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Mar 1, 2015 7:59pm

I’m taking Japanese at University next year and we aren’t “allowed” to learn the writing system until 2nd year. Rosetta Stone lets you do it right away but its not a fun game. Thank you sooooooooo much for making this game. I will be using it for practice throughout my college life I think.

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Mar 1, 2015 10:16am

Can you add some music in the Anti-ldle: The game some day?

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Feb 28, 2015 2:30pm

It would mean the absolute world to me if I can probe your mind in a private chat some time, Mr. Tukkun.

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Feb 22, 2015 11:25am

Do you know any way I can send pics to you? I made some fanart of anti-idle that I want you to see.

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Tukkun Feb 22, 2015 1:22pm

There are tutorials everywhere on posting images to the Internet. Unless you’re talking about sending me a hard copy, in which case I’m not going to receive it.

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Feb 19, 2015 1:17pm

I left a comment about Kana Warrior not accepting keystrokes. Most games accept keystrokes just fine, but yours is one of a handful that doesn’t. All of the other ones I’ve found like that are very old games. (Are you using an old Flash compiler, maybe?) It does work under Chrome. I suspect that there’s some sort of Flash API…

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Tukkun Feb 19, 2015 1:25pm

Hmm, that’s odd. Yeah, I use a fairly old way (though typical back in the day) to accept keystrokes. Thank you for telling me about it, I’ll consider looking into other methods to accept k…

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Feb 18, 2015 12:59pm

What about Kanji??? :S

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Feb 16, 2015 4:27pm

Hey, Tukkun. Just wanted to ask you a quick question about the game Anti-Idle. I was wondering if the house is ever gonna actually be built. I realize you probably can’t respond to everyone’s questions, but it would be great if you could just drop a “yes” or “no” really quickly. Thanks for your time.

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Feb 15, 2015 10:10am

tukkun. hunterstory 2 link is broken.

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Tukkun Feb 15, 2015 10:19am

It works fine for me. Just you?

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Feb 14, 2015 3:40pm

you are japan

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Feb 10, 2015 12:34am

Kana Warrior is Worst Typing Game! I Hate the Kana Typing!

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Feb 9, 2015 6:11pm

wait so are you japanese or not XD

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Feb 8, 2015 2:44am

Give KanjiWarrior pls

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Feb 7, 2015 12:21am

I know that is why I said ignore my comment and I was a bit angry cuse it came a year to late but last year it would help me a lot
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Feb 6, 2015 9:37pm

I have a great idea for you project.
Put kanji in your game, but , what? How?
easy! make an virtual keyboard (like android google japanese keyboard , search in google play
So people can type kanji and know what is or how spell

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Feb 6, 2015 4:46pm

Hey Tukken, can you accept kreds? I know you used to not be able to. Just curious.

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Feb 6, 2015 11:00am

Love your game. Though a few suggestions: Make the actual story play a bit faster (optionally). I may no longer study japanese but I remeber quite a lot so find the story a little to easy.
Make it so you can turn off tentens or marus (that’s what they’re called right? :P) in the free play, without having to go through and select them.

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Feb 6, 2015 5:30am

about kanji implementation, personaly i want to play some thing like obstacle destroy where you can shot kanji jukugo with romanji reading or hiragana, also intresting would be matching words with meaning

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Jan 30, 2015 4:05am

Hi Tukkun! I have a question i was hoping you could answer me: the refund code, it doesnt have my name in it. Did you do a major reset a while ago? Even though the achievment tab remembers my highscores for everything else.
My computers harddrive crashed and actually burned so i cant really get anything back from the old save. So just wondering, C…

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Ravi4 Jan 30, 2015 4:06am

Anti-Idle: The Game btw.
How can i forget to write the game _‘’’

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Tukkun Jan 30, 2015 5:14am

Hi, you can use the refund code 110279107. Perhaps the score failed to send for some reason. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Jan 27, 2015 6:19pm

hi i was wondering if there is a way to save your hunter story 2 save file to an exterior medium like notepad or something? in case something happens to the browser and what not that way i don’t lose my file?

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Jan 27, 2015 11:58am

Hi, I am quite bad at the BA, do you know any guides to at least know where are the skillbooks?
Thanks in advance.

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Jan 27, 2015 1:52am

What did you use to make anti-idle: the game?

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Jan 25, 2015 1:52pm

First i was like, Lets make an account to start playing anti again. Then i was like, O.O its still going. Anyways i enjoy the game and the effort. Keep going good luck in 2015. :3

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Jan 20, 2015 3:11pm

Thanks for caring!

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Jan 15, 2015 3:13pm

love the game bro :)
i love grindy games xD

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Jan 8, 2015 7:34am

I Noticed a problem… well more of an annoyance with “Progress Bar Extensions”.
I like that you can extend the progress bar.. But it takes longer to fill which makes the Breeding Take MUCH longer to finish.
Anti-Idle Wiki "after 2 extensions, the progress bar can hold 271% progress. When the progress bar is completely fille…

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Tukkun Jan 8, 2015 9:24am

No. That’s not how Progress Bar Extensions work.

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Tukkun Jan 8, 2015 9:25am

It does not slow down the fill speed of the Progress Bar at all. What it does is make it continue to fill after it is full when Idle Mode is off. It also makes Idlebot Card a little more effective.

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Corsull Jan 8, 2015 10:50am

ohhhhhh sweet! for some reason it appeared to me that the took longer to load. I’ve been playing for almost a month and stopped buying progress bar extensions a while back because i didn’t…

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