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Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons Mar. 11, 2013
this game is pretty cool, but why have a server time out? im waiting for my stuff to recover when i suddendly have to refresh the page
Play Basic Unity Playground Basic Unity Playground Dec. 10, 2011
i dont quite get whats going on, but its quite exellent, especially for a crappy computer like mine :P
Play Space Arcade (the game!) Space Arcade (the game!) Jun. 01, 2011
its touhou without a story :)
Play Tag Attack Tag Attack May. 23, 2011
classic. starts to get good at lvl 5
Play Enigma of the Mind Enigma of the Mind Mar. 18, 2011
just one do i lose? im kidding! this is the first vertical shooter ive ever seen that accually has someone walking forward with a gun. it would be awsome if u could add a story to this. to tell u the truth, i think i hav the perfect story for u...
Play Super Mario Remix Super Mario Remix Mar. 18, 2011
it looks very much incomplete. the controls are simple, but have an annoying delay. plus, jumps way too low for a run-and-jump. it looks very good, please finish!
Play QBCube QBCube Feb. 17, 2011
Fire the grill!! wait, its not BBQCube?
Play Escape from really boring island Escape from really boring island Feb. 17, 2011
not even worth an epic fail...
Play Raptor Jesus VS Chuck Norris Raptor Jesus VS Chuck Norris Feb. 17, 2011
...and why FF7 music?
Play Raptor Jesus VS Chuck Norris Raptor Jesus VS Chuck Norris Feb. 17, 2011
...did i miss something?
Play IntoSpace! IntoSpace! Nov. 13, 2010
since when was wind a problem, IN SPACE!?
Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Nov. 01, 2010
Play The Unfair Platformer The Unfair Platformer Oct. 29, 2010
Play RADiancE RADiancE Oct. 29, 2010
awsm! i really dont think it could get any harder, not saying that its easy
Play Momiga Momiga Oct. 28, 2010
im impressed. and thats hard to do with minimalist games. well done!
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Oct. 27, 2010
woohoo! holloween equipment!
Play Wings of Genesis Wings of Genesis Oct. 14, 2010
wow... it has 777 favorited
Play Cursor Fx Cursor Fx Oct. 13, 2010
green dots progress you more than red dots, so collecting greens in a horde of reds is accually beneficial
Play Get Home Get Home Oct. 13, 2010
seriously? after all of those chemicals and traveling you lose? and when you dont use the chemicals and just move forward the entire game is over before the song really begins. now THAT is proper level building
Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Oct. 07, 2010
98 out of 99...ho hum...