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Play Warmaker MMORPG Warmaker MMORPG Sep. 11, 2014
Play Guerre - Shipment Survival Guerre - Shipment Survival May. 30, 2014
When you aren't near them, they seem to try stacking themselves in a corner when first starting. Made for a rather interesting suicide zone, but eh.
Play Andromeda5 Andromeda5 Feb. 17, 2014
404 Not Found nginx/1.0.13
Developer response from xssoftware

Hello, please tell us if this problem is still present.

Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Feb. 04, 2014
Also, there needs to be rank limitations in matches. It doesn't really make me want to play when someone triple my rank is killing me before I even have a chance to see where they're at.
Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Feb. 04, 2014
Err, allow me to clarify. 3 - 4 drones for a carrier. Carrier considered subcap. Capitals, not really thinking about, but like ... battleships or dreadnaughts.
Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Feb. 04, 2014
I don't suppose you'd consider putting in subcapitals and capital ships? Fire really slow, but really powerful. Useful for fighting bases and such. Maybe limit to 1 subcap or cap, and have no close fast weapons so ships such as fighters and perhaps frigates can get in close and dish out damage. Maybe a carrier that has drones for fighters. Perhaps a max of three or four. Close in weapons to attack smaller ships that try to get close, but no capital weapons, forcing it to rely on its drones to cause damage. Maybe give the drone fighters periodic respawn timers to launch from carriers, or even give carriers a special command that allows drone fighters to dock, or remain docked when built/respawned, and able to be launched at any time
Play General War: Memories General War: Memories Jan. 07, 2014
For some reason, I can't log into sector 1, shows as a blank black screen. Sector 2 just freezes at 51% loading. Two stars till it works for me. Sorry :/
Developer response from gameboxcy

You may try clearing the cache of the web-browser and refreshing the game, or using another web-browser such as : Fire Fox to play the game. Meanwhile, when you got stuck at loading screen, you may wait for a few minutes and check whether the loading bar is moving.

Play King's Bounty: Legions King's Bounty: Legions Jan. 07, 2014
The dev needs to put a combat limiter in the game. I'm constantly (and only) being attacked by people ten levels+ higher then me. The limiter should be about 2 - 5 levels max. Ten+ levels is just too much of an advantage.
Play Airport Madness: Time Machine Airport Madness: Time Machine Dec. 30, 2013
The game has a few bugs. There are random occasions when before the game even starts, I get the "You lost" message. There's also a thing where sometimes the news screen pops up twice, and the second time it pops up, it will not go away, making playing impossible.
Play Ships N' Battles Ships N' Battles Dec. 14, 2013
Kinda rediculous. Nice graphics, but the npc enemy gets a bonus every round and the player gets one maybe every 4. Meh.
Play Wasteland Empires Wasteland Empires Apr. 24, 2013
The game tool tip says Flak Towers are Anti-Air. Why are they shooting ground targets? This is just a little ridiculous :/
Play Ultrawars Ultrawars Feb. 04, 2013
Downrated, unfavorited and refusing to play till they fix the reverse time bug
Play The Last Stand The Last Stand Feb. 03, 2013
Rediculous that you can't leave the barricaded area once barricade is destroyed. Utterly rediculous.
Play Ultrawars Ultrawars Jan. 02, 2013
Feel free to add me as a friend!
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Nov. 11, 2012
There are two bits of equipment in our store room that aren't being used. I for one could use a Scamp. At least recreationally. (Aya DeMarco) {Sidenote: Scamp is a dog. Should I be worried for poor poochie? XD}
Play Echoes: Operation Stranglehold Echoes: Operation Stranglehold Sep. 22, 2012
I seem to be stuck at a white screen after the first mission dialogue when I both wait for the dialogue to pass when when I skip it
Play Project Wasteland 0 Project Wasteland 0 May. 16, 2011
Music won't stay muted, but otherwise, awesome game. 4.8/5
Play Epic Battle Fantasy Epic Battle Fantasy May. 16, 2011
The best games take awhile to load. If it's taking forever to load, either it's a damn good game or you have a slow computer <3
Play Frontier Frontier Apr. 28, 2011
Minor bug: Occasionally one of the men I hire suddenly shows NaN for all stats. When it damages the enemy, it results in an instant win for me, instant death for them.
Play Radar Chaos Radar Chaos Apr. 27, 2011
Haha, they move realistic. Imagine how all this looks for a REAL air traffic controller.