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Play Hell, Yeah! Hell, Yeah! Dec. 26, 2010
@DarkEld3r - The mute's at the bottom left of the screen.
Play Hell, Yeah! Hell, Yeah! Dec. 23, 2010
@Tolrick - Sorry that the game got stuck for you there. Using the tornado when the pizza is thrown at the wall will cause the pizza to fly back at Caesar and leave him stunned. Once he's stunned, you can attack him with any weapon. Please let us know if this isn't happening.
Play Hell, Yeah! Hell, Yeah! Dec. 22, 2010
@WanderingHero - Glad you liked the game, and sorry you didn't enjoy that level. Right now, the barrels explode when you use the magnifier on them. You're right, though - logically, the catapults should cause them to explode too. We'll add that in the next update, thanks! @ZAYNEKINKADE - Glad you enjoyed the game :) @weBORG - Thanks for the comments on the story. It's meant to be very light - we pictured Moses as the Nick Fury-esque guide to the protagonist and wrote the story around that :).
Play Hell, Yeah! Hell, Yeah! Dec. 22, 2010
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Glad you're enjoying the game :). @jeanlouiscap Thanks for the comment about the gestures. We did try a lot of different options for the gestures, but found that 1 or 2 would inevitably end up getting mixed up for each other, especially when the game was being played fast. This is made harder because different people draw gestures slightly differently. We'll definitely keep your feedback in mind, though, and try and tweak the gestures further to minimize the mix-ups. Thanks again for pointing it out.
Play Hell, Yeah! Hell, Yeah! Dec. 22, 2010
Hope you enjoy the game :). We'll be monitoring the comments, so please post feedback you have (or if you find anything that doesn't work). We'll try and incorporate your feedback and fix any bugs as soon as possible. Thanks!