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Play AdVenture Capitalist (Moon - Closed Beta) AdVenture Capitalist (Moon - Closed Beta) Jan. 28, 2015
I just bought the first moon express unlock at 35. But the x5 effect only kicks in with buying lvl 36. I do not know if it behaves the same with the others.
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Jan. 19, 2015
Nothing makes my day more pleasant than such an artful presented "You Rock!"
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Jan. 19, 2015
SandWICH, ROFLLOL, I just shat my pants...
Play Last Town Last Town Jan. 09, 2015
I put all of my gold exactly in the crew mix that does NOT appear on the "leave behind" choosing. Without the possibility to respec I would have to start all over again.
Play Last Town Last Town Jan. 09, 2015
I donot feel that the passive healing skill actually heals anyone...
Play circloO circloO Dec. 08, 2014
Really cool game. My fingers hurt and my whole body tries to push the ball for the last bit of thrust...
Play DungeonUp DungeonUp Nov. 28, 2014
Nice, but, please: Make it BIGGER!
Play MadBurger 3 MadBurger 3 Nov. 25, 2014
Additiuonally to the other comments is has some probs on effects. EG, while having the gun and running into cards I waste a shot for picking the right card, same goes for lasso.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 18, 2014
You really should add smthg for real money that gives a lifetime boost, lets say the 2x money or xp lasts forever und you charge 10 to 15 bucks or so.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 17, 2014
I am taken aback! Wonderful game. A real Phoenix from the ashes. Berzerk is dead, long live Berzerk! One thing, though: How do I sell weapons?
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Oct. 06, 2014
I feel that my economy starts to be solely based on treasure chests from level 1k onwards. That feels a bit out of place, waiting for those treasure chests to spill platin coins so I can upgrade my heroes a few levels more
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Sep. 12, 2014
Need new upgrades, need new achievements, new incentives. You got me hooked for weeks now but atm there is simply not any more to do for me. Hurry up, do not let me off the hook!
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Aug. 07, 2014
I am out of upgrades. The world is mine. What about the solar system? Or even the universe itself? I simply cannot stop here. No way, Jose.
Play Mad Truck Challenge Mad Truck Challenge Aug. 06, 2014
Please make z=y! I am using a QWERTY keyboard, like millions of others outside the US.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Aug. 05, 2014
I would like the cash per second pe cli8ckable to change to per minute / per hour / per day. Also I would like to have and aggregated measurement, when all cash per upgrades are bought. Keep up the awesome work. Best idle game ever!
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Aug. 01, 2014
Well, to that very day you released the game, I would not even know that a figure like quinquadecillion even existed. Thank you for giving back a meaning to my petty life...
Play Auto Turret Auto Turret Jul. 30, 2014
The game is terribly imba. ATM I make 19 millions per minute for killing baddies and 712 million per miute for just waiting and collecting cash packages. Tell me, what should I upgrade?
Play Candy Thieves Candy Thieves Jul. 29, 2014
The aiming is gruesome. And the fact that a reset takes to long and resets your cannon to default position does not help either. The levels although are nicely done and are challenging.
Play Duck Tub Battle Duck Tub Battle Jun. 17, 2014
I like it. The time stop features gives a nice twist, other than that it is like frantic frigates. It lacks the possibility to start with better perks, once you have reached a certain stage and die. You should add permanent upgrades or start with a certain amount of money. The replay value would be considerably higher. 4/5
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 17, 2014
I am batteling fierce rabbits for 2 hours now and found 2 wood and 1 leather... Raise the odds a bit, will you, please?