Ultros' Comments

Game Comments
Play My Life is Yours My Life is Yours Apr. 08, 2012
I hope you die in a fire. Because there's ice in my way.
Play Sonny Sonny Apr. 29, 2008
Repetitive combat; pretty much a mindless grindfest, albeit a well animated one.
Play Mystic Circle Mystic Circle Apr. 05, 2008
Fun for the first little bit, but then it seems to expect you to spend a ridiculous amount of time levelling up to handle the later areas.
Play Awsome Dungeon Awsome Dungeon Mar. 21, 2008
2/5 - 1 for being awful, and 1 for being *hilariously* awful
Play Open Doors Open Doors Mar. 15, 2008
Simple and clever, just how I like my puzzle games. 5/5
Play Army of Destruction Army of Destruction Mar. 06, 2008
New weapons and enemies come quickly enough that the game isn't repetitive, and the difficulty curve is very well done.
Play Factory Balls Factory Balls Mar. 04, 2008
Unique and fun, but pretty easy once you understand what each tool does.
Play Seven Deadly Sins Seven Deadly Sins Mar. 04, 2008
Entertaining, but I found it too easy; only needed 8 days to figure everything out. 4/5
Play Sproing! Sproing! Mar. 04, 2008
Another simple but clever game. The difficulty curve was just steep enough to keep me challenged throughout, and it took me several attempts before I completed it.
Play Hover Bot Arena Hover Bot Arena Mar. 04, 2008
One of many almost identical shoot-everything games with boring, repetitive gameplay. This one doesn't even have the decency to let you purchase upgrades so that there's at least something new to try every so often.
Play Ragdoll Avalanche 2 Ragdoll Avalanche 2 Mar. 04, 2008
Incredibly addictive; took me nearly three hours to get the Hard badge, and I enjoyed every minute of it. 5/5
Play Scribble! Scribble! Mar. 03, 2008
Not particularly interesting, but there's worse things to do when bored. Could benefit from more complex levels that require greater precision.
Play Sprout Sprout Mar. 03, 2008
Cute, and has puzzles that are tricky, but not impossible to solve without resorting to trial and error. Rated 5/5.
Play Mezzo: Winter Edition Mezzo: Winter Edition Mar. 03, 2008
A simple but clever puzzle game; only one level stumped me for more than a couple tries, but still decent for a demo.
Play Triangles Triangles Mar. 03, 2008
Simple, but maddeningly fun. An interesting variant would be to have both be controlled the same way, so that you couldn't move one without moving the other, but they'd be dodging different obstacles.
Play Orbular Orbular Mar. 03, 2008
A fun and unique Breakout variant; I loved how the falling 'bricks' hitting your ball can affect it, especially when I was able to use it to my advantage. Some neat level design, as well. Rated 4/5; it lost a point for the poor decision of having multiple balls each count as one life lost when dropped, ruining what's usually a fun powerup in such games.
Play WetDike WetDike Mar. 03, 2008
Solitaire with a funky layout (which I kinda liked) and an immature name. And a community of some sort, but I didn't bother looking into that. Rated 2/5 only because I like the look of it more than Windows solitaire. Would be higher if it was a more unique solitaire game.
Play Streamline Streamline Mar. 02, 2008
A fantastic idea that had me giggling with glee as it was kicking my butt all over the place. There seems to be a bug with the shrapnel from the yellow bombs reappearing at odd moments (even carrying over into the next game), and I *really* don't see the point in the 'click and you lose' thing, but apart from that, it's perfect. I'd love to see more songs in this.
Play Thing-Thing 3 Thing-Thing 3 Mar. 02, 2008
You know there's something wrong with a game when a tedious scavenger hunt is harder than the bosses, and everything else is the same thing over and over.
Play Nodes Nodes Mar. 02, 2008
Nice game. Quick, but has some parts tricky enough to make you think for at least a minute. Not all games have to be 100 level timewasters.