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Play Who Built The ARK? Who Built The ARK? Apr. 09, 2014
klick to make something happen ... i don#t think it's chount as a game. and an Education game with religions them... ok but don't wonder if there are somewhere in the wolrd that will tel you that no one build the Ark because it's onyl a story and not reallaty.
Play MyEmpires MyEmpires Mar. 27, 2014
how often you will submit the same game ? is that now the third or more time i see it komming up ? Is it so bad that you don't get players in so you get realy desperate ?
Play BrowserGamePlatform BrowserGamePlatform Mar. 26, 2014
wow that realy owers the bar of thse that whant a D in front of there name ... a webpage ... flagt
Play Hero Manager Hero Manager Mar. 25, 2014
not bad ^^ but it needs some stuff ^^ 1) the size of the game frame shoud change so it fits in the Computer monitor of the person playing, and perhaps hase a fullscreen button. 2) it whoud be nice if you can get tool tip working, soo when you hover over an item for some seconds it whoud tell you what it does, i think that whoud help
Developer response from Alchemist_Games

1) Yeah, definitely. Fullscreen is a bit tricky on kongregate though. 2) There is a tooltip for items, telling you what kind of item it is (a gun for example, hunters use a gun), and what stats it gives. A feature that informs you if it's a recipe is planned. Anything else missing?

Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 25, 2014
WOW great game ^^
Play Idler Invasion Idler Invasion Mar. 15, 2014
4) Perhaps 1 time defence buldings like some archer towers, that whoud be destroyed wehn the battel line reached them whoud be a nice risc-reward upgrade. 5) Add a button for resetting you levels so you can redesign you char. this whoud make for higher replayvalue because you can start as Mage or knight and whoud allow the player to reskill there hero when them missklicck. 6) I think mor and different tinkg to craft or Skills to get after leveling up whoud be nice, but will come with future Upgrades ^^
Developer response from Baxidur

Thanks for all the input, but apart from any bugs people find I think i'm going to leave the game where it is and focus on my next game, in 2 or 3 games time I'm planning on making a multiplayer version of this and I might incorporate peoples ideas into that one. Thanks again for the feedback and for playing.

Play Idler Invasion Idler Invasion Mar. 15, 2014
hi cool game concept ^^ But here some tips i thought about wehn i played the game. 1) the Idler in the titel is a bit missleading because Idel games are mostl game you can run at the backgrond and check them only from time to time, perhaps you shoud serch for a more fitting name 2) Give the defenders swords too , please. I felt realy bad for these guys that wher running as human shilds in the enemy to dely him, perhaps with a sword at there hands i don't have to feel so gilty for screfiseng them by the thousends. 3) The idea of the comabt as a meter is great, but i think some mr combat anymations whoud be doing a nice job so you have somethin to watsch when you saving for the next upgrade.
Play Parking Battles Parking Battles Mar. 07, 2014
Hey after some time ( long and advertisment ) the game aktually loaded.... And thats when you find out its a boring race aganst an Gost car game, where you opponent often can't drive around a simpel corner without crasching .
Play Parking Battles Parking Battles Mar. 07, 2014
yup here too
Play Space & Lasers Prototype Space & Lasers Prototype Mar. 02, 2014
Who whant to register in a forum so he can get a big ship and so don't have the need to play the game. the game shoud be good by it's selve to get people playing it, not by som register things. So the Complain is leagal, you need to mutch battel to upgrade, and you can have the fleet battels that are shown on the top card.
Developer response from NemesisQK

I hope you have read the description. It's a demo, prototype version. It's means it should be for testing purpose. Those who want to see how does look like fights with big ships, they can speed up the slow process of griding (which is going to be changed in next update) and get this ship. Also, Combat system will get massive overhaul. There is ammunition to add, skills, upgrades. This one is only for testing AI.

Play Bubble Command RTS Bubble Command RTS Feb. 25, 2014
Wow the ides of the game is great, and when you place you bubels a bit arond so some can grow and you move the small ones tu get bigger quikly you have a bit Taktik in there too. You shoud work on the controls, it feels not relay good. And in later levels add som things to the play fild other that more an other bubbels like walls / special places to conquer / perhaps Formations. the Game is not that hard for the most part when you manage to let you big bubbels stand around an create small ones and let them get bigger quikly and only attack the enemy when you are massiv bigger tham him. Perhaps you choud get some upgrades in the game so the different colors whoud have a bit different stats or different behavior and strategys.
Developer response from tamugaia

Yes of course... I see this game as a pilot... if a lot of people like it, I will add walls, areas, improve controls and etc... thanks!!

Play Glory Glory Feb. 21, 2014
nice ending ^^ not as complex an papers please but not bad wither, but perhaps you shoud realy put in some more Problems for the player, like protesters that whant to hinder you ar a target person that stands still and tells you his soty and why you shoudn't shoot him.
Play Roll-a-Ball Roll-a-Ball Feb. 03, 2014
Raly not bad for a first game, and a solide start for some improvments like sond and a bit more bouncing physic for the balls, and some traps like holes and some auto reset when yyou lost the game and such stuff. But for the first time it's quite good.
Developer response from marcie163

Thanks for your reply, i will make some improvements.

Play Severe space Severe space Jan. 27, 2014
you real shoud bild in some own ideas or themes and not so mutsh rip of FTL, them i think the people whoue apriciate the gode Programming work more. But so it's a FTL rip of, flagged
Play Plants Vs Zombies Plants Vs Zombies Jan. 19, 2014
any the next one who whants to have a D next to his name, Flagt the game
Play Chaos Fractal Chaos Fractal Jan. 03, 2014
Bekomm die Warnung : "Dieses Plugin ist verwundbar und sollte aktualisiert werden" Bitte dringent das Programm updaten da sich sont Viren einschleichen könnten
Play Steam Defense Steam Defense Dec. 12, 2013
The grind whoudn't be so bad if the loading times whoud be not so out of place.
Play Zombies! Apocalypse - MMO Zombies Massacre Zombies! Apocalypse - MMO Zombies Massacre Nov. 30, 2013
game taken down ? or deos annybody don't get a black screen ?
Play Beach Volley Ball Beach Volley Ball Nov. 28, 2013
cute but controls are a bit difficult
Play Domino Arena Domino Arena Nov. 28, 2013
Wow real great game concept. And it realy needs some more support to have more players in the game