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Play Cloud Wars Cloud Wars Nov. 06, 2012
I don't get you people. You're no diffrent than the chumps who crawl up Nintendo's leg and dry hump it waiting for another super mario brothers kicking a dead horse adventure. How can developers improve and create better games, when you take a copied concept that wasn't even pulled off that well....AND YOU PRAISE IT?! dry humping and begging for more levels. You all are drones...
Play Cloud Wars Cloud Wars Nov. 05, 2012
As fun as this was. even if a little repetetive. I've going to call this Plagerism wars. Cause let's face it...nothing new except a cheap upgrading concept that you could claim "Original". 2/5
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 05, 2012
Alright, I don't understand how this got such a high rating, but I'm going to try to not sound like an ass. 1.) Your concept has been used before, and has fallen flat on it's face everytime. The interface is sloppy, it feels as if there's too many units going ever which way they like. 2.) It's hard to tell who's won or lost, before you've won or loss; and there's not much stradgy when units only go to their destination just to be skewed and not hold their position. 3.) Stop using the money magnet, no one likes it. I don't know what game developers feel they need to use that cliche. 2/5 Also, if everyone loves your game; by all means. But may I suggest next time....trying to shoot for something ground breaking?
Play Siegius Arena Siegius Arena Oct. 24, 2012
Play Siegius Arena Siegius Arena Oct. 24, 2012
It's more repetitive than samurai warriors. You could have really tried to be unique...instead of just throwing something out. It's as if you put no effort into coming up with something ground breaking.
Play Gangnam Style Dance Gangnam Style Dance Oct. 07, 2012
lol I see a bit of effort. I found the dancing asian hillarious. Though I would have liked to hear the whole song play....and diffrent songs. Considering you only have midi to work with, a variety of songs would be your best bet. I suggest going out of the box to come up with the gameplay. We've already seen this type of us what you can make, not what you can copy. Nothing ground breaking. And though the visuals were nice and hillarious at the same time. It just didn't cut much into anything that gave the impression of effort. 1/5
Play Matching Madness Matching Madness Oct. 07, 2012
Your basic match game with run down graphics, no ground breaking gameplay, or any type of consideration for sound effects and music. Might I suggest you put a little time into something? (I'm assuming this didn't keep you up many nights.) Possibly make it to where there's a time limit, and you have to clear a round, and maybe get combos that give you abilities to go faster, or an upgrade shop for tools to help you move through it faster. Maybe having a style like bejewl or tetris. You have a massive fathom of something with it; take some time on it. And keep me posted. You could go somewhere if you just put some effort into it.
Play Weekend Tower Defense Weekend Tower Defense Oct. 07, 2012
Did I win it?, I don't think anyone wins (Got to love double ountondres)
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Oct. 07, 2012
Things the game did right.: Set a nice atmosphere, very good music and it fit many of the scenes. It had a good unnerving effect sometimes. It had good game play with controls that fit it's style. It wasn't buggy and it seemed definite. The upgrade system was nice, and missions seemed to give just the right amount of gold, not too much; not too little. Things the game did wrong: I felt as though the themeing could have been set better. It assumes that wandering around is actually fun. It had about as much conveyance as Christopher Walkins has sanity. I would have loved to seen a map, and I would have loved to see you take some risk with the eviroment. Too much of the same old eviroment and the same colors to boot. Nothing ground breaking, and while it has it's enjoyable features, what it lacks weighs heavy. 3/5
Play Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower Oct. 07, 2012
3/5, This is my opinion...but I really don't know why I see so many people going for this set of game. At first this is a really really great game. Music is invigorating, the action is definitely packed. But around the 3rd set of upgrades being bought, and the slow collection of gold....I start to see a pattern similar to alot of drab Action RPG's (alot of the modern castlevanias) Shitty slow boring upgrade system, and nice sound effects, and graphic effects, and an awesome atmosphere that suits and promotes it. While it's definitely a unique game....I feel like you can do better than the same upgrade shab that Burrito Bison was. I can only hope you take my words and use them for good work. I don't want to sound like a dick, but I'd rather give you what 99% of this community isn't. Actual criticism.
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Oct. 07, 2012
At the beginning to find the talking gun, my reaction "Pshh...trying to be original ey?" the game progressed not only did you successfully pull off communication from the antagonist...the spooky doctor up in his lab..themeing my very escape in the game. But I somehow got connected to the gun...and have not felt this certain sadness when I had to leave the gun behind...I might have almost cried if the writing wasn't cut and dry. 4/5 And do realize...I don't give many fours and rarely any fives. You themed the game very well and you made it very fun and atmospheric. This is what flash games want to grow up to be like.
Play Typing Ninja Hunter Typing Ninja Hunter Sep. 13, 2012
I can not understand how this game got that high of a score. There are so many glitches that end up making me mad at the game, even though my typing is spot on. The last boss not to mention is almost impossible unless you get lucky with the registry. I for one will not take another bite out of it. I went through so many stages just to lose to the last boss out of a glitch? And from what I've heard about survival's glitches? I honestly think if you had any honor you would fix the game up, instead of accepting it for what it is.
Play Egyptian Horse Egyptian Horse Mar. 19, 2012
The timing is quite unforgiving, bit a little nicer with it lol. With that in mind, instead of NES like timing difficulties you can still make it difficult. Doesn't really break any new levels, and it does get a bit dull. These days I grin when I see a upgrade tree of some sort, so think about how you could intragate that. On that note, you seem like you have WONDERFUL art, that is needed much so I say you got potential. 2/5
Play Biolab Disaster Biolab Disaster Mar. 19, 2012
I can not rate it, sense it glitched on me twice. it would be unfair to you. But I like the look of it...fix the bugs, would love to play it for realz
Play Darts Darts Mar. 19, 2012
I think the game glitched on me lol possibly I don't understand the rules too well? There should be much more deph, I would love to see for instance. an upgrade shop, or a way to customize your darts, record someone yelling out certain bonuses or BULLZEYE! give it a honky tonk ring possibly. And put a little more deph into the scenary, maybe some chatter in the back ground? or audience going EY! OHHH!, more importantly I'd like to see you break the ground and do something crazy. Like how about hawaian men on an island, running a short distance and throwing spears at circular island in the distance? (though it suck to have to swim and go get those spears back). Use your imagination my friend! 1/5
Play MultiPainterLines MultiPainterLines Mar. 19, 2012
I found it quite pointless....I made a nice rainbow....not sure what else to do in a 40x3 space. But ey, I enjoyed it for the 2 seconds at least. though I grade games mostly on breaking the standard. 1/5 and I would love to see something multiplayer, where you could draw your own type of castle, or flag, or units. But that sadly will never come. maybe you can make my dream come true?
Play Escape from a badly drawn... place. Escape from a badly drawn... place. Mar. 19, 2012
You seem like you have potential, your humor is quite the bit of a remedy, as dry is it may be, I personally do like some dry humor. Though a few things I'd like to point out if you ever get to making another. Try to have buttons that don't blend so easily, or stand out like a gay guy at a texan bar. Try to find a medium to please the eyes and set the atmosphere. whether that atmosphere be humorous or serious. Also I'd love to see more effort. I hope to see more from ya friend. 2/5
Developer response from silentviper

