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Play Doodle God Blitz Doodle God Blitz Jul. 18, 2015
"Unusual offer: Reload the page for a free bonus" Is this even legal? They're artificially inflating the number of plays by incentivizing players to refresh...
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders Jun. 10, 2015
Do skills stack? If I give a raider 5 skill books that say they have a 20% extra chance to doublecast heal, do they have 100% chance? If so, what happens if I give them 6?
Play Dead Valley Dead Valley Apr. 23, 2015
So many scroll bars....
Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Apr. 19, 2015
It would be cool if different bonuses were multiplicative! Academies, for instance. Even with tens of thousands of workers and hundreds of academies, the benefit is pretty minor compared to the boost I get from wages. Just something to consider.
Play Shape Fold Animals Shape Fold Animals Apr. 14, 2015
Fun and relaxing!
Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Apr. 07, 2015
This is an amazing game.... but that platinum loot collection trophy is BRUTAL. I wonder if powerups/combos could be transitioned from zone to zone, if it would be more balanced? If the cooldowns paused. The difficulty/luck involved just seems a lot higher for that challenge than any other part of the game. Otherwise, fantastic game!
Developer response from SoulGame

This is brutal indeed. It's the true last achievement, only for crazy players! Keeping combos between zones would tend to ruin that a bit I think. Many thanks for your nice review and good luck!

Play Idle Evolution Idle Evolution Apr. 02, 2015
"10 elements with oxidation levels between 0 and +9" This is a horrible clue. I got stuck for a long time because I misunderstood what it was asking. I thought I *needed* Iridium to get that +9 included. Please change clue to "10 elements each with only positive oxidation levels" or something like that so someone doesn't think they have to get all the different levels.
Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Mar. 31, 2015
Also, there is an issue with buffs and wages. If I have a buff that increases my max production of coins and I use alt to raise my wages to max, when that buff wears off I can't afford my workers so wages get reset to zero. I assume this holds true for any buff that lowers wages as well. Additionally, any extra worker set to a resource after wages have been maxed will trigger this same effect. Maybe have it so that when you can't afford your workers' wages that the wage amount just gets dropped to the highest that you can afford?
Developer response from vsistudio

Yes, I need to investigate these wages bugs, it seems to be a really tricky subject

Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Mar. 31, 2015
I'm finding it hard to use the marketplace when I start converting large amounts of resources. Once I add the extra zero to go from 100 trillion to 1 quadrillion, the display converts my amount to 1E15, when I try to add another zero after that, it instantly goes to my max amount of resource I have stored. Right now I have 10 Quintillion of a resource and I can't find an easy way to transfer a decent portion of that to any other. (It's either transfer 1 quadrillion to another resource or all of it.)
Developer response from vsistudio

This is now fixed and a new slider is in to allow easier trading :)

Play Money Movers 2 Money Movers 2 Mar. 30, 2015
So, we're breaking into and robbing a prison? O_O
Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Mar. 29, 2015
Academies are giving their bonuses to everything again :P
Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Mar. 29, 2015
Academies seem broken again XD
Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Mar. 28, 2015
It says that we're supposed to be able to draft 50% of our max population, but it seems to only let me draft 50 total.
Developer response from vsistudio

Drafting has been fixed and improved!:)

Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Mar. 10, 2015
Academies don't seem to be doing as advertised. It doesn't seem to matter where my workers are placed, I am only getting a very minor boost to all resource production.
Developer response from vsistudio

Academies are now working as intended :)

Play Rise of Champions Rise of Champions Mar. 05, 2015
Wow. An mmo that is actually the right size for my computer?! 5/5.
Play oO oO Mar. 01, 2015
This would be so much better if there was a keyboard way to restart the endless levels
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Feb. 11, 2015
Love the game, fantastic everything. 3 suggestions/ideas. 1) While it's certainly helpful, being able to sell and vent heat while the game is paused feels like cheating to me ^_^. 2) The big one, please let us shift-click to replace all of one tier of cells with another tier. It's kind of tedious to replace all of tier 1 cells with tier 2, then do it again for tier 3, etc.
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Feb. 03, 2015
This witch has huge... assets.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 26, 2015
I wonder how many of this game's "plays" is because of refreshing to avoid lag...
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 26, 2015
"It's time to train!" and "It's time to try a new outfit!" really mean "It's time to reload the page!"