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Play Level Level May. 10, 2013
help with lvl 2 please :(
Play Fight the Fork Lift! Fight the Fork Lift! Feb. 24, 2013
too easy i wet through all the difficulties without dieing once
Play GeoSketch GeoSketch Feb. 08, 2013
840 -28 111111
Play Elly The Robot Elly The Robot Jan. 27, 2013
who is the girl you know?????????
Play Unity Freeroam Unity Freeroam Jan. 27, 2013
when it says a huge world i thought it would be huge
Play Just A Dream Just A Dream Jan. 09, 2013
does this have a description in english
Play Dreamland Dreamland Jan. 03, 2013
whats supposed to happen when you unlock the box?
Developer response from JamieHickman2

You take the compass and note which then allows you to progress further. The instructions do tell you that the F key is interact. Use that to open it.

Play Dreamland Dreamland Jan. 02, 2013
did i lose when i walked to the ute?
Developer response from JamieHickman2

Yeah, it has a trigger event near the hill that causes a 10 second timer. After the 10 second countdown ends, the gun shot sound is triggered and restarts the level. I have been looking for a sound clip, or need to create my own which gives the player a warning. Thanks for reminding me.

Play Lucky Tower 2 Lucky Tower 2 Dec. 07, 2012
the talking takes forever
Play Red Arrows Red Arrows Sep. 14, 2012
i got 140
Play Basic Evolution GOTW2 Basic Evolution GOTW2 Aug. 31, 2012
why is my sperm moving back wards
Play Flash goo Flash goo Aug. 31, 2012
pull obamas eyebrows up and animate real fast