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Play Christmas Cannon Christmas Cannon Dec. 25, 2008
NOTE: due to complaints, i've uploaded a new version with AN ADJUSTMENT OF 6 CREDITS - instead of 3. Merry xmas!
Play Battalion: Nemesis Battalion: Nemesis Sep. 04, 2008
5/5 ...Nice thick coating of polish!! :) Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 30, 2008
Care to explain how, so I can fix it? :) Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 27, 2008
It's great to see all of the positive comments so far, thanks guys! @thegamer: Cheers. The amount of lives a player begins with IS actually determined by the difficulty (Hard=3, Medium=4, Easy=5 lives) @Shinbatsu: I think it makes more ence for the 'hook' to be the only part that grapples onto balls (not the rope aswell), but thanks for your input. I do plan to make a sequal (not a mini-game, but same concept), but don't expect anything anytime soon. :) Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 19, 2008
For those who mentioned that the activated balls were to hard to distinguish from the un-activated balls, I've made activated balls glow much much more (the gradient glows), so I hope that helps... DONT FORGET TO VOTA & COMMENT! Cheers. Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 19, 2008
Just a quick note: Any ratings and comments you have to offer are more than welcome! - Every comment will be thoroughly taken into consideration (good and bad opinions alike), as suggestions will either be incorporated into the current build or in a sequel. -Ratings will definitely help me in the monthly/weekly competitions, but also increase the chances of the game getting badges/achievements soon (only if the rating remains good). Be honest in your comments (I wont take offence at all), and thanks for playing!!! -Viza. P.S. Thanks Rool, I'll consider your suggestion. Goronhead and Rool, glad to hear you're enjoying the game!! :D
Play Areas Areas Jan. 17, 2008
Spectacular game! Definitely going in my favourite list. :D Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 17, 2008
Hey, thanks for replying back to me guys. :) Thanks for the colour suggestion, JKhiLOL. I’ll experiment with maybe colouring the inside gradient of balls to make them a bit more appealing. Szaloony, I’ll have to think about implementing 2 ropes. As I said, the engine could incorperate that easily, it’s just that I’m doubting the benfit it could provide (if anything I’d imagin it would make things harder) First of all, the mouse would become less useful to control the character, players may get confused (if the game isn’t confusing enough :P), and despite it maybe making the player control more stable, I can’t see it becoming useful in a game based on speed. I’ll definitely experiment with the idea, but unless you could justify your reasonings more than it likely wont be added. :) Thanks guys, and don’t forget to vote!!! Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 16, 2008
Thanks guys, I appreciate the honesty. :) It seems like the general opinion is that it's a good concept, but is crying out to become something bigger. So much pressure on making a sequel now. :P Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 16, 2008
Well, I wanted to stick to a clolour theme (blue, white and red) whch is why I am reluctant to change the colours of the balls. I'll experiment with some colours though (I'm not sure about blue, because then the player ball may be hard to find) and see what looks best. :) Viza.
Play Vector Vector Jan. 16, 2008
Awesome as usual, Mr. FK :P Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 16, 2008
Thanks guys for the great feedback. It seems lik everyone wants brighter/nicer visuals. I'm not quite sure what colours would be a better alternative though. CJM, you'll notice that the hook fires EXACTLY where you fire, and is not affected by the payer ball's velocity (maybe you thought otherwise because of the rope?). Oh, and thanks for pointing out that bug. I actually knew about that, and I probably won't fix it because I'd have to give up game performance (whihc imo, is not worth it). Oh and yes, I too would love to see players being rewarded with badges. In fact, I've set it up to track cool things like overall balls activated in a game, and ball activation streaks during slow-mo. All that's stopping it from having badges is for one of the head honchos at Kong to create them. :) Viza.
Play Torque Torque Jan. 15, 2008
Great concept, and quite fun on the harder challenges! ...I remember this being posted a while ago on the FK games forum. 5/5 Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 15, 2008
Lol. Cheers, Cowboy. Care to share your thoughts on the graphics (what should be changed). Hoolman, the game engine actually supports differet masses, and balls o different sizes could be imlemented - I chose not to as I wanted to keep the game fair for players everytime they play (diferent ball sizes would make it too random). Though, I've planned for a sequal to support different masses/sizes as there qould be different ball types. Care to explain further what you mean by improving the spring physics??? Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 15, 2008
Thanks for the suggestion RandoPico. The difficulty settings are there to accomodate for lesser skilled and better players alike, but I may do as you suggested to create more incentive to try out the other difficulties. Viza.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 15, 2008
@Dolphin: Hey, thanks for your kind words. It's good to hear that everyone would like the concept to be pushed further into a fully fledged game, so that confirms that I'd have enough support for a sequal to not be a flop :P @Karboon: Hmmm.. I also hate the instructions page, and it was something that got the least attention out of the rest of the game. Unfortuanetly, I don't have thta much spare time atm, but I'll do my best to get some instructions with gfx. Thanks everyone!
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 15, 2008
@koko: Apart from the Kong high score system, the game itself was designed to save personal high scores locally only while the game is running (so it doesn’t save a cookie to your computer to get data from a previous game). When I look at Kongs high score system code again, I’ll change that so it uses their database instead. ;)
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 15, 2008
@szaloony: Are you referring to that shooting game with worms named Liero, or something else. If you are, then that’s actually where I first got the idea of doing a grappling hook kind of game. I loved swinging around madly, and so I wanted to make a game using that concept. Never heard of ‘ropejutsu’, perhaps I should check it out. The limit of only 1 grappling hook is in place not because the game couldn’t support more than 1 hook, but rather because just imagine how frustrating it would be to control more than 1 hook in such a fast paced game as this. The suggestion has been given to me in the past though, so if you could think of a nice way for the users to simultaneously control 2 ropes don’t hesitate to tell me! .. As for the cplour suggestion, I’ll think about that one. I was going for a neon kinda feel (hence, the glows). And yes, goals are on my to-do-list if I ever make a sequal. Thanks!
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 15, 2008
@StereoSonico: HAHA. Yeah, the “congratulatory” message is something that people either love or hate. Some people think it just adds salt to the wound of dying & its confusing, others think that it’s a nice way to finish a mini-game.
Play Bounce Bounce Jan. 15, 2008
@DJStatika: Thanks. @Soloagino: Yep, it’s VERY difficult on the ‘hard’ mode :) @Draco18s: Yes, sometimes being greedy and going for the power-up will be unrewarding, but I think that just adds to the strategy of the game. You’ll notice that power-ups are much easier to obtain if you ignore them until they’re within the center or travelling towards you’re general direction. @StereoSonico: HAHA. Yeah, the “congratulatory” message is something that people either love or hate. Some people think it just adds salt to the wound of dying & its confusing, others think that it’s a nice way to finish a mini-game.