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Play SAGA Idle SAGA Idle Aug. 02, 2015
I'd like an ingame save button, which you can use before you decide to refresh the game. If not, you're set back several minutes/upgrades each time you do refresh. And refreshing the game from time to time is crucial, since there seems to be a heavy memory leak still. Every few hours the site crashes.
Play SAGA Idle SAGA Idle Aug. 01, 2015
I'm pretty sure that everyone who bought stuff in the apothecary before the 0.97a update had some weird value (%) drops in their uncommon/rare/heroic item drop chances after the update.
Play SAGA Idle SAGA Idle Aug. 01, 2015
I bought the very expensive uncommon/rare/heroic item drop chance increase in the apothecary before the 0.97a update... and my chances dropped significantly after the fix. I think I had it at rank 5 or so...I remember it being 17%/5%/something and now I got it upto rank 7.. and the chances are 5%/2%/0.43% ... is this normal? I know you might've reduced the chances, but if I buy the next rank increase it says it should increase by 2.5% for uncommon ... there seems to be some very weird math behind it... for it to increase so haphazardly.
Play SAGA Idle SAGA Idle Jul. 29, 2015
longbowman stop dealing damage when their speed gets too fast. the arrows not being visible anymore despite them shooting is a clear sign of it. it drastically drops my killing speed. I'm clearly noticing this whenever I fight a boss and my longbowman arrows dissappear and it suddenly takes longer to kill the boss.
Developer response from nevesola

I'll look into this to see if I can find out what's going on. Thanks!

Play Words Warriors Words Warriors Jul. 29, 2015
very enjoyable game ... for some reason I hoped there would be a town with an adventure guild and a whole bunch of adventures to go with. All with a different theme. Heck, even if it there were some upgrades of some sort to give you different words to use (bring along) etc... a lot of potential here.