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Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Jun. 16, 2015
What, seriously? If you accidentally sell your first weapon and you can't buy another, you suddenly can't shoot. What is this shit? It completely breaks the game.
Play Raze 3 Raze 3 Feb. 13, 2015
Optimization needs to be fixed. Terrible lag.
Play Meat Boy (map pack) Meat Boy (map pack) Jan. 18, 2015
People need to stop praising this game. It has artificial difficulty. Salt 'blocks' take up more than 1 block space, controls are random as I've had the jumping delay and simply not work several times, and I played this when it was put on here. Nothing has changed.
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Jan. 17, 2015
Perhaps if you actually fixed the lag for once, this would be amusing.
Play Valthirian Arc Valthirian Arc Jan. 03, 2015
For those that are having trouble, try and get a dragoon (Str and MAG), extremely tanky and has an amazing blocking ability. I had just my maxed grade Dragoon with a Gold Spear soloing a 4-star 'hungry wolves' mission. Pretty neat. Magilancer is pretty cool as well, the ability being MP acts as HP if you have any at all. Basically 'Mana Shield'.
Play Shards of Titan Shards of Titan Dec. 24, 2014
And like always, Kong is biased against anything negative. How immature.
Play Shards of Titan Shards of Titan Dec. 23, 2014
So, why did all of the 'BEST' comments that were negative get removed, huh?
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Dec. 01, 2014
One thing that annoys me is the crop growing speed. I restarted to get a feel of the new updates and I was plagued by the same thing from my last save : Half way through the first season, ONE crop was fully grown out of the 8 crops I had planted on the first day. I know that some plants grow faster than others but that's just ridiculous.
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Nov. 24, 2014
Am I the only person who thought of making an outpost in the wilderness? I can't be. I haven't tested it too far as of yet but you can build a survivable shelter off your land. I'm going to test farming next, although I'm not sure if monsters ruin your crops or what-not.
Play Monsters' Den Chronicles Monsters' Den Chronicles Sep. 27, 2014
Ghouls are probably the worst enemies in this game, or at least one of the worst. Very fast turn speed ( I used cold front on one twice, and it still went right after my mage + his shadow ) and bleeding, as well as just overall good damage.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Sep. 11, 2014
So, apparently holding the 'up' button causes the game to... Fast forward? Seriously? That's just... Well, that's ridiculous.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Sep. 11, 2014
Also, why does the last level start you off with barely any energy? What's the point, even?
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Sep. 11, 2014
What do the stats even do? I thought the blue foot was the movement speed in combat / attack rate, but it doesn't seem to have changed anything at all.
Play My Pet Protector 3 My Pet Protector 3 Sep. 09, 2014
Yeah, it seems to be a hidden button glitch that sends you to the village page with a defeat status, and lowers your bravery.
Play My Pet Protector 3 My Pet Protector 3 Sep. 09, 2014
There's a bug going around that if you click while it's changing screens or during a battle in genre(seems random in the genre situation) it insta-kills you.
Play Little Protector Planes Little Protector Planes Sep. 09, 2014
I'm confused as to how the items work. I got an item but it didn't show up on ANY of the plains.
Play Protector: Reclaiming the Throne Protector: Reclaiming the Throne Sep. 06, 2014
The only thing I hate about this series is how hard Undefined has tried to make warriors irrelevant. Mages are vastly more powerful than warriors and not only because they can hit flying and are ranged.
Play Ring Pass Not Ring Pass Not Aug. 26, 2014
Yeah, this is still a ridiculous random not-thought-out game.
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Aug. 15, 2014
I'm not saying that this is worse or better, but this is pretty much up there with Mardek. If Mardek was put into a full-game, and some day the developer pseud, will be able to that (hopefully), this is what it would be the equivalent of. Putting little fun side-quests or the 'fetch quest' (It was fun in Mardek Ch.3)would be interesting. I understand if that wouldn't fit because this has a more serious theme to the game, but adding more side-quest or optional bonus-rewarding stuff would be interesting. Currently, I'm thinking stuff like FF9, which I know that Mardek has a lot of stuff that is a shoutout to FF games.
Play The Necronomicon The Necronomicon Aug. 11, 2014
Well, I beat challenge 15 with 1 health left. Not sure what the whole fuss was about. I used the Elder Sign whenever I had the chance, and I used all of my healing cards. It was heavily luck based, as is the whole game, but it wasn't a huge problem. Guess I got 'luck'y.