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Play Striker Superstars Striker Superstars Jul. 26, 2014
the way the membership works is killing the fun ...people can't lvl beyond lvl 9 without membership and the items available to members have been backstabed by the big nerf knife ... so u can only take 1 item at a time. So cybersports will change this in a near future
Play Striker Superstars Striker Superstars Apr. 17, 2014
for over 3 weeks now i have not been able to log in to strikersuperstars --- this page just says email and pw althou it should be hooked up to my kong account, someone fix it.
Play Striker Superstars Striker Superstars Jan. 07, 2014
On kong the report bug button has never worked. atm its normal with 5 - 10 min delay on log in. And i got a bug with all items being invisible. People who play via the offical site dont seam to have these problems. So how do i make a kong account into a real ss account? because its almost unplayerble from here atm.