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Play Axon Axon Mar. 24, 2012
This is brilliant. Fun AND educational! At first, I was thinking..."Hmm, what's this about then?" Then I played it. I enjoyed the challenge to it! And then, to top it off, links to wiki pages about the science! Fantastic all around!
Play Midas Midas Jan. 16, 2012
The credits level - It's the story of Midas...no matter how hard you try, you will never get the girl.
Play Can You Kill The Pokemon? (mobile) Can You Kill The Pokemon? (mobile) Jan. 27, 2011
not really a game....waste of time
Play Chat!! Chat!! Jan. 27, 2011
does nothing. useless.
Play Hamster Race [mobile] Hamster Race [mobile] Jan. 27, 2011
completely unplayable. should be removed until fixed.
Play Star Fall Star Fall Jun. 12, 2010
Way to fast to actually have any kind of strategy. You basically can't react fast enough to do anything other than just let the game scroll along. Decent enough concept for a simple game, but needs more (other than the speed adjustment).
Play Hexplode Hexplode Aug. 10, 2009
Not to bad. Needs a bit more in the instructions to make it totally understandable, but if you play it a bit you can start to see the strategy to it. Need to work on the AI a slight bit more if possible.
Play Rabbit Wants Cake Rabbit Wants Cake Jul. 21, 2009
This was a fantastic game. Excellent use of tweaking your recorded movements. Challenge kept going up on each level. Thanks for something I found very entertaining!
Play Maze Game Maze Game Mar. 24, 2009
Not to bad. Unlike TsarBomba here, I liked that you put in the questions to remember for later levels. You need to learn how to make it so you can't click and move through the walls (or right click too). Keep improving. One day you'll have a game that makes the weekly top list! :)
Play Snake Game Snake Game Mar. 24, 2009
Need to do something about being able to pass through the walls. Might also want to give a moments pause after they click start so a person can get their hands on the keys. Perhaps also fill in the snake so it's easier to see. The color scheme choosen kinda hurts the eyes. Keep trying! You'll get a great game some day. :)
Play Frontline Defense Beta 2 Frontline Defense Beta 2 Mar. 20, 2009
I like the game and it has great potential, but like everyone has said, you really need to look into balance issues. I've now made it that I can beat most any stage with 1 machine gun. Build up the speed bonus all the way first, then play the stages over again using less guns. Build the damage bonus. Then money bonus. Then Range bonus. Gets to the point that you can decimate everything with just 1 machine gun.
Play Iron Serpent : Defense Iron Serpent : Defense Mar. 20, 2009
Further, it'd be nice to have a moment pause at the start of the game so you can actually set something up. As well, I also suggest displaying how much each upgrade costs so you're not sitting there waiting for the Upgrade button to light up...not knowing how long you have to wait.
Play Iron Serpent : Defense Iron Serpent : Defense Mar. 20, 2009
Needs some better targeting AI. If the towers have picked a target, but then somethign farther along the track comes in range, they don't switch to kill the biggest threat,
Play Coded Hallway Coded Hallway Mar. 20, 2009
Unlike a lot of these folks here, I actually enjoied this. It made me actually do some work to figure out some of the answers. well done! 4/5
Play Interactive Buddy Interactive Buddy Feb. 23, 2009
someone didn't listed to the warning they got in November about uploading stolen games....
Play Spiderman: City Raid Spiderman: City Raid Feb. 23, 2009
This is a stolen game.
Play Shore Siege! Shore Siege! Nov. 07, 2008
Might want to add into the directions that the purpose is to "repair" your ship the 10 times. That way, people know what it takes to win the game. I cam across it completely on accident when I wanted to actually regain my health between stages.
Play SHIFT 3 SHIFT 3 Oct. 31, 2008
It was great until Mel Gibson....of all the secret characters to have. Figures.
Play Bloons Tower Defense 3 Bloons Tower Defense 3 Oct. 07, 2008
I had at first given this a 5/5, but then discovered that the locked content couldn't be unlocked here at Kongregate. This is a major diasppointment and caused me to knock it down to 2/5. (I reserve 1/5 for those utter crappy games that deserve it.) Great game. Just sad about the locked content.
Play Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Sep. 12, 2008
Being that I know the person that actually MADE this game and you just put it up here on Kongregate without their permission.....1/5 and flagged for being stolen.