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Play Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality Jul. 21, 2011
Wow took me forever to complete Monkey Emancipator! So frustrating on some parts!! Good game though!
Play Goin Up Goin Up Jul. 12, 2011
Sliding down a wall to an enemy that you stand on and hit causes your character to freeze. Be careful of this! Really fun game though! Im not even worried about upgrading! I just like smashing stuff haha 5/5
Play Kick Out Bieber Kick Out Bieber Jun. 21, 2011
The game glitched because i got a water bottle and gangster at the same time haha How was the not made sooner?! I love it!
Play Clarence's Big Chance Clarence's Big Chance Feb. 23, 2011
I was wondering why cops were randomly shooting at me so I ran inside a building, killed an old man, and took his money...
Play No Time To Explain No Time To Explain Jan. 28, 2011
Am I the only who was reminded of "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOOOOOOOR!" I mean it looks like- AHHHHHH I'M NEVER GONNA BE ABLE TO DANCE AGAIN, MOM!! NEVER AGAIN! AAGH HA AHH!!!!!
Play Mass Mayhem 2 Mass Mayhem 2 Dec. 12, 2010
Music sounds like Symfo by Rank 1 haha
Play Steambirds: Survival Steambirds: Survival Dec. 09, 2010
Bombs are really good later on when more planes are charging at you! The Bart-B14 is a good plane to buy near the beginning because the 180 ability is great for collecting powerups (and getting more copper)
Play Neon Race Neon Race Dec. 08, 2010
A good medium badge or just a built in achievement would be really fast times e.g. less than 1 minute on the first level (its possible). Otherwise this was really fun! I love the 3-D feel but 2-D basics! 5/5
Play Anbot Anbot Nov. 30, 2010
I'm sure at the time this factory was being made there were a lot of skeptics about a security plan that involved robotic scorpions, lizards, and crocodiles.... So they threw in the design to have doors controlled by basic puzzles and a line of vehicles perfectly made for an escapee. And for show they also threw in a UFO...
Play The game Where You Earn So Many Points By Doing Almost Nothing in 30 Seconds The game Where You Earn So Many Points By Doing Almost Nothing in 30 Seconds Sep. 11, 2010
It would be a lot more fun if it was easier... holding space for 30 seconds?! thats ridiculous! My hand cramps at the mere thought... haha
Play Little Stars for Little Wars Little Stars for Little Wars Jul. 21, 2010
Ugh every time there's a three color level, one color gives out to the other so quickly and leaves me out numbered!
Play Best Friends Forever 3 Best Friends Forever 3 Jul. 21, 2010
On level 32, if you put one miner crouched by the breakable rock wall and send another one up the geyser, he will just disappear! and then the game freezes :(
Play Seven Deadly Sins Seven Deadly Sins Jul. 17, 2010
5/5 for the Call On Me by Eric Prydz song playing in the gym!!! If you dont get it, look up the music video on youtube!!
Play Pixelotl Pixelotl Jul. 17, 2010
Yay! The cake ISN'T a lie!! :D
Play Pixelotl Pixelotl Jul. 13, 2010
Kinda sad when your only motivation to save your friends is for a party
Play Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle Jul. 05, 2010
Well today i saw a dog shooting two SMGs into the air, and I thought how odd it was... Then a turtle flew by with a rocket on its back...
Play Subject: Mo Subject: Mo Jul. 05, 2010
Dude... i wanna jump off bullets... :(
Play Galaxy Jumper Galaxy Jumper Jul. 05, 2010
I just found it very frustrating in later levels where you had to shoot tiny planets across the screen in such short time... In turned to a game of luck rather than strategy
Play Coma Coma Jul. 05, 2010
Not trying to take away from this amazing game but I would like to thank anyone who voted positive on my comment! Its very appreciated!!
Play Coma Coma Jul. 05, 2010
NetMonster proposes a nice idea with the car accident... and the fat guy you popped could be his airbag that inflated... but i feel like the sister has died before this and you're trying to get to her to see her again because at the end it says his eyes are opening and then "you'lle see me soon" like he'll die eventually and will reunite with her. I do think he survived now. The Mama Gombossa has me confused... The atmosphere around her makes her feel like a goddess... but she's located in Shill Bend which means she may be the opposite? Confusing... Ive played this game at least five times now. Very entertaining