Valdrea's Comments

Game Comments
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Oct. 24, 2014
"Ooo! Piece of candy!" ala Family Guy James Woods running thru my head XD
Play MINE MINE Sep. 28, 2014
I'll try this again, when its updates are not so frequent.
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Aug. 18, 2013
Great Game! I'm totally hooked! Thanks so much for all you r efforts! =)
Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 Dec. 10, 2012
fun game until you have run out of energy. too bad, I wont come back.
Play Monster Saga Monster Saga Oct. 12, 2012
Combo Attacks, Defensive type (shields\healing\buffing) monsters, Higher training lvls, PvP ladder, Equips for monsters, Breeding monsters would be cool. just some ideas I'm sure your aware of. Good Job! ( I tip'd you ) so far I couldnt stop playing but felt it all ended too soon. I look forward to seeing more updates. Thanks for your hard work!
Play 3D Text Adventure 3D Text Adventure Sep. 19, 2012
more please =)
Play Bitmap TD+ Bitmap TD+ Oct. 15, 2011
It would be a good cell phone app. XD 4/5
Play Castaway Island TD Castaway Island TD Aug. 30, 2011
Great TD game, a bit easy. The amount of waves, I think should be at least twice as many per level. I would just start get into the level and bam its over.
Play Hero's Arms Hero's Arms Jun. 10, 2009
I loved it. brings back memories of better times. 5 stars
Play Tower Defence! Tower Defence! Apr. 27, 2009
a little bit too easy. 2/5
Play Tri-achnid Tri-achnid Apr. 25, 2008
fun for a few minutes, then started feeling tedious. I dont think I would play this a second time.
Play Monsters' Den Monsters' Den Apr. 25, 2008
great game, I want to unlock some new classes to run thru again. Maybe in a Monster's Den 2 ;)
Play Feudalism Feudalism Apr. 15, 2008
1st time an I played to the end,Really fun game. Not too hard, just fun.