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Apr. 12, 2016

Rating: 4

Fun Fact: translated to German you actually called yourself something like "Wankgames". No pun intended.

There is no game

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Mar. 08, 2016

Rating: 2188

There is a MAGE. But wait, no, there isn't. What else could there be? A TOME? No. When there is no MAGE, there is no TOME. A TRAM? No, I need to go up, not sideways. On that damn tree. It must be bigger. Ha! I just fly! AERO! No use. Maybe ROME? Rome, dumbass, no wrong. All ways lead to Rome, not upwards. Hm. A MATE would be helpful. Skip that tree, help me up right away. But hell, no, how could I be so naive thinking the dev would reward my creativity? Damn. Why did I create that GOAT to begin with? I think, I just leave. Through that GATE. But there is no gate. I am starving. Some tasty MEAT, maybe? *sigh* No, Dev seems to be vegetarian. I am cold. A TOGA! No, no ROME, no TOGA. I could make the tree GRO, if I would only have a W. I try to get angry, but that is hard to accomplish without RAGE. At least, that Dev was right. This is no game, not without GORE. I’ll gonna tie myself to this large heavy looking chalice and drown myself in the river. Good bye world! *gargling sounds*

Raiders took my dog

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Mar. 01, 2016

Rating: 1

Ok. Understood. Good Game. BUT WHERE THE HECK IS MY F**KING DOG???

Midas' Gold Plus

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Feb. 17, 2016

Rating: 1

Just two words: AWE SOME!

Swords and Souls

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Jan. 08, 2016

Rating: 1

Hey Soul, unbelievable. I never said that before, but you have definitly done everything so goddamn right. Thank you for ytealing a work day. Keep it up!

Developer response from SoulGame

That's quite an epic statement! Thank you

Destination Kepler

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Jan. 07, 2016

Rating: 2

Funny Ending! Thx for that!

Destination Kepler

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Jan. 07, 2016

Rating: 0

No achievments? That is so sad...

Submachine 10: the Exit

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Jan. 04, 2016

Rating: 0

That was hard! But awesome. Thank you for all those years!

Zombie And Juliet

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Nov. 23, 2015

Rating: 4

come on, such a nice game, but flying enemies are impossible to kill without special.

AdVenture Capitalist

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Oct. 30, 2015

Rating: 4

no halloween event, all my in-game purchases are gone and support does not answer. Come on, what happended to you guys? We have all been faithful players. Are you leaving us behind???

Cube Escape: Case 23

Play Cube Escape: Case 23

Aug. 11, 2015

Rating: 1

I love the series. This is so Naked Lunch!

Trimps Preview

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Jul. 02, 2015

Rating: 2

ok. another idle, I said. That was 5 hours ago. You did an awesome job. ToDos: Give us some statistics. And I would like to see how exactly gyms behave with trainers. I virtually put everything in there. In the beginning, it was ok. But now I feel its futile to ad more. The balancing needs some tweaks as well and I would like to see what map has a book at the end of it before engaging in combat, Plus I did not get the idea on those map fragments. 5/5 anyway!

Bear in Super Action Adventure

Play Bear in Super Action Adventure

Jun. 22, 2015

Rating: 0

When the mouse leaves the play screen the bear sticks to his position at the left side. That sucks. Not only for the poor bear.

Transport Defender

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Jun. 05, 2015

Rating: 1

Oh the humanity... Has one ever thought that those ships are survivors of an epic catastrophe on their homeplanet? Peaceful? They do not shoot a single bullet at you. Never mind. Shoot first, ask questions later...


Play Blackmarket

May. 26, 2015

Rating: 8

Hm. Is the factory online yet or not? I have the experience but I see no button to unlock it?!? Even not after softreset.

Mu Complex : Episode Two

Play Mu Complex : Episode Two

May. 12, 2015

Rating: 1

Only ONE word: Friggin awesome!

AdVenture Capitalist

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Apr. 01, 2015

Rating: 4

Something does not work right when importing and exporting on different machines, especially when importing over a pre-moon save, nothing happens! Pls, look into it!

Swarm Simulator

Play Swarm Simulator

Mar. 31, 2015

Rating: 3

Man, you really got me there with those cats.

(BETA) AdVenture Capitalist

Play (BETA) AdVenture Capitalist

Mar. 23, 2015

Rating: 2

You sure you want to keep that "press space get tons of money" thing?

AdVenture Capitalist

Play AdVenture Capitalist

Mar. 16, 2015

Rating: 6

The EZ Upgrader looks awful when there is nothing more left to upgrade...