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    I don't have one ! Poor me.
Im chinese---------I've gotta few levels of don't move play in Amberial Axis.Try 'em out and rate a 5. ----------------------- I'm badge collectin'. --------------------------- 1st Badge: Case Closed ( ClueSweeper) 100th Badge: Fur Coat Supplier (Battle Beavers) 200th Badge: Gummies In My Tummy (Burrito Bison) 300th Badge: Can't Help Falling (Knightfall) 400th Badge: Sheep-Away Badge ( Gibbets 3) 500th Badge: Arcade On Fire (New Star Soccer) 600th Badge: Paradox Shmaradox ( Chronotron) ___________________________________________ Pokemon Highlight battle! 1234567891011124's Swampert is here! Go Seismitoad! Seismitoad use Mud Bomb! It's not very effective... Swampert uses Aqua Tail! Critical hit! Seismitoad has 102 HP left! Tyrran uses Hyper Potion! Seismitoad restores 200 HP and has 300 HP! Swampert uses Earthquake! It's not very effective... Seismitoad uses Acid Spray! It's not very effective... Critical hit! Swampert faints! 1234567891011124 sends out Roserade! Roserade uses Leaf Storm! It's super effective! Seismitoad faints! Klinklang, I choose you! Use Hyper Beam! Roserade takes a lot of damage, with only 21 HP left! Roserade uses Poison Jab! Klinklang takes damage! It is actually Zoroark! Zoroark cannot move! Roserade uses Poison Jab! Zoroark faints! Carracosta, I choose you! Use Crunch! Roserade faints! 123456781011124 sends out Hitmonlee! Carracosta uses Rock Slide! Hitmonlee uses Double Kick! Psshhh! Psshhh! It's super effective! Carracosta hangs on with sturdy! Carracosta uses Rock Slide! Hitmonlee dodges! Hitmonlee uses Mega Kick! It's super effective! Carracosta faints! 1234567891011124 has 4 Pokemon left while Tyrran has 3!!! Toxicroak, I choose you! Hitmonlee uses Hi Jump Kick! Toxicroak counters with Hammer Arm! Hitmonlee retreats and jumps! Toxicroak can't react quick enough! Hitmonlee uses Double Kick! Unbelievable! Toxicroak grabs Hitmonlee's legs! Toxicroak uses Toxic! Hitmonlee is badly poisoned and then is thrown into the air! Toxicroak uses Giga Impact! Hitmonlee faints! 1234567891011124 sends out Flygon! Tyrran switches! Go Hydriegon! Flygon uses Aerial Ace! Hydriegon dodges and used Tri Attack! Flygon is dazed with astounding power! Hydriegon uses Outrage! It's super effective! Flygon faints! 1234567891011124 sends out Excadrill! Excadrill uses Slash! Critical hit! Hydriegon uses Outrage but Excadrill uses Metal Claw to knock Hydriegon back! Excadrill's Attack rises! Excadrill uses Drill Run! Hydriegon faints! Go Sawk! Use Bulk Up! Sawk's Attack and Defence rises! Excadrill is switched and Zebstrika is out! Zebstrika uses Thunder! Sawk is paralyzled! Sawk cannot move! Zebstika uses Volt switch! Excadrill is switched out! Sawk manages to use Close Combat, and since Sawk's ability is Guts, Close Combat is extra strong! Critical hit! It's super effective! Excadrill faints! Sawk's Attack and Defence lowers! 1234567891011124 sends out Zebstrika! Zebstrika uses Volt Switch! Sawk faints! BATTLE FINALE!!!!! Go Toxicroak! Use Hammer Arm! Zebstrika uses Stomp! Toxicroak counters with Giga Impact! Who is going to win? Zebstrika is defeated! He is on the ground but Toxicroak is resting on the wall after the Giga Impact! Suddenly, Zebstrika jumps! Toxicroak unleashes it's final move, DIG!!! Zebstrika is on the ground waiting for Toxicroak! Toxicroak strikes!!!!!! ZEBSTRIKA FAINTS AND TYRRAN WINS!!!!!!!!!!!! Country Fight of the time! PikaNick vs. PikaStrong! PikaNick sends out Unsaring! PikaStrong sends out Cofargrigus! 3 on 3 dudes! Cofargrigus uses Will-O-Wisp! Unsaring is burned! WOAH! Unsaring uses Hammer Arm, and Unsaring's ability Guts makes it stronger! Hey... he forgot Cofargrigus was a ghost type. Cofargrigus uses Hyper Beam! Critical hit! Unsaring faints! PikaNick sends out Reuniclus! Rueniclus uses Psychic! Cofargrigus is hurled into the air, unfortunately it's not very effective... Reuniclus uses Shadow Ball! Cofargrigus counters with Ice Beam! Rueniclus is gone, huh? Reuniclus is behind Cofargrigus and uses Shadow Ball! Super Effective! Cofargrigus faints! PikaStrong sends Tyranitar!

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