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Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder Jul. 27, 2015
@Weedo77 so because you decided to cheat, you can't enjoy the game like the rest of us? You're pretty stupid.
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder Jun. 21, 2015
@ghoulslayer2253 Downvotes are for any comment that someone thinks is bad. That's the only requirement. You can vote however you want; I'm going to keep downvoting any suggestions which I think are bad, questions that have been answered dozens of times, and problems that no one here can do anything about.
Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods Oct. 10, 2014
I notice that when I'm on the "Create" screen, my CPU usage goes up to 2-3 times what it otherwise is. Is there something special happening on that screen to require so much more processing?
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Oct. 02, 2014
When I first saw the new layout, I pretty much hated it, but it's grown on me surprisingly fast. There are still obviously some issues to work out, but the new content in the update more than makes up for any complaints I have :)
Play Idle Blacksmith Idle Blacksmith Sep. 21, 2014
@scorchx There's a button just below the game that says "Game Bug". The only reason to post them in the comments section is if you think that people who have nothing to do with the game will somehow be better able to fix the issue than the game's developers. And basically every question that gets voted down is answered in the game instructions, or has been asked and answered in the comments multiple times already. There may be some stupidity here, but it's coming from the people who can't be bothered to read, not the people who downvote worthless comments.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Aug. 29, 2014
@MagicFubu I was assuming the jumpiness of the bar was by design, to keep it from being too easy. If it moved consistently, it would be pretty trivial to get almost full safely. This way, it's a much riskier and more difficult ability.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 30, 2014
HyperHippoGames, you guys are awesome. It's really amazing to see developers be this involved with a game after it's initial release.
Developer response from HyperHippoGames

We love it! You guys are crazy awesome, and we love hearing back from you. :)

Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 27, 2014
@AtlasRedux Or maybe it's just because it's been commented on dozens (if not hundreds) of times already. The developers know it's an issue, and they're working on it. Spamming the comment section doesn't help anything. Plus, given that it's a bug, people should be using the report bug feature, not the comment section.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 26, 2014
@johnsmitzerhoven not when you have quadrillions of angel investors (or more). Then a trillion angel investors is a negligible loss whereas 11x income is a massive boost.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 20, 2014
@RayleighH, if you know your computer is prone to crashes, maybe you should frequently export your data so you don't have to restart.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 16, 2014
@Egnar - It's only misleading if you're not smart enough to read it.
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 17, 2014
I like the game so far, especially the RPG elements. But the game still feels somewhat unpolished (plenty of other people have already covered every complaint I have). If you can keep working on it, and fix the issues it has, then this could be one of the better idle game out there.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 08, 2014
@Jomkiro Downvotes are how people say they disagree with something, not condemnation of you for making a comment. If you take it personally every time someone on the internet disagrees with you, you're going to have a bad time.
Play Three Body Problem Three Body Problem Dec. 13, 2012
What do you mean I've been doing this for an hour already?