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Mar 17, 2012 11:30am

Hey Retard, ur a stupid 13 year old, stud fucck haha what a fuccking loser.

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Nov 1, 2011 11:48am

Hey Retard, feels great to be called one doesn’t it? No? Then how about you shut your cakehole just because a developer creates a game without music so we can play our own doesn’t make them as shallow minded as you.

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Aug 18, 2009 7:52pm

your right about endless war and stuff =)

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Jun 23, 2009 7:04pm

I alrdy did

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May 16, 2009 11:44am

Thx man. Ive been tryin to remember that for ages! bout drove me crazy. i knew it had bank in it, or heist but thanx!