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Play Snail Bob Snail Bob Feb. 16, 2012
Charming but dead dull.
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Feb. 09, 2012
Battles don't last forever, it only feels like they do. Wake me when it's over.
Play Proke Proke Feb. 07, 2012
The word list is solid though not ideal. The game could use a few UI tweaks, namely goals shown briefly at level start and a count of what remains during a round. Also, the blank spots where old sets are still active or not can be a bit messy. An audio key on a repeated word. A key to clear a word instead of backspacing it out wouldn't hurt though the game's not really about speed so that's not a big issue. The Q-X level isn't hard so much as luck of the draw given how few words use both. Restart, restart, restart, get a set to make them.
Play Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Feb. 01, 2012
It's possible to get stuck beside and slightly below a hanging boss sawblade and the ground. No escape but waiting for enemies to lower the ground a couple times. It happened four times on one level (I was trying to reproduce the problem). I can send a screenshot if it'd help.
Play Caravaneer Caravaneer Jan. 24, 2012
It's a crisis, but at least it's a nutritious one.
Play My Little Army My Little Army Jan. 12, 2012
Stylish presentation but nothing added to gameplay over many other games of the same type. If you want more of the same, you'll enjoy the more of the same.
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 10, 2012
The highspeed blur on boss is a nice touch but having blur snap off below x speed is jarring. Maybe a third between fulll/off? The phone can superimpose the upgrade buttons on the store buttons. (Semi-consistently happens if I hit store very quickly when phone comes up.) Also, maybe add a mark or highlight on icon for currently equipped store item?
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 10, 2012
Millionth kick/shoot-a-thing. Less interactive than most. Five minutes of playing with only one or two 'in-flight" things popping up, even with lots of upgraded frequencies = kick and watch a movie while he flies. Not worth staring at the screen to see if he hits an interactive.
Play Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Jan. 09, 2012
I bought this game long before it was a Flash title and it continues to improve. The implementation of in-game achievements (and Kong hard badge) for the archmage duels is slick. More Steam-esque, less bleh normal Kong badge. Well done all 'round.
Play Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Jan. 09, 2012
@Donavon Clogging all your slots or not is part of the strategy. There are quite a few ways to remove your monsters but all come at a cost. Those you suggest are already in the game.
Play Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Spectromancer: Gamer's Pack Jan. 09, 2012
To Donavon: You can't choose to remove one at no cost. The decision to clog your own slots or not is part of the strategy. There are many ways to remove your own cards (many spells hit yours same as enemy's) and necromancy can sacrifice them. Beyond that, gotta live w/decisions you made.
Play Sprout Sprout Jan. 08, 2012
Charming. Doesn't overstay its welcome.
Play GunBall 2: Emperor Revenge GunBall 2: Emperor Revenge Jan. 08, 2012
Finished. Boss fights, including the last one, are the easiest part of the game. EMP is massively overpowered. 2-3 extra money to get EMPs early, then one point in each to reach evasion and dump all your skill points there. Hit slow skill if anything manages to get within site range (it'll rarely happen). That kills everything. Removing/swapping/selling the boss award items is extremely buggy.
Play GunBall 2: Emperor Revenge GunBall 2: Emperor Revenge Jan. 08, 2012
Music resets to on before and after every fight unless all sound is turned off. There's a lot of these rough edges. The game needs a QA pass. For beating it, take extra money skill several times, buy first money attractor (later 2nd or 3rd lvl), buy EMP once you can. Pair it with a long melee weapon (the 1k value one from boss is fine). Rotate in place to beat all non-boss fights. Circle-strafe boss fights. They're even easier, probably will take zero damage. [note: not gotten to final boss yet, so....]
Play GunBall 2: Emperor Revenge GunBall 2: Emperor Revenge Jan. 08, 2012
Unlike every other item, hulls do not return their purchase price. It seems likely this is unintended behavior (a ball can not have no hull so they auto-swap instead of going to the gear "backpack") but it should either be fixed to work like everything else or have a warning/explanation. As it is now it can eat thousands in an instant. Heck, keep buying the standard hull while already using it and it'll bankrupt the player. There's no way that can be intended.
Play Bubble Tanks Bubble Tanks Jan. 07, 2012
How to beat Bubble Tanks in three easy steps. #1 Set aside one full day. #2 Spend fifteen minutes becoming nearly invulnerable. #3 Spend twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes searching eight thousand bubbles for the boss.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Jan. 02, 2012
"we should by energy with gold" @mavs: assuming you meant be able to buy... Why? Except for the race to save a failing raid at the buzzer, energy is used to gain gold. Your feature request is spend gold to gain energy to regain gold.
Play Dibbles: For The Greater Good Dibbles: For The Greater Good Dec. 31, 2011
None of the levels are truly difficult but the relative difficulty is wildly inconsistent. Even toward the end of the game, one level will be no more difficult than a first five and the next, one of the toughest of all.
Play Ultimate Santa Battle Ultimate Santa Battle Dec. 26, 2011
Holding mouse button down for shoot during the countdown to a round start moves the character. A small thing but can go badly if a round starts with character accidentally on top of the boss. Good game.
Play Pinata Hunter Pinata Hunter Dec. 18, 2011
I suppose this is a game. Mindlessly drag mouse (or finger on iphone/pad--it's clearly intended as such) back and forth. Now with achievements and upgrades! For wiggling back and forth! People will play anything if achievements & upgrades are added.