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Play Dwarf Mine Dwarf Mine Jan. 02, 2013
1. A combo meter would do this game pure goodness. 2. Exchange the "new game" and "continue" buttons on the main screen. It is not user friendly at all having the ERASE button first. 3/5, for the nice art, but no innovation/inspiration.
Play Zombie Pandemic Zombie Pandemic Nov. 25, 2012
Pay to play? 1/5 :D
Play Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer Nov. 04, 2012
@sirspikey: because they hope there is people stupid enough to give them money for it. Well, if they accept stars as well, I have given them one. :D
Play Zombie Slayer Zombie Slayer Nov. 04, 2012
Developer response from kanoapps

@Turin thanks for taking the time to checkout Zombie Slayer. This is our first release to Kongregate but we have been making online and social games for over five years. Zombie Slayer itself is a game that has had +3 years of content and development behind. Zombie Slayer is a text-based MMO game, some people enjoy these types of games and some people don't. Unfortunately your rating seems to be based on more of the game genre and less on the merits of the game since you only played through to level 3 and like I mentioned previously there is well over 3 years of development and content behind ZS which you have yet to encounter. Again, thanks for taking the time to check out ZS and sorry it wasn't a genre that you are interested in playing. If you are interested in knowing more about Kano Apps you can check out our blog as that is a pretty good place to start: http://www.kanoapps.com/blog/

Play They Took Our Candy They Took Our Candy Oct. 18, 2012
Winner = 4 cats + flurry
Play Flightless Flightless Oct. 16, 2012
Demo = auto 1/5
Play Snake Squad Snake Squad Sep. 29, 2012
There's a problem here: once you get to level 5, 6 and you die, you have to cavewalk through the first levels again, and there's absolutely no challenge in it for about 3, 4 minutes until you reach higher levels again. Good artwork, good gameplay, good idea. Congrats.
Play SAS Zombie Assault TD SAS Zombie Assault TD Sep. 25, 2012
TD = 1/5
Play Worldbox Worldbox Sep. 25, 2012
Please change de R key to somewhere else (or change your hotkey...). It being so close to the other commands leads to unwanted big bangs.
Play Detective Grimoire - The Beginning Detective Grimoire - The Beginning Jul. 25, 2012
I`m with hlkafhhashfjshf. Didn`t even play. 1/5. =)
Play downWorld downWorld May. 17, 2012
Pay to play on Kong? 1/5
Play Drakensang Online Drakensang Online May. 08, 2012
Money leech in a free games site? 1/5
Play Amigo Pancho 2: New York party Amigo Pancho 2: New York party Apr. 16, 2012
At least in portuguese, the letters Ç and à are not appearing.
Play Epic Stand Epic Stand Mar. 24, 2012
Worst comment section ever.
Play Frost Frost Mar. 10, 2012
I'm not into the puzzle games genre, but this is very well executed. And the music is one of the best I've ever heard here. Congrats.
Play Monsters TD Monsters TD Mar. 06, 2012
Tower Defense. Auto 1/5. Get criative.
Play The Love Letter The Love Letter Mar. 02, 2012
She's so cute! x.x
Play Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Feb. 28, 2012
Rated 1/5. I did my part to keep the site FREE. Also, will 1/5 every game from this PoS developers from now on. =)
Play Awaken: Front Line Awaken: Front Line Feb. 27, 2012
The game has cool ideas, but I don't like the UI and the font used. First, the font: besides looking choppy most of the time, it is not easy/cool to read. The UI is ugly to me too and the screen space does not seem well used. Too many room available and too little letters / stats indications. /// Even being an experienced player, the UI confused me and it was not easy to navigate through all the options available: too many pages being skipped. - Sorry, I didn't play your game a lot of time due to this restraints, mainly, and because I'm not an indie strategy games fan, but congrats for achieving such a high score here.
Developer response from Ramos_emanuel

Thank you for sharing your opinion

Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Feb. 26, 2012
Hi, I work at NASA's human resources department. May I please have a list of the 'impossible' badgers?