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Play Bionic Battle Mutants Bionic Battle Mutants Jan. 28, 2015
"breach of intergalactic law" is not a description of his crime. That's like saying "His crime was committing a crime"
Developer response from Dietwurst

Thanks for reporting, it should show the arbitrariness of his "trial". But maybe it's just bad, unfortunatly no one of us is a native speaker :( . BUT the true crime he commited you can read in his bio in the lvl.up screen.

Play The King's League: Odyssey The King's League: Odyssey Aug. 22, 2014
Thank you so much for including a feature to select whether I wanted sound or not, before the game ever made it's first sound at me. This was a feature I wish all flash games had.
Play 3LIND game 3LIND game Jul. 01, 2013
Played up to the snail level, game had yet to justify why it has no mute button.
Play ... :D ... :D May. 22, 2013
This is zero percent a puzzle game and I'm unsure why that's one of it's categories. Puzzle Wise, the game never gets more complex then "press switches in what may aswell be a numbered order". It was a fun enough little actiony kind of timing game though.
Developer response from Lorgh

That's my mistake! Put it in the Puzzle category first. Tried to put it in the Action category but it seems that I need to submit a new version for that. Should be fixed next update then.

Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. Apr. 26, 2013
This same game, but with a challenging puzzle kind of aspect would have been amazing. As it was it was still pretty cool though.
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 10, 2013
I'm "Lecturing you" because I thought the comments section was for leaving comments on the game. I left a post lamenting the lack of volume controls, and I left the comment because as volume controls are important to me, I like to let developers know that they are important. You gave a smug response about my misuse of the term flash game for some reason. It doesn't matter if volume options were left out "deliberately" or not, it's still a problem for me, so I left the comment. I actually got the Alice game on a steam sale a while back, so I will be playing that someday :)
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 07, 2013
Flash is just a common term for games people play in their browsers, you KNOW that. sometimes incorrect terminology becomes the norm because it's easier. Developers of non browswer based games almost never leave out the core future of mute buttons. Next time I make a simaler complaint I'll make sure to say browser so as to not offend, but mute is a CORE FEATURE for the way I play games on kongregate.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Calling a Unity3D game a "flash game" is like calling a cat an elephant because they both have 4 legs. Also, why are you lecturing us on the sound adjustment or "non browser games?" As already explained, this was left out intentionally so that the team could focus on other, more important issues before launch. Of course non-browser games get ALL the features in before they ship - once it's burned to disc it's very costly to update. With a browser game we can make updates post-launch. If you want to see one of OUR non-browser games, check out "Alice: Madness Returns." Hope you enjoy - it even has volume adjustments :P

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 07, 2013
I never understand why some flash game developers would include a mute music option, without an option to mute other sounds. Like i'ts one thing when they can't be bothered to put one in (though I hate that), but this is showing a conscious recognition that maybe people will want to mute it, but choosing to not do it in full.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

We never understand why some people would call us "Flash game developers." In 6 years of development we've never made a single Flash game. Akaneiro, like our other games on Kong use Unity3D. And the sound adjust option is coming. If you're seriously interested in WHY we didn't add something simple like this - it's about priorities. Sound adjust/mute isn't in there, but some other more critical feature IS in there. We figure sound adjustment is less important than gameplay related features - so we save it for later.

Play Construct It Construct It Dec. 22, 2012
the star ratings system was a bad idea for this game because it literally translates to "just quickly redo every level after you beat it"
Play Miscrits Miscrits Dec. 16, 2012
It's like pokemon only with a shitty cashshop! It's like pokemon only worse. No reason to play it.
Play Transmorpher Transmorpher Dec. 02, 2012
This game was fun, but way too long for what it was. The game kept going a long long time after you'd run out of things to say and do with the mechanics.
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Oct. 26, 2012
Fun game. The assassin's creed reference was really clever once but I don't think it should have been at the end of every level.
Play Siegius Arena Siegius Arena Oct. 26, 2012
This game doesn't feel like it's skill based at all. It's just a gearcheck. Do you have good weapons and armor? Did you buy potions? Press z, win. I really like gladiator stuff too :(
Play Mini Attack: Urban Combat Mini Attack: Urban Combat Sep. 21, 2012
having a special icon show up everytime you get a headshot, even though its harder to not get one in this game, seems silly.
Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Sep. 20, 2012
Don't get me wrong ,the sound is very well done, but you shoudl really include a mute button.
Play Nuclear Plant Nuclear Plant Sep. 02, 2012
Took me 3 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes in game time to beat it. I went the ultra safe root of getting every single upgrade though. Felt a bit easy, though I'm sure there's challenge to be had in trying to speedrun it without getting many upgrades and stuff. This game plays Identically to another game where you were a guy trying to repair his car well holding off waves of enemies though, that was kind of weird. I thought maybe this was a sequel, but it doesn't appear to be a game you made.
Play Dibbles: Pro Pack Dibbles: Pro Pack Aug. 27, 2012
why do you have to hover over speedup and not move the mouse instead of just clicking the button. why?
Play Sugar, sugar 2 Sugar, sugar 2 Jun. 27, 2012
This game desperately needs a speed up button. It's way to slow to play and even though I like the idea, I have never finished a single one of these games, because I get bored of waiting.
Play Zombie at the Gates Zombie at the Gates Jun. 23, 2012
rng missing is super unsatisfying in an action game.
Play Relive Your Life Relive Your Life Jun. 11, 2012
The process of replaying everything needs to even faster than it is to facilitate taking the time to go through all the endings. Little things like watching the sperm minigame for 5 seconds, listening to the egoraptor speech before certain minigames, etc. They all start to add up.