Thanks, I'll take this in to account. But I would have done much of this if I had another week before it was due. It was very rushed at the end, and I was learning how to do things as I went. But, hopefully my next one (I do plan on making more) will be much better.

Play EZgame EZgame Mar. 19, 2012
Buddy you got to put a little more time and thought into it. One thing I have to red light IMMEDIATLEY, is the enemy jumping, give a little more lenency in the accuracy of doing it. not to mention the fact that I didn't make it to the bonus because of a jump glitch where it just stopped in mid air lol. Put a little more thought into the enemies, the main character, and the levels themselves. The idea with a new game is always finding away to break the ground, to tread deeper than anyone imagined. if you haven't felt anger from my blunt commentary than there are some hopes upon your shoulders. I would love to see a story...but if that's a little hard let it come to you in time. But don't be afraid to be goofy on the story either. we know you can do better friend. I have high hopes one day to see you on the front page. and I hope some day I will. Take care and good luck ^^
Developer response from jarenoid577

Thank you so much! This is the kind of comment I was waiting for. I actually have this amazing Idea in the back of my head which actually inspired me to finally start making games. I finished this in about an hour, and I was going to post it to see if anyone like you would comment, that way I'd kind of know whether or not it would be worth it to continue.

Play Papa's Burgeria Papa's Burgeria Jan. 15, 2012
And now we know why Paulie is called big Paulie. Everyday he goes to a pizzaria, than to a hamburger joint, than he gets some tacos, and to top it off he gets a nice big icecream sunday.
Play Bob the button three! Bob the button three! Jun. 29, 2011
I have no idea why I'm a fan of games like these, but keep it up and try to add some twists into it. or make us feel uncomfortable....get a shock out of us. the more unique you can make it, the better.