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Play One and One Story One and One Story Nov. 14, 2011
Yeah, guys, there's an alternate ending. Yet I still like this game.
Play Stickman Madness 2 Stickman Madness 2 Mar. 23, 2010
A couple reminders to most of all of you, games like this are epic if you know how to play them, I can give you some pointers. first, the med kits give a percentage of your current health, so if your 2 HP your just gonna get 1. 80, perhaps around 14. another thing I've heard others mention is the long reloading. reload your pistol as your Avatar moves out to find another group of enemies, you'll find that in each group you'll have enough ammo for each of them. The last I'd like to say is that Memory is an easy way of winning. they always come out in the same order. ^.^
Play Arcuz - Behind the Dark Arcuz - Behind the Dark Dec. 20, 2009
All of this for a Teddy Bear? ... I'm going back to Colonary School.
Play Streamline Streamline Aug. 19, 2009
The impossible badge sure is a pain to achieve without a bug.
Play Sparks and Dust Sparks and Dust Aug. 04, 2009
you do NOT get only one attack. If you absorb the power from an opponent, ( 8 for the most devastating, but at least 3 for an attack at all ) you can do an attack due to whatever Element you have. If your spirit, you release a large laser, if your stone, boulders fall from the sky, and if your fire, you breathe fire intensly. lol, almsot forgot. and to absorb, press and hold jump and fly, You'll absorb attacks by doing that. :) simple.
Play Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 May. 15, 2009
dang it. Hit all the notes but must've actidently hit another during some note...or noteS...O_O
Play Ragdoll Avalanche 2 Ragdoll Avalanche 2 May. 05, 2009
I dodged 430..:) (it told me that I forgot my ninja suit)
Play Oh noes! The pancake bunny! Oh noes! The pancake bunny! Jan. 09, 2009
I see theres a little round object that looks like waffles when i zoomed on it between the bunny's eye and white streak
Play Oh noes! The pancake bunny! Oh noes! The pancake bunny! Dec. 24, 2008
Omfg where the heck are the waffles on lvl 1??