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Learn to Fly 3

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Feb. 27, 2016

Rating: -2

even on low everything, there's too much lag for it to be playable...

Last Town

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Feb. 05, 2015

Rating: 2

it quickly became bullshit with the enemy having too many ranged units with too long range. also decision makes no different.

Idle Web Tycoon

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Jul. 18, 2014

Rating: 0

naming your site "porn" should instantly give you infinite views

Mighty Knight

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Apr. 30, 2014

Rating: 3

it was a 4 star game before i got to the final boss ... now it's a 1 star

Mighty Knight

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Apr. 30, 2014

Rating: 0

all heroes fully upgraded and all boosts bought to max yet i still can't even get the final boss down to even half hp...

Mighty Knight

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Apr. 22, 2014

Rating: 2

i don't understand the "Max lvl X" on challenges. what's the point of even leveling up? i could just be automatically matched to the strenght of the monsters. that would eliminate the annoying grind if you're too weak for a stage. 2/5

Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go!

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Apr. 21, 2014

Rating: 1

i got to 1.5mil on my first try before i decided to give up to see if there was upgrades. there wasn't. it's a bit too easy...

Cover Orange: Journey. Pirates

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Apr. 15, 2014

Rating: -7

still as boring as ever...

Flood Runner 4

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Apr. 14, 2014

Rating: 10

keycombo with mouse is retarded...

Loot Heroes

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Mar. 21, 2014

Rating: 0

besides the many bugs regarding item sets not working, this really is too easy... first character i picked was the demon. i quickly got the Frozen stone and at level 5 i got 99% critical hit chance (or i broke the game somehow) cause every hit i make is a critical. so even when completely swarmed i kill about 5 monsters with one hit, regenerating life and Sp for each monster. I believe some balancing is needed

Learn to Fly Idle

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Mar. 18, 2014

Rating: 2

when reaching a certain point on Max shots i think it should change into a timer or stamina bar which when full you can just press and hold the mouse button for rapid fire for a few seconds.

Developer response from light_bringer777

That's actually not a bad idea. Not sure if I could implement it in this one though, but I like the concept.

Learn to Fly Idle

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Mar. 18, 2014

Rating: 9

with the conbination of upgraiding launchpower and researching distance-closing, you should get a different cannon

Flappy Bird Flash

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Feb. 15, 2014

Rating: -1

so much rip-off of other games yet this becomes famous... the stupidity of bitches is unbelievable...

OFFS3T game

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Feb. 15, 2014

Rating: -11

why make a game like this? not only is it easy enough that even an unborn goldfish could through it without any problems, the pictures aren't even your own...


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Jan. 24, 2014

Rating: -2

a bit on the easy side... i see no problem with the background though

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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Jan. 12, 2014

Rating: 0

why buy it on steam for a ridiculous amount when i can just play it for free here?

Catchy Orbit

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Jan. 08, 2014

Rating: 0

i convert all balls but doesn't get 3 stars?

Into Space 3: Xmas Story

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Dec. 25, 2013

Rating: -4

this... is shit... kthxbye

Free Jelly

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Dec. 02, 2013

Rating: -2

"if hitted" <-- this is wrong

Developer response from charstudio

Right, changed that. thanks!

Stormy Castle

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Nov. 22, 2013

Rating: 2

retardedly unbalanced... im sure it's actually a decent game but im not going to play it when enemy completely destroys me despite me having everything upgraded (4th stage). 1 star