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Play Zombies, Inc. Zombies, Inc. Mar. 06, 2012
ive played this game a few times and i found a bug. when you max your income bonus and then get the 3rd employee upgrade the $ dives into the red and same day give you the bankrupt game over. it doesnt happen every time but it (for me) happened 1/3rd the time over all the game is great just a couple bugs to work out.
Play Stickshot 2 Stickshot 2 Aug. 31, 2011
its nice to see a sniper game that requires some skill to play. you have to actually try with this game.
Play BeGone: Guerra BeGone: Guerra Aug. 09, 2011
this game can go far. i would love to see this without the Kong limitations on it (file size). also to the people having problems, clear your cookies and stuff. make sure YOU have a good connection, (if your internet is slow make sure as few things are online) try turning down the detail, dont be running several programs at once... basic stuff people. also check the bottom line of the "instructions" + this to keep it alive
Play Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark Aug. 04, 2011
the kid that made this needs help, the game is Trash
Play Synapsis 2 Synapsis 2 Aug. 02, 2011
i love this game, the first was good and this one is a little better, i love the strangeness of it all. cant wait for the next part
Play Touch me NOW! Touch me NOW! Jul. 10, 2011
Play The worst game ever The worst game ever Jul. 10, 2011
no i will not give you a 5/5 so youll make a good game. how about you make a good game THEN ill give you a good rating. this is a bad way to gain attention. + this if you want to see the game removed.
Play First Person Puzzle First Person Puzzle Jul. 10, 2011
its a good start, a little too much going on at once so the game lags a little. was fun to play and i like how you have to walk around to spot the stuff
Play Platformer Platformer Jun. 24, 2011
one level of not very good shooting. not worth the time to play it
Play Sierra 7 Sierra 7 Jun. 11, 2011
a good game, needs a little work, i had some problems, buttons kept locking up, like i was holding the button down, never happened on other games. the stick guys need some detail and the game NEEDS a take cover button (space bar) overall its a great game but too short.
Play Sine Rider Sine Rider Jun. 08, 2011
i like the potential this game has. it needs some finalization. something to counteract lag a little would help. i would love to see this have more music styles and other ships
Play Distress Signal Distress Signal Jun. 08, 2011
i like the oldschool feel of this. i like it
Play The Return of Ollopo The Return of Ollopo Jun. 08, 2011
again, report this and the creator
Play Physics Demos Physics Demos Jun. 08, 2011
ill give you credit for getting it to work. its interesting to mess around with but its too bad 99% of the children on this site will complain because... 1 they dont get it. 2 they dont want to see ANYTHING school related. 3 they wont read the description that its not a game like i said for a physics engine it works. as a starting point increase the number over the arrows or put in a desmal for the gravity
Play Hardest Racing Game 2 Hardest Racing Game 2 Jun. 06, 2011
1) you uploaded the first one just a little while ago, they are both under the "new" games 2) the bike keeps breaking, the susspension buckles and the guy/body end up under the wheels 3) its not that hard if you take your time 4) skip,skip,skip,skip,skip,skip,skip,skip,skip,skip, YOU WIN! (try it if you dont believe me)
Play Hardest Racing Game Hardest Racing Game Jun. 06, 2011
kinda easy after you get used to it. also i broke the bike on lvl 8. the frame is under the wheels
Play 14 locks 14 locks Jun. 06, 2011
its an ok game, the jump button is space, and did help when i got hung up on steps and whatnot. needs some final work. i did like how the numbers are given to you in verious ways, better than some games like this.
Play Smash N Crash Derby Smash N Crash Derby Jun. 02, 2011
it was fun but you should add saves and when you die you should restart that level not from the begining. i lost intrest after my 2nd death. music is good tho
Play Battleship Blast! Battleship Blast! Jun. 02, 2011
1 cant turn to save my life 2 LAG CANNONS, try it youll see what i mean 3 2 guys at once kill you b4 you get 3 shots off 4 can we get upgrades and whatnot or just run the same boat, every time, all the time
Play DarkOrbit DarkOrbit Jun. 01, 2011
1 i dont want to pay so im stuck with throwing rocks as my attack 2 the overpowered players flying around in the first areas killing any lower lvl player is annoying 3 the game wont save my file 4 this game has potential but refuses to use it unless you spend $50 then when you have the stuff worth getting the game gets boring. attack, pick up rock, attack, sell rock...