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Play Apocalypse City: Last Stand Apocalypse City: Last Stand Jul. 20, 2015
Lots of work need 2 be done here ;-)
Developer response from mijikaigames

Yes the game is still in development. Please do share your thoughts on features you would like to see. Thanks!

Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Apr. 23, 2015
I am happy and back - saves seem to work again - do not ask me how and why. But everythings fine again! Thanks to the active developers! Good job guys
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Apr. 19, 2015
I was running this game for quite a while now... And now, after a forced reload it tells me that my Browser is not support - yet it works - but saves are gone... not time qubes? no nothing! wtf? Good bye
Developer response from Kenzie55

Save is not lost. Here's all the details for what changed, why and how to get your save http://www.reddit.com/r/TimeClickers/comments/32r0uk/webgl_your_save_file/

Play Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral May. 27, 2013
Loved it!
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 04, 2012
Make the Info screens skippable faster. Game starts to get slow after a while! For the rest: I love those games... Thx
Developer response from BarbarianGames

Result is skippable, slowdown fixed.

Play Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2 Jul. 08, 2012
too short
Play The Fairyland Massacre The Fairyland Massacre Mar. 07, 2012
Nice game - splatter my sisters toy box - achievement unlocked!
Play Creeper World: User Space Creeper World: User Space Oct. 09, 2011
one go, one win! gotcha all! Thank for that game 5/5!
Play Feed Us Feed Us Sep. 06, 2011
i get either stuck or the browser crashes... nice game but much too buggy - and add a blood thirsty level at the beach :-)
Play Quadrus Quadrus Dec. 16, 2010
I've to go to work - but can't stop playing.... very addictive - 5/5