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Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 25, 2014
Hmm, that game description is quite familiar :P
Play Lexicopolis: A-B-City Lexicopolis: A-B-City Jun. 26, 2014
Wow, what a creative idea!
Play Run 3 Run 3 Jun. 08, 2014
Can you sell the permission to refer to power cells as triangles? I know batteries are cool and all, but I prefer triangles. I will gladly pay 5000 triangles... I mean, power cells for that.
Play Remnants of Skystone Remnants of Skystone May. 02, 2014
R.I.P Remnants of Skystone. I don't play this anymore, but sad to hear it's going.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 21, 2014
best game ever 6/5
Play Flappy You Flappy You Feb. 06, 2014
For people who encountered weird issues when playing this game, refreshing to the latest version should fix the problem. I wanted to test several new mechanics, including encryption and collision detection - and I figured I should make a new "game" anyway, so I finally decided to make this. It took like 6 hours. Enjoy!
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Nov. 30, 2013
Play PicTune PicTune Aug. 14, 2013
This game was fun until I saw a word spelled out. Still 5/5 for nice concept though.
Play Newest Test Newest Test Jul. 17, 2013
It's just a box. How about you test the game before publishing it?
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Jun. 21, 2013
I'm currently gathering feedback about the new Boost system. Rate + this comment if you prefer the new Boost system, or – this comment if you prefer the old one. Also, tell me how the new Boost system has changed your game, and suggest how it can be improved!
Play Mushroom Cloud Mushroom Cloud Jun. 07, 2013
So what's the name of this game? :\
Play ... :D ... :D May. 24, 2013
I can't say I liked this game, but that was some really clever level design with surprisingly few elements. 5/5
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash May. 08, 2013
What makes you think it's a paper door? It's obviously some dangerous stuff disguised.
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash May. 07, 2013
It's an iOS game ported to be compatible with Kongregate, with no adjustments made. The menus still use the annoying drag/drop control scheme, and the grinding is tedious (for iOS games it's okay because you can bring them anywhere, but for PC games it's different, also there's no IAPs). But since the porting worked quite well (I haven't seen any bugs so far), and for the effort put into it, I give this game a 4/5.
Play Linx Linx May. 03, 2013
You actually have to FOLLOW the tutorial and intentionally fail at times. I was confused at first too. Just read what it asks you to do and do it.
Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. Apr. 25, 2013
Even if there's a mute button, don't use it. You're missing out.
Play Hands of War 3 Hands of War 3 Apr. 06, 2013
I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.
Play Minecraft Minesweeper Minecraft Minesweeper Mar. 24, 2013
Would be nice if you can see the requirements for crafting the items. Not everyone plays Minecraft to know that stuff. Also, the interface that appears when you earn an achivement is quite confusing at first.
Developer response from feartehstickman

The requirements for crafting are hinted at by the crafting recipes (ie. Xray needs 5, flag needs 3, boots need 4 - all the same number of iron ingots as are in the recipe pictures) but either way, if you click the purchase button, it will tell you the price if you don't have enough. I inmplemented a short help screen in this update.

Play Cloudstone Cloudstone Mar. 24, 2013
The graphics are amazing, the storyline seems great, but I suppose this isn't really my kind of game. It is too friend-reliant, in the early levels at least. The missions are very hard to finish on your own, but if you summon a level 40 friend the missions become a joke. I can also foresee a huge time barrier later in the game, as well as players with "premium" goods taking a huge advantage in PvP. And you are given too few inventory slots to begin with. 4/5 from me.
Play Give Up Give Up Mar. 17, 2013
I literally cried when I pressed the "Give up" button. Maybe I have problems. Or maybe that's normal. I don't know.