no sound effects mute button, no good rating. 2/5
Play YOU are the US Secretary of State YOU are the US Secretary of State Feb. 24, 2014
16/20 on first try doesnt look too bad to me. 5/5 for an entertaining educational game dont either.
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Play Ruby Adventure Ruby Adventure Jan. 15, 2014
alternative controls would be nice. on my keyboard its hard to use "x" and "z". anyways, 3/5. i see your potential.