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Play Barons Gate 2 Barons Gate 2 Nov. 15, 2014
So, it seems that you can make the game much easier by spending all your money on the expensive attack speed gems and sticking them all over you. The game doesn't quite let you snap it over your knee by getting your attack time down to zero, but at ten shots per second you basically have a continuous stream of death at hundreds of DPS.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 03, 2014
The lag unfortunately makes this totally unplayable.
Play Creeper World 3: Abraxis Creeper World 3: Abraxis Jun. 04, 2014
It's absolutely worth it to buy the full version of this game. Among other things, the level editor and browser are very sophisticated and allow players to basically code the levels in great detail, meaning that there are a variety of very unique levels in the browser that totally change the gameplay of the game. There's also a procedural level generator with lots of user-adjustable parameters so the game ends up having more than enough content to make it worth it.
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 23, 2014
It's very short, but it's an interesting puzzle idea that knows just when it's exhausted itself. I like the way that it's easy to figure out how to arrange everything without being told much. I also was pleased to see that unlike a lot of puzzles like this, correcting an error isn't an extremely lengthy endeavor.
Play This is a Work of Fiction This is a Work of Fiction Nov. 21, 2013
I definitely just played a game of some sort. Now if only I knew what sort that was.
Play Crash Town Crash Town Sep. 04, 2013
The game seems rather unamused that I left it on the title screen overnight to see what the population counter does. "Negative population? Really?"
Play Lime Rick Lime Rick Aug. 31, 2013
Congratulations. It's not too often I see a puzzle game with a really unique mechanic to it. And you've done quite well to think of several kinds of ways to use it. It's far too often that I see developers with a neat idea run out of things to do, but I'm enjoying the variety here. The level design is very well done, and I appreciate the presence of a undo button. The only thing I have to say against it is that it would have felt a lot nicer with a bit more polish; everything at the game's core is pretty great.
Play Flatland: Fallen Angle Flatland: Fallen Angle Aug. 15, 2013
I very much like how useless all of the upper-class shapes are in a fight.
Play The Bravest Hunter The Bravest Hunter Jul. 26, 2013
Did... did anyone even try to play this game before they published it?
Play JellyGo! JellyGo! Jul. 03, 2013
I feel like this game would be a lot more fun if you couldn't just win by being more aggressive than the AI. Labs and forts don't seem to do anything much either, if you just focus on sheer numbers you just win.
Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. May. 10, 2013
In the last timeline when the visitor says "Hey, has anyone unlocked the door for me" there is a pause. I was absolutely expecting that it was going to say "Calculations complete. Fire on floor 1. One casualty unavoidable. Candidates: Visitor"
Play Bearbarians Bearbarians Mar. 02, 2013
It would be nice to be able to see what the cosmetic items actually look like on your guys before you buy them.
Play Beloved Beloved Feb. 21, 2013
This game starts off by talking about how any pair of people can find love together, and then it starts adding more and more people into the group. I'm not entirely sure what this game is trying to say but it sounds like they're going to need to rent a stadium for the wedding.
Play Take a Walk Take a Walk Jan. 03, 2013
I didn't like the mechanic of holding right to move in a game where you want to be moving nonstop, but aside from that minor issue the game nice. I feel like it would be more relaxing without that, though.
Play Lucky Tower 2 Lucky Tower 2 Dec. 11, 2012
Ha, when you are wielding a bludgeoning weapon (as if you'd ever want to) he says "Smashy smashy" instead. Also, if you look at your quest hand in the first town, one of your quests is "cake". You can indeed complete this quest if you have four coins to spare.
Play bit Dungeon bit Dungeon Oct. 20, 2012
I sure am getting "Level 0" drops from bosses.
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Oct. 19, 2012
I only ever find myself using the double jumps. The other collectables just never get used except where the parachutes are needed. I forget about them.
Developer response from SoulGame

Parachutes and Daggers are optional indeed ! But if you learn well how to use them, you can catch some impossible treasures or enemies, so it means more Combo and more Rewards.

Play Dim Sum Tactics Dim Sum Tactics Oct. 16, 2012
This looks like a high-quality and polished game. I'm not a fan of card games like this myself but I played a few games with humans and the computer. As it's focused as a multiplayer game I can't fault the AI for not being good, and the multiplayer gameplay is very smooth. For a game like this I feel like it needs some sort of in-game chat with one's opponent. The graphics are very well done, though there's a bit of issue with aliasing, both on the moving sprites and sometimes one of the numbers at the bottom. The gameplay seems like it tends to favor overwhelming victory once one player gets enough of an advantage to kill units before they can attack, although that might be intentional. The biggest problem I have with the game is one that is unfortunately mostly unavoidable with a new multiplayer game, and that is the lack of players to play against. Despite this, I feel it's certainly worth four stars.
Developer response from babelbat

thank you for this well thought out commentary. there are game changing cards in the mid- late game . but i agree we need to reconsider our early game mechanic. we hope to have more players as we improve the stability and flow of the game. we hope to see you around in the future.

Play bit Dungeon bit Dungeon Oct. 13, 2012
I somehow managed to get two keys, but neither of them lasted and now I am stuck.
Play Death vs Monstars 2 Death vs Monstars 2 Oct. 12, 2012
There's way too much money in this game for the number and cost of upgrades. I had the max gun by the first boss and max everything by the second